How to Find Hundreds of Thousands of SEO Keywords For Free
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How to Find Hundreds of Thousands of SEO Keywords For Free

– A few years ago, you would
need a handful of tools if you wanted to find keywords for your content and SEO strategy. Especially if you want to figure out what your competitors
are doing in this space, and how you can beat them. But today, I’m going to
teach you how to do all that with one tool and best of all, for free. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to teach you how
to find hundreds of thousands of SEO keywords for free. (upbeat music) before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. So what’s this tool? Well
you can probably guess it. It’s Ubersuggest, it’s
my own marketing tool. And it’s free, I’m not
making money off this. Technically, the more of you that use it the more it cost me in server costs. But what I’m going to do it
break down how you can find hundreds of thousands
of keywords for free. So first, on Ubersuggest, there’s different type of keyword reports. If you type in a keyword like dog, you’re going to see some
basic keyword options. You’re going to see some
suggestive keywords, related keywords, but there’s also questions, comparisons, and prepositions. This is important because
this shows you other keywords that people are typing in that not too many people are targeting. When someone has a question,
they’re looking for answer. And if you can provide the answer, and your answer is your
product or service, you ca bet you’re going
to generate some sales. Comparisons, if someone’s
comparing one company to another, you can bet they’re
ready to make a decision. These are all examples of good keywords. Same with prepositions, it’s another place to find amazing keywords that
most people aren’t touching. Now once you figure out the keywords from the comparisons,
prepositions, questions, I want you to go into your
articles that already get traffic and Ubersuggest will show you that. So if you type in your domain name, you’ll see a report that is
the traffic analyzer overview. Now, if you scroll down
and you go to top pages, you’ll see your top pages. And you click on keywords, it’ll show you all the keywords that drives
traffic to those top pages. Take those keywords, type
them in into Ubersuggest. When you type those keywords
in you’ll be able to find questions, comparisons, and prepositions for all those keywords. Once you find those, take
those keywords that Ubersuggest spits out in the keyword ideas report, and then go and integrate
them into those top pages that are already ranking
for the head terms. Because here’s the thing if you
already rank for head terms, it’s really easy to rank
for the comparison terms, the preposition terms,
the long tail terms. It’s one of the simplest tricks. Just think of it this way, if you rank for the term credit cards, don’t you think it’d be easy to rank for bad debt credit cards? Or free credit cards? Or low interest rate credit cards? Of course. Why? They’re all long tail
variations of that term, and it’s going to be harder
to rank for the head term than the long tail phrases. So if you’re taking keywords
that you already rank for, it’s much easier to rank for them. The next thing I want you to do is type in a competitor
URL into Ubersuggest. When you type in a competitor
URL into Ubersuggest, it’ll show you all the keywords
that they’re ranking for. All you have to do is scroll down, click on keywords, it’ll
show you the SEO keywords that your competitors are ranking for. And you can go through them
and this will give you idea of all the keywords that
they’re ranking for. Now I want you to do one other thing. You’ve already typed in
your competitor URLs, to to their top pages. This will show you that the type of content that they’re creating. Now that you seen the type of
content that they’re creating, here’s what you can do that’s really cool. You can see they keywords
that each of those pieces of content are ranking for, and you can see who’s linking
to that content piece. Now before you go and you create
a similar piece of content, I want you to type in the article, right? Take a few words from the article, the main keywords that
they’re going after. Type it into Ubersuggest,
and click on content ideas. This content ideas report will show you all the blog articles that are very similar to your competitors. Take them all, look at the content, and make sure that whatever you’re writing is better than all the ones there. And Ubersuggest will
show you all the keywords that each of those articles
are ranking for as well. This will give you ideas of keywords that you should integrate
into your blog post. In addition to that, you now have a list of all the people that are
linking to your competitors. You should hit them all
up and beg them for a link and tell them how your
version provides more value and break down how, be
very specific on how they should consider
linking to you as well. Now, another thing that I would do if you want to get the most
value out of Ubersuggest, is go and look in Ubersuggest, go to the site audit report,
it’ll show you all the duplicate titles and meta
descriptions that you have. You already have found
all these new keywords, go and make sure you don’t have duplicate titles and meta descriptions. And go and look to see
if you can integrate any of these new keywords
that you’ve researched into any of the duplicate
titles and meta descriptions, because by fixing it it’ll also help you increase your rankings as well. So there’s a lot of other
features in Ubersuggest, I just want to show you those because it helps you find way more keywords. That’s how I’ve grown my
traffic on to now over 5.5 million visitors a month. That’s right, over 5.5 million
visitors every single month and I’m getting over
16 million page views. That’s a lot of traffic. If you need help growing your traffic, you can check out my ad
agency Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. If you have any questions on
how to get the most out of Ubersuggest and keyword research, leave a comment below and
I’ll help you answer it.


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