How To Generate FREE Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store – Shopify SEO Basics 101
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How To Generate FREE Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store – Shopify SEO Basics 101

guys aren’t you tired of paying for
insolent influences Google Adwords and Facebook ads feels like gambling
sometimes doesn’t it well don’t forget about SEO which stands for search engine
optimization and in my opinion it’s underutilized in the dropshipping space
at the moment once again in this video I’m going to throw you guys some free
value bombs and show you how to implement some basic SEO strategies so
you can start ranking on Google’s organic search which at the end of the
day means free traffic for your store let’s go jump to my laptop over here and
show you guys set by step how to implement some SEO tactics and
strategies I’m going to talk to you about why SEO is so important for your
store especially for those who are new to SEO SEO is very complicated guys it
is a full-time job some people digital agencies hire SEO specialists for a
reason it is a very complicated job and people do this from a day-to-day basis
secondly it is always changing Google algorithm is always changing SEO is
changing so something that was a year ago doesn’t necessarily work now however
SEO is extremely important and overseen by a lot of people in order to build a
stable and free traffic source unlike you know paid traffic sources like
Facebook and AdWords where you see immediate ROI sometimes or immediate
results SEO is a very slow burn technique you often won’t see any
results at all for the first week or even a month or even more than that but
it is a very long-term strategy and a very important one because you want to
be seeing results in the long term so without further ado let’s jump to my
laptop now and I’m gonna run you through a few things that you should be doing up
front and also some app citation downloads so let’s go okay so like I
said before SEO is very complicated right so I’m gonna stick to five very
basic introductory elements that you can start doing today and start implementing
today to start ranking organically for relevant search terms that are relevant
to you your store right so the first things
first I am currently on my test site my test store at the moment which I’ve used
for the print-on-demand tutorial series if you’ve watched that before so I’m
gonna use this as a test site to run you through some basics I’m gonna go into my
product store here and of course you’ve got my very very expensive test shirt
for $9,000 let’s go onto that the first thing guys you need to be doing and I
know this is a very very basic store is literally nothing on it so just bear
with me here and using imagination the first thing that you want to do is
product description this is extremely important and I know it sounds
self-explanatory however it’s not simply just a product description your product
description will be read by google guides and ranked accordingly so what I
what I want you to do with this is go use a keyword research tool and how you
do this is literally going google guys and type in okay like literally go to
Google Trends or Google Keyword research tool if you have access to AdWords
already I’m not going to go into detail about this in this video because it’s
gonna take too long just use those keyword research tools find which
keywords have a high ranking or high volume of searches and implement that
guys into your product descriptions your product description is a much more
important element than a lot of people think it is in terms of conversion rate
and in terms of SEO structure and elements against so that is the first
thing make sure that your keyword stuffing your product descriptions based
on based on keyword research tools from Google so that’s a very easy win there
the second thing guys and I’m giving a lot of awesome information here is an
app that I want you to install okay let’s visit the shop first app store at
the moment and this app guys is a very simple app from Shopify and no it is not
SEO image optimizer although that is a good option if you haven’t downloaded
that already go ahead and download that however this is the product review Rhys
the product review tool made by Shopify right here guys what this is going to
is essentially create let’s go ahead and do this I’m going to show you right now
just hit get and download the app itself click install that once you’ve installed
this app it’s completely for you guys it’s completely awesome it’s made by a
Shopify itself what you need to do is basically you know create this copy and
paste this piece of code onto the backend of your website and all the
instructions here look I’m not going to be doing this and the instructions are
right here but what essentially will look like is it will sort of look like
this if you’ve gone to the product page there will be a box for reviews there
what that is going to do for your SEO elements guys is as soon as you start
getting reviews and I’m talking about positive reviews here Google the Google
crawler which is a but that crawls your website from time to time will start to
realize that hey not only is this store getting traffic but it’s got products
that are very popular with you know your target audience so that way it will
prefer your store and start ranking it again for keywords that are tracked on
your website so relevant to your niche that’s very important guys and you know
obviously there’s ways and strategies to get more reviews a very simple one is if
you’ve watched my EDM my EDM tutorial series you can easily send out automated
emails guys to pimp a purchase your products saying for example and this is
marketing 101 here review the product that you’ve received two weeks ago for a
free 20% off coupon for example for a future purchase not only does that give
you a product review for free guys it will also give you a returning customer
okay so these are the things that you need to start thinking about in 2018 if
you want you store to be killing it and crushing it it’s not as simple as it was
two years ago guys okay so that’s number two that is the app itself the product
review that the third elements that I’m talking about is extremely important
potentially more important than the previous two elements that I that I’ve
already mentioned and that is a blog content content content okay a lot of
people are just basically driving you know they’re basically just driving
purchases and that’s it and they just get the hell out of your store no no no
content you want to have a blog header in your search bar on the menu bar that
you have and have content around your niche so for example say your a your dog
nice you want to be creating a content around how to feed your puppy how to
raise your puppy how to teach your dogs tricks that sort of stuff guys would
suck it will get your store ranking on Google in the long run on organic search
then this is completely free guys you will be getting free traffic in the long
run if you build out content that is relevant to your niche that is also
stuffed with a lot of relevant keywords Google will recognize that and again
guys don’t start thinking that this is a very quick solution it’s not you’ve got
to put the work upfront here in order to see the results further down the line
okay so the fourth element that I want to I mentioned is build out your foot up
okay this is a very simple one but a very important one if you have a
location or a phone number that you have that’s even better you want to insert
that into your footer down here and what that does again is no it lets the Google
crawl I know that hey your legitimate business and not only a legitimate
business you are able to the rank locally okay you have more authority in
within your local community so for example if you live in New York and you
start you know you have a address and a New York number American number you will
start ranking locally okay for for your relevant relevant niche or
your brand name and that’s a very simple win there the fifth and final one guys
is what’s good cause the search engine console okay and again I’m not gonna go
into detail here because there’s a lot of elements here a lot a lot of elements
here that I can be talking about and I’ll probably be confusing you guys
anyway and this is the sort of stuff that you
know clients paid thousands and thousands for in terms of consulting so
look I’m not going to go into this in detail but you can do your own research
in your own time welcome and the search console has gone to this web page here
and what this is is essentially it’s you setting up your webpage within the
Internet of Things basically within the Internet itself and telling Google that
you want to start ranking organically Google will ask you for a few things
such as you know what’s your main priority URL for example Google will
give you a snippet of the code that you need to insert into your back-end all of
this is done in the search console okay it gives you a big head start to start
ranking organically so those are my five main tips guys that is it the first one
being product descriptions bases around the keyword research tool that you use
the second one being Pro review app and the search engine optimizer image app
the third the third element is blog content super-important I believe this
is one of the most important elements of this list the fourth one is build out
your footer with credible information around location and phone and phone
number and the fifth and final is the Google search console which is also just
as important as all the other elements so then we have it guys if you implement
all of this you know you’re gonna you’re gonna be spending a lot of time up front
but don’t come back and start complaining about how you’re not seeing
results because look a lot of clients that I’ve helped with do not see results
from organic or organic search within the next few months so it is a long burn
technique however it is a very sustainable source of traffic in the
long run so you really want to be looking at organic search as part of
your strategy okay so this this is a valuable valuable video and I hope this
helped you guys if you site implementing strategies I hope that you do start
ranking organically and let me know how it goes
but as always guys if you enjoyed this video and found it useful give it a
thumbs up then thanks for watching keep on hustling


