How To Easily Create High-Quality Backlinks – SEO Link Building Tutorial

00:00 Speaker 1: In today’s video, I’m gonna
walk you through how to create high quality backlink, just like I did it, quickly if you
stay tuned to learn more about it. [music] 00:13 S1: Like always, guys, I’m gonna leave
all the links down in the description, so make sure you check those out at the end of
the video, and if you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe to the channel, and then
go check out our Patreon page for all the extra stuff we have on there. But let’s get started into the video. 00:24 S1: Hey guys, this is gonna be my three
killer ways, quick ways to get high-quality backlink. Starting out at number one is gonna be use
forms. So basically when I use forms, I’ve been using
Quora for about over eight months right now, and I’m basing off servers of traffic to my
YouTube videos. And basically, what you would do on these
forms right here is that you would go to the form, you find questions that your content
answers, or find answers and then make great content to answer that, and then use that
to link back to as a resource. So it’s pretty simple from that standpoint. And then from there, there’s tons of people
on Quora or these other forms looking for answers for certain questions they have, and
a lot of times these things come up in search more than single content can if you haven’t
been doing it for a while or you haven’t been doing as well. 01:08 S1: So basically what I’ll do right
there, I will find a couple questions that my content answers, answer that question inside… Basically with a video on Quora, since they’re
doing videos now, which we can talk about. Or I would go through and then answer that
question in text form in both of those. And then from there, I would tell them that
at the end of it, if they want more help or they wanna learn more about this topic right
here, look at my videos or my blog post or whatever I’m pushing at the time. They check that out, and then I have a link
to that and from there. And now I hope to start building backlinks. 01:40 S1: You do that enough right there,
and as long as you don’t spam me with it on Quora, Quora is pretty open with it, then
you can get a lot of people to come back and give you a lot of traffic. Right now, I’m getting about, basically, almost
a thousand visits a month from there right now, just from Quora right there and just
doing just that simple strategy where… And I haven’t posted in almost, I think it’s
been six… I literally just started posting a couple
weeks ago or something like that, and before that I posted six months ago, and most of
the traffic comes from there. You can get a lot of traffic, a lot of people
on there who need their questions answered. You can answer those, and you can get your
content in front of their faces to people who actually want it and not do it in a spammy
way. So using forms right there, you can use forms
on Yahoo! Answers, another great platform to use. And to be honest though, when you have one
piece of content, you could write the same thing and put it on both of them and just
tweak it to what exactly they want, because most times it might be the same exact answer. 02:35 S1: Also too, if you’re doing more web
development-wise, Stack Overflow. If you’re more marketing-wise, you can go
use Wordless Forms. It’s basically the biggest digital marketing
firm, they say. And then a whole bunch of lists. I’m gonna link down to a list down below too,
as well. A whole bunch of different forms you can check
out. So you guys can hit this traffic source right
here and start killing it and get all these backlinks so you guys can push up your content. 02:58 S1: So the second one is something that
you guys probably read a lot: Link roundups. And I know you guys are probably saying, “What
is link roundups?” Link roundups is something that is really
cool and something that’s simple that a lot of people do in the industry. Basically in the industry they’ll have… Basically they’ll put a post out, and they’ll
link out to 20 or more posts. Other posts or cool things that are happening
in the industry, different content they have liked and enjoyed, different stuff they have
learned. They link up those right there. And then, basically what you could do right
there, is that you’ll find a couple of them or as many as you possible can in your industry
and send them to your next… Ask them, can you send them your next post,
and if they like it, could they feature it and put it, or put it inside your link roundup. 03:35 S1: And basically, if they like it,
then they’ll put it in there, and if they don’t then they won’t. And a lot of times just sending something
as simple as that will get them to actually start converting and getting them to actually
start putting your links up there. It’s pretty simple. So they’re putting links up anyway. A lot of times they have to find content they
do like and stuff like that, so it’s kind of their open two-way street. And it really helps build a relationship between
those other two as well. Because then as well, you do that one person
and one person sees that on there, then they might read that and put it on their link roundup. And it might just build and build and build
and build and build until you’re on everyone’s link roundup in your industry every time you
post. 04:08 S1: And also too, you bring awareness
to your blog or your videos or whatever you’re putting out to them, because they might not
ever have read your blog posts. They might never have watched any YouTube
videos, watched any videos you put out or your podcast. They might not have seen any of the stuff
at all. But now, since you offer to help them with
their solution with the link roundup because they have to put out some type of links, then
you can provide that value to them if you’re good enough or they like you, and then right
there you can build a new brand new connection. And you do that with every single person because
then, also too, not just the whole thing about getting the backlinks, you also get the traffic
from them actually putting it out there too as well because a lot of people might like
it. And that can help you push yourself to get
more traffic. It’s a building effect. It’s kind of how they say, “Success breeds
more success.” Well, backlinks breed more backlinks. Because anywhere where you have backlinks
at, you should be getting some type of traffic from there, which is helping you get more
people to backlink and backlink to your content. It’s a whole spiderweb effect. 05:06 S1: Tip number three. This is something most people don’t even think
about: Try a new medium. Change your content. If you did it and you filmed a video, the
next thing you do is take that and put in written form. Take that and put it in a podcast. Or take that and do a mixture of the two,
and do like a Facebook thing where you have the words come up and you talking over it,
a different type of video. Just re-use the new medium that you have to
build even more backlinks, and use that. And then link back to the original piece of
work that you’re trying to push as much as possible. And then specifically, if you take that work
and you make smaller copies of it, different copies, you can post those on Facebook natively
and then link back to it. 05:42 S1: And not so much understand… Somewhere where people just post their content
straight on Facebook, which can link back to and give them something else for the platform. Because one thing with all these platforms:
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, any platform out there, is that you can’t disrespect
the platform by not creating content specifically for the platform. So this allows you to create mediums specifically
for the platform. And you don’t even need to use a new medium
if you’re using YouTube. Well, take your YouTube video, put it in your
Medium post, write a little bit about it, and then right there you have another backlink
pushing to you. And also too, Medium, if you do good enough
in there, you’re pushing people anyway, they’ll help you grow and get seen by more people. You can do the same thing with Quora. Quora has a blogging system too, as well. You can use that to really help you push yourself
out there and push more. 06:23 S1: Something just being very underused,
some people are doing a lot, some doing well. It does take a little bit more time. Basically you’re taking one piece of content
and making into five or six pieces of content. It’s more efficient than creating all that
all at once at one time. But you can have your YouTube video, slice
that down, take out any fluff at all, and just get straight to each step, step, step,
what each step is, and put it down to a less than a minute and put it on Instagram. Do the same thing. Maybe we do Facebook and you do more of just
a different. 06:54 S1: Basically take one step, you just
dive deep into it, and maybe in a less formal way. And then you do that right there, you can
do it on Medium, or you can do a whole 2000-word post over each one of the topics explaining
even more than you did in the video. You can do that right there. Or you can go through on LinkedIn, and you
can create a whole bunch of graphics on there and do infographics and show people that way. 07:16 S1: So a lot of different ways you can
really re-use your content, change the medium up. Different people like different mediums. And you can then take all that stuff right
there, create a podcast over it, and then right there you have six or seven different
mediums from one piece of content that you created. 07:28 S1: Thank you guys so much for watching. And if you haven’t already, please go ahead
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