How to Fix “Your page is not mobile friendly” on Google Search ? Step by Step

hi this is Navjot from
today we will discuss what this means your page is not mobile-friendly when
you look at your website on google so I today I was just I just posted a new
article and I was searching for it and I found it on Google but below that it
says your page is not mobile-friendly what does that mean so in this video
I’ll explain what does that mean and how to solve that issue so firstly to see
that to see this message if it exists for your website you need to be logged
in to your Google account that is associated with Google webmasters so
let’s say once you are seeing this issue how to solve it so it occurs that my
website is completely responsive but why am I seeing this message so as I’ll show
you in a second the website is completely responsive and there
shouldn’t be any issues so this is the normal view and when we make it smaller
it resizes it and again as I said it’s mobile friendly why am I seeing the
issue so upon research found out that there is a thing called robots.txt file
so if there the settings in this file are not correct
Googlebot cannot scan your website properly so okay how to get to this
robots.txt file so there could be two cases you may be hosting your blog or
WordPress website on your domain domain or it could be in a subdirectory like I
have for my website I have my WordPress website on slash blog subdirectory
whereas my main website is just a portfolio which is HTML static HTML so
but since even if your WordPress website is in a subdirectory
your robots.txt file needs to be at the root what does that mean is you need to
find your robots file here so robots.txt file I know we could be using many
plugins to create this robots.txt file on WordPress in that case I have an
example for you for that so mr. Rick calm slash blog robots.txt I
have a robot’s file at at this address as well but I found out that this is not
scanned by Google what Google looks for is it looks for
the robots file at their root directory and in this case you’ll see i’m
disallowing some of the tanks that is I don’t want Google to scan blog slash
WordPress admin basically where my wordpress website exists so i don’t want
them to look into these folders so to solve this issue what we will have to do
is we need to allow these certain things that is WP content then within the
plugins we want to allow all the javascript files
this means all any any javascript files Googlebot will be allowed to scan them
and same for the cache files the GS files CSS files for the cash and the
includes in the includes folder all the GS files will be able to be scanned by
the Googlebot and same for the PNG images so this will make sure the
website is working so this this configuration the will work perfectly if
your website it lives at your domain if it lives in a subdirectory like mine
this won’t work so what I have to do here is I will have to add slash blog
before this so I’ll do that now but before that I’ll show you how so
when we click this guy so when we click this guy your
page is not mobile-friendly Google takes us to a page which analyzes the website
okay where’s the traffic Lloyd’s next one this fielder I don’t see it anymore
okay okay so it’s gonna take a second until
then I’m gonna set up so many things so I’m gonna log in into where my files
exist but this could be completely different for you but this is just a
process so basically you can search on Google how to find your robots.txt file
and you’ll be able to get it to get to it so basically now I’m going to my
robots file I’m gonna open it in a text editor okay so as I said if so it’s very
good to dis allow these things because we don’t want Google to have access to
these directories but we also want to allow some access to Google so we need
to add these lines of code I’ll mention that on my website in the tutorial and
the tutorial will also leave a link to the tutorial in the video below on
YouTube so basically for we’re looking to allow these dis settings for my blog
so I need to add slash blog so if let’s say if your website existed in a other
folder called mmm let’s say second folder or something let’s say just
folder so this will be the folder name the folder name so my folder name is
blog that’s where my web so it lives so just gonna copy this and paste a couple
of times it’s quickly okay I’m gonna do a save for this once the file is updated
we should be able to see there is else here okay so while we were doing
that this patients loaded up we’ll come back to this in a second and let’s so
this is how the robots file looked before let’s say robots.txt and now
we’re disallowing the access to WP admin content include and we are allowing
access to WP admin and this PHP file but we are also aligned these settings we
want all the GSEs and PNG files to be available to Googlebot so it can work
properly and it won’t show that error message again okay so it so we did this
analyzing before we actually solve the problem so let’s go into the details
panel actually let’s look at this panel before so it’s saying this page can be
difficult to use on a mobile device fix your WordPress page and a couple
other things let’s look at the view details page it’s
saying partially loading it’s partially loading because Googlebot is not able to
access the JavaScript files the CSS files some of the PNG files are others
so from here you get a very good idea why it’s happening you’ll see Googlebot
blocked by robots.txt file and it was not able able to access blog / WP
content and within that there was plugin this there’s this and overall it was not
able to get access to this CSS file same in this case it was not able to get
access to GS file same goes for all so the rules here just means that within
this folder there could be anything and for that there could be this GS files
any GS fast they should so Googlebot should have
access to that okay so this is now that’s awesome let’s reanalyze this
once again and see if that solves the issue okay this may take another secular
Jew I’ll take a breath as well okay so it’s still not happy hmm within the
plugins it’s still blocking things hmm I think we have to unblock certain other
folders in this particular case so wp-content okay so I think I’m gonna
allow all the Java scripts falls in the wp-content folder actually not just a
plugins because some of them are not even associated there yeah plugins this
is the same plugin this is in theme folder
okay this as you’ll see this doesn’t exist in the team fuck so let’s open
this once again all right not cool see this is much better to troubleshoot in
the video than just give you the actual solution but because many times the
actual solution would just not work straightforward for you so this was fun
and we didn’t that I’m not sure if this would mean that okay just one side let’s
try this better oh yes I think I have an extra robots for God exists the blood
folder okay within the block so anyway this one
wouldn’t be issue for you if your website is hosted on the main on the
main domain let me quickly find it so this is not that okay I found the other
robots file I have and I probably don’t want that and I want to delete it didn’t
tell me so basically guys I created this one before so we really didn’t wanted
this file here yep so it’s gone now let’s try to run
the test again awesome okay actually let’s try one other page before and okay