  • Antonio Martz

    You're building a library a so many valuable Shopfiy tutorials that has helped my store, it's insane – so so glad I subbed a while ago!

  • Triple Teez

    We honestly need more true marketing gurus like you in a space where there are so many fake wannabes and scammers 😠


    Really glad you guys are getting a lot from my free tutorials I'm putting up so watch out for the website I'm launching in a month – it's gonna be filled with free dropshipping content and tutorials. Get keen #HUSTLEFAM! 💪

  • old channel

    Hi Ethan, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching your YouTube videos. They are extremely educational and fun to watch. I honestly think it's a shame you don't get more views or subscribers, because you deserve more exposure!

    I was wondering if you would like to join our YouTuber Engagement Group? It's a group of eCommerce/Dropshipping Channels that like, comment and watch each others' videos to let the YouTube alogorithm reward and grow our channels by recommending our videos to more viewers.

  • V77 Scorpio

    I’m familiar with SEO and it is very effective in long term residual traffic. Although the huge con is that it can take up to 6 months to a year to get 1st Page ranking results. A pro who knows what their doing can maybe rank pages as early as 3 months but it’s a pain if your new to SEO and want fast traffic.

  • Brian Crizaldo

    Would it be ideal to hire an SEO expert through Fiverr or upwork? And if so, what qualities should we look for to determine if their expertise is top notch?

  • Lindsey Shaffer

    You spent 6 Minets talking about an app to download for customer reviews after the customers Bought the products?,… Like ok?… How does that help drive traffic to your store that makes no since its nice to add that to your store if youv had your store for long period of time but if your new and trying to learn how to draw people it for the first time how does that Help,… What a Joke,.. Most of what you talked about was how to update your Website not draw customers in

  • Heidi Banett

    Hello Andrew, thank you for the video ! Looking good as always 🙂 Have you tried any of the apps from the shopify store to boost traffic? Maybe you can do a review? 🙂

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