How to Embed Video on your Website or Blog in 2018 | Great for SEO [7February 2, 2018]
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How to Embed Video on your Website or Blog in 2018 | Great for SEO [7February 2, 2018]

[Lori Ballen] in this video I’m going to show you how
to simply embed video on your website from your YouTube channel doing this
increases time on your website which is great for SEO it creates more video
plays on that video which can help your video rank higher on YouTube one of my
YouTube videos on a blog post is getting 20% of the clicks on that page and
doubled my dwell time of how long people were staying on that page very
significant to do this in 2018 people want video so this is important that you
know how to simply embed video on your blog post and on your website so what we
have here I’ve got a wordpress editor I’m going to show you a couple ways to
do this and I’ve got a video open here so let’s say I have a video that I
posted and by the way you can actually embed video that you didn’t make as long
as the whoever uploaded the video left the embed options on you have the
license and permission to embed that video on your website that’s part of
YouTube’s regulations if the if the uploader did not want anybody to be able
to embed it they can turn that option off but if it’s on you can do it so all
you have to do is open the video that you want to embed and then we’re going
to go over here to the Share Option and we’re going to click Share now you have
a couple of ways to do this if you are using a plug-in like shortcode ultimate
which I absolutely love I’m going to click here and go to insert shortcode
and I’m going to click on my YouTube advanced option and what I’m able to do
here is I can embed a playlist but I’ve preset how wide I want the video to be
do I want it to be responsive what kind of player controls I want to show up so
this makes it quick easy for me I have a default setting and I don’t have to
think about it too much and so what I do is I take this URL this video URL and I
just paste it right here and I’ll show you right here in the live preview
what its gonna look like and then I can just drop it in now here is what it
looks like with the shortcode but if I click preview you’re gonna be able to
see what it looks like on the actual blog post for me this is the quickest
and easiest and and the optimal way to do it because I have all my presets in
there which is the way I like to do it but if you like and you’re not using
that and you have a standard website WYSIWYG editor what you can do instead
is go over here to embed and now if the if the uploader did not want you to
embed this on your website this would be grayed out you wouldn’t be able to
access this code now what you can do here is you can choose your video size
what do you want the size to be and width is gonna matter on a desktop not
on a mobile on them on a mobile if your website is responsive and your your
video is probably going to respond and be the correct size but on desktop it
really matters you don’t want this tiny little box on your on your blog post it
isn’t symmetric with everything else okay then you can decide do you want it
to show suggested videos I always uncheck that because I don’t want my
competition’s videos showing up in the end or some inappropriate you know which
happens a lot on YouTube to show up at the end and offend somebody now here I
can show player control so I want them to be able to stop board and all that
yes I do but I want the video title to show up there I don’t need that so I
usually don’t check that so I’ll leave that one checked and then it changes the
code as you do that so then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take this
iframe code here and we’re going to put it on the text and we’re going to embed
it right here and then I’ll show you the preview and it looks the same now in
case you didn’t see what I just did let me show you one more time on the
shortcode we’re working right here on the WYSIWYG editor on the visual editor
but if you’re embedding an iframe it’s a code that needs to go in the code
sections text and you paste it here instead
that’s the major difference and you can paste that anywhere you want on a page
now people often ask me does embedding a video helped you with your SEO well it
does as a indirect in an indirect fashion so that when you have video on
the page on a blog post which I’ve now made it a practice to put it on as many
videos on as many as I can it increases the dwell time which means how long that
person is staying on your page well what we know is with print rankbrain and with
the 2018 search engine ranking algorithms dwell time matters and this
is going to increase how long somebody spends on your page is going to be
significant because it’s a quality signal to Google that your page is
valuable because people are spending time there and keep in mind don’t don’t
think the whole website is the same you got to take things page by page by page
by page you can have a website that has multiple pages that rank well and others
that don’t do anything so we look at each page individually so the longer
they spend on that page is going to going to help you on the search engine
rankings so we want to do things like give them you know things to slide
through swiping through a photo gallery watching videos engaging with an aunt
with a tool that’s on the website these are things that can that can help your
your ranking and so embedding video does that it increases it can increase
engagement and so as a as a indirect signal it absolutely helps in addition
if you look at all the SEO tools now like my favorite which is SEM rush were
able now to look at SEO content suggestions like in the SEM rushes SEO
content template or they’re on page SEO checker one of the key components
they’re comparing now is competitor against competitor ranking on page one
Google who’s using video well that would not be the case if it wasn’t being
looked at by the search engines and so we’re seeing this more and more that
they’re measuring for who’s using video on their blog posts so this is an
important strategy that you can implement right away in your 2018 video
and SEO efforts start to embed video on your blog post and on your website and
watch what happens learn more at

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