How to Find Organic Search Competitors in Minutes [CC]

– If you’re like most website owners, most business owners with websites, you want to see who are
your competitors on Google. Who are your search competitors. Who is ranking for the
same keywords as you? Who are realistically
your nearest competitor and not someone who is
way out of your league. Your market, brand, that kind of stuff. You want to find out who
are your main competitors on Google. And there are ways of doing that, very, very quickly and it takes minutes for you to do that. And in this video I’m gonna show you how you can do just that. What’s up, everyone? I am Ahmed Khalifa. And why don’t we get straight into it and show you how you can
find your search competitor. Your organic search competitors. However you want to say it. A very cool way of doing that, a very quick way of doing that is using a tool that I
absolutely love called SEMrush. On here all you have to
do is just type it in and you get it right there. So, basically, this is what you find if you go to either dashboard,
or even domain analytics. In overview you can type in the domain, which is your website, your domain. So let’s say, for example,
out of argument’s sake, we work or you own, or you have some way of
dealing with ASOS, for example. The retailer. The clothes shop online. So, basically, type it in under location. Very, very important as well. And, basically, what you get from there is your domain overview. You got all these numbers. You got all these statistics
that could be for free, but we want to find competitors who are ranking for
similar keywords review. You scroll down and you can see here main organic competitors. And it seems like for ASOS
it’s over 90,000 of them. You’re not gonna go through all of them, but why don’t we look at
the main one, the top one. And see what you can do better than them. Maybe there are certain things they’re doing better than you. You go in there and, basically, you get this kind of overview. And there’s like a bubble
graph kind of thing and this looks at the top 20 results. Instead of here, the
top 20 organic search. Anybody who’s competing with
you for the same keyword. That kind of thing. In this key for ASOS, you got people like Boohoo and New Look. You got Next and you got Debenhams, and you got ASOS right
there in the middle. And as you can see there
are things you can look at, for example, why is New Look, who have less organic keywords, actually. And they have more or less
the same traffic in terms of approximately the same
number of traffic as ASOS. Next and Debenhams, slightly
different kind of shop. It’s almost like a department store. They would have more products. Next, similarly as well,
they’ve got more products like home ware and stuff,
which ASOS does not have. So maybe in some extent, maybe they’re not the most ideal one, but you can still look at them. But I just saw, you know what? It’s interesting. New Look has less keywords, but they attract the same traffic as ASOS. Why is that? Well, you can look into it deeper. So if we scroll down you
can see all the competitors on the left hand side. The competition level. The number of common keywords. The search engine keywords there. Top 100 and the approximate
traffic and paid keyword so much data, it’s overwhelming. But as I said, I want to look at New Look. Let’s have a look at the common keywords in New Look in here. Apparently, there are 76,000
common keywords for New Look and ASOS, which is interesting. But how come they have more traffic? Maybe they’re ranking better. If so, what keywords are
they ranking for better? So when you click on it, you look at this common keyword. This is their total, this is ASOS’ total, but we’re looking at one
of the common keywords. And particularly those where they both had in their ranking from 21 and below. Well, below 21, actually. And you got it right
there in order of volume. So obviously there are
certain things like the brand. You know, you don’t care about. But it’s quite obvious when
you see in the keywords certain keywords that
New Look is ranking for is better than ASOS. Why is that? Can you look at it? For example, clearly jumpsuit
you have such a high traffic in the search volume per month and New Look is ranking number one. ASOS number 10. Why is that? Could you do something to that page? Is there something on ASOS’ page that maybe is not enough content, the heading, the URL, the back length. Is it the internal link structure? Is it people can’t find it? It could be anything. And you can keep on scrolling down and you can see that
the important keywords that people of New Look
and ASOS are ranking for there’s a lot of ’em that
New Look is ranking better. Here’s another one. Black dress. You got four. And they’re ranking on a second page. Obviously it’s not good
enough for a brand like ASOS getting one to rank on the first page, and obviously as high as possible. This is a really, really good way to find a common keyword. Find out where are they ranking and find out if you can
compete with them against that. And now again if you’re
doing that on Google, it would take you forever. So SEMrush is a great took for
doing that very very quickly and if you want to know more about it, there’s an internet discussion down below. I’ll link to that and
you can make use of it. They have a free version, but you can also have
a paid version as well. Which obviously gives you more data. So I hope you found that useful. Let me know what you think about it. And I’m intrigued. If you have done that before, did you find useful
information out of that? So keep doing it. Keep doing your thing. It does matter, I always say it. And don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button down below by the add it. And in the meantime,
I’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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