How to Find SEARCH ENGINE Optimization TOOLS for OffSite SEO!
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How to Find SEARCH ENGINE Optimization TOOLS for OffSite SEO!

Good morning good evening good afternoon. Good night YouTube Internet warriors, okay, so I’ve been answering some questions on Quora. There’s some I get some good ideas from Korra Related to questions that people have and one of them that came up here Is that says are there any good automated tools that can help with off-site SEO and so I just wanted to answer the things that I have found that have worked and show you guys where they are and where you can find them and so one of them is Well is Google Trends So you can see the hot topics right now is March Madness I think that’s football dirt and hot football basketball Sorry about that and then guns in America And then you can go down here, and you can find all this oh I didn’t know Georgia had a boil water advisory or somebody does but you go down here And you see all these different Trends here and things that are that come about every year, so Google Trends is a really good place And then you can go over here you can even find Trending searches top charts top charts is a lot of fun And so we can explore Like animals people news and see it’s it’s cut. It’s kind of funny Why how why? They stay the same here or why these maybe it’s just because it’s over time people talk about it and so they kind of Tentpole it and push it up. That’s the thing that I’m kind of thinking You know because why would hurricane Irma Even though it’s been going on Well, it’s what been six months or more, but why would it still be up there? But I think it must be tent poling because people must still be looking for it And so we’ve got like okay for example car brands consumer tech how to how to make slime how to make solar eclipse glasses so this must be part of the tent-polling that’s what I’m kind of thinking here But let’s go look at some more the AdWords key planner hopefully the AdWords key keyword planner Okay, I’m inside My AdWords right now and so here is the keyword planner right here keyword planner It’s been a while since I’ve been to it so if we want to oh my gosh Startup, let’s just start over. Okay, so if I for example if I want to Search for a new keyword, and I want to put in let’s put in st. Patrick’s Day St.. Patrick’s Day and then I can get ideas here Let’s see what oh, I wonder what happened search for loops. We can’t display the search volume. Oh Okay Hmm I wonder what’s going on there, but okay? Let me do let Me do a different one. Let me see if I can find another one that’ll work Get ideas Oh apparently that I’ve got problems in the Adwords Keyword planner, so it’s not working right now But I trust that Google will fix it soon okay, so Okay, so I’m gonna go do Another one the Google Image Search I can get ideas from here, so I’m gonna put in an image search. I’m gonna put in I’m gonna put in marijuana into the search here, and then I’m gonna go to images. I’m gonna show you oh Oh Well that didn’t come up well there was something, huh? Well that’s strange because well, let me put in something else let me put in a ball and let’s see what happens Images oh okay here we go ball, so So this is the thing is so certain words okay, so marijuana doesn’t have that yet, but okay? So that I can get I is here so if I put in ball I get in white black giant pokemon dragon ball red colorful pink green orange purple Transparent male kid baby adidas soccer but look at the colors the colors the colors are ideas Too so that’s something to keep in mind that the colors are ideas related to trends and then the Google News image search the Google News search I said that wrong, so let’s go over here to news and So the first thing we go up right here and look right here. We’ve got in the news. We’ve got all These right here, so we’ve got Donald Trump, Gary Cohen stormy Daniels nor’easter winter storms, California, Ted Cruz Vettel Roark Michael Dean, Cohen and Texas So let’s see if that’s ten one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten and so the Google Entertainment search And so the entertainment search what am I calling the entertainment search oh? I think over here because there’s a thing for entertainment then we’ve got related under the 90th Academy Awards Frances McDormand Jimmy Kimmel The Bachelor a Ludic jr.. Black Panther the Bachelorette Academy Awards WWE Smackdown and The Weinstein Company I’ve got a Google search and Google Plus discovery. Oh Google Plus discovery Yeah, let’s go over to Google Plus discovery and take a look at that Let’s see I’m going to go over here, and then I want to click on discover And so we’ve got this We’ve got renewable energy environmental design architecture photography VR and games soccer star trek basketball Article articles to get you thinking Japan Ireland sci-fi doodling and drawing the ancient world beautiful Britain Android genealogy European food tour dollhouse miniatures military history and pest control And so I’m wondering okay I want so those are things that are popular here right now, so So yeah, I mean and so there’s a lot of ideas up here pest control chess the global economy let’s click on that and see what’s going on here and So oh gosh you can get a lot of ideas here, too. This is this is interesting. I like that business economics There’s all kinds of groups and things and so even down here. We even have more Keep up with tech computer security United Nations everything NFL business and entrepreneurship architecture photography Chemistry and so there’s a lot of great ideas a lot of great ideas here oh my gosh, and it’s so diverse too and So yeah, but that’s it for right now. I want to thank you guys so much for watching Please smash and hit the thumbs up button share this video with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas. I’ll see you guys soon I love you peace love marijuana and avocados

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