now it’s just ruining the test if this doesn’t work I’m gonna change the page
URL for a second and analyze it and then analyze the page again so let me take
another sample page here for a second hmm the laptop went a little bit slower
alright need to buy a new one okay – its get this URL page okay so that
didn’t solve the issue for us let’s change the URL and max early access this
page and go back to that page because sometimes there’s they could be cash
there’s could be cookies in the systems that would do some weird things because
if this solves the problem for this page that means the problem is actually
solved because yes because that issue happens for all the pages so it’s saying
the page is mobile-friendly but it’s still not loading Val in this pane which
is not a good indication so the problem isn’t solved properly
let’s see what’s still getting blocked ooh okay so it’s saying the plugins
within the plugins few CSS files are being okay so seems like all the files
that have any anything behind them they’re getting I’m not sure if this is
the right way to do it but still try it out still try to just allow it to have
any of the have access to any of the files that have anything behind them
okay that’s okay okay we also want to allow access to over team folder so basically what I’m doing here is I
want to allow access to my team’s JavaScript and GS files so content was
that in content yes awesome so copying this again you do that for
CSS so I’m not sure if this star is going to actually work for us but let’s
give it a try that’s what troubleshooting actually is oh okay
we did solved save the power but it’s at a local copy because I could be working
with a local copy but I don’t want to work with the local copy I want to work
with the actual actual file so what I mean by local copy is okay
yeah that was the case the local copy would be the copy of the file I will be
working offline but this copy is that’s gonna be pushed online so let’s do that
once again okay now it’s uploaded to the Internet by internet I mean just a
hosing sorry sorry firms drink that okay so let’s try reassessing that mmm I see something good in there okay
good news there before these things were not loading you see it was looking
completely odd so let’s go into this again so it’s saying it’s complaining
about the Google Ads blocked by this then again the plugins there within the
plugins it’s not able to access some of their CSS files okay so that’s star I
think didn’t really help ah okay just for one second I’m gonna remove
everything in my robots file save it and go back we analyzed okay so it’s loading properly now I
guess yet the some of the pictures are still not coming and saying loading page
issues partially loaded damn them to me it’s not able to get okay so there’s
other errors okay so that means that’s not actually their robots.txt errors
anymore now okay cool well the main issue is solved but there
is I think some issues within the CSS files of my team
but that’s yes that’s a issues with the actual code in in the website so that’s
it guys this will actually solves your issue so
let me put the code back again damn let’s try with the stars one one more
time and then go back to the normal implementation while we’re waiting for
this I’ll quickly show you what my website is actually about so my website
lives at mr. Rick calm that’s my portfolio other than that I
have a blog where you can find content on fitness internet and technology SEO
web design there’s some help forums where you can ask questions there’s a QR
code generator that’s for free that’s quick can you take a look at that and
then we can go back to it because it’s finished so this is a awesome QR code
tool that’s hosted on my web site you can create awesome awesome
QR codes you can resize the canvas so you can produce really really high
quality QR code so you can select your own colors again anything you can do you
can add images so the logo would come here you can do up and down so basically
this is not important for this video I’ll do a tutorial on that some other
site so keep posted on the channel so let’s go back okay this is actually
looking good now the mobile pages so the page is mobile-friendly okay so now this
is actually the robots file is definitely blocking some of the things
but that’s the issue is sort of solved okay footless to dock the PNG files I’m
not sure like about the star I’m not hundred percent sure but I know the rest
of the implementation is completely correct so while we’re waiting if you’ll collect
a click on the web design you’ll see a lot of tutorials so all these tutorials
have a video associated to them as well just like this one so you will see how
to add code to have tagging WordPress how to login buying a dedicated IP
address for your website like GoDaddy issue some other issues like that so a
very detail and good information on the website is available ok you still have
some issues there okay so for you guys I don’t think this start really works
because that was just a test from my side and let’s remove this so this is
gonna be the final implementation and this is the correct thing this will
solve the issue for you so now the page will look mobile-friendly on Google so
let’s go back and get this page that we initially started with and test it if
this has solved the issue for this page as well it’s still analyzing them so I
got to wait okay this one is mobile-friendly see when troubleshooting there could be
a waiting game but this video will definitely definitely help you guys to
kind of solve the issues I okay so we have actually solved the issue on the
main page we started with so it’s appearing as mobile-friendly let’s
search it on google once again this I don’t think the Google would have been
updated so quickly so but this page is mobile-friendly now and within the few
yeah within the few weeks if I’ll check back and this will be coming as normal
and this page is now mobile-friendly as we can see from here yes there are some
issues to the page but that’s definitely definitely associated with some of the
code issues on the website and you may have that as well on your website but as
far as you can get the code from the tutorial from my website and paste in
your robots.txt file all you have to do finally will be to get the code to copy
the code from my website paste in your robots.txt file save it and just press
this button re update and it should solve the
problem if it doesn’t shout out the shout out a comment below on the video I
just did all of this process because I wanted to actually show you the actual process behind this so I have submitted
this new version of the website to Google and it says it’s going to add it
to its indexing queue once it does that from Google perspective Google will
regard this website as responsive and the problem solved thanks for watching
and I really really hope this video helped I know it’s a little bit longer
video but it I thought it was necessary it could have been done in one minute I
would have just given you the solution but again I think showing you the
process was a good idea because that will help when you’re
resolving the issues and you know that there could be other issues in there and
how to solve them and things like that of course shut down below comments
thanks for watching again bye-bye

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