How to Get 2,000 Real Followers on Twitter in a Month (100% Proven)
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How to Get 2,000 Real Followers on Twitter in a Month (100% Proven)

I registered my Twitter account in May, 2019. The reason why I did it, because I wanted
to promote my new website SEOToolsTV. In the first five months, I got only a few
followers, even my friends didn’t want to follow me on Twitter. And many people told me, “The time is gone,
you can’t get followers on Twitter organically.” And after this, I set up paid ads, and when
I spend $9, I just got three followers. And I got it that I can’t use this way, it’s
expensive. And after this, I learn all information about
Twitter promotion that I can find online, all articles, I listened to audio podcast,
watch YouTube videos. And after this, I discovered four techniques
that work perfectly fine, especially for my industry, my account, and I want to share
these techniques with you. And in one month, from October to November,
I got 2000 real followers. I will leave the link in the description below,
you can check my account. All my followers are growing and today, I
usually get +50 followers every single day. What you need to do, just use these techniques,
and I promise you, you will get a lot of followers if you use totally the same that I share in
this video. Watch all this video, and after this, you
can improve your engagement on Twitter. What’s up, guys. Anatolii is here. And today, I want to speak with you about
Twitter promotion. Before watching this video, don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and like this video and click the notification tag because you
will know all new videos that I will bring to you. About Twitter promotion, you know, I struggled
a few months just to get a few followers, and I used classical methods to promote on
Twitter. And after this, I got it that old-fashioned
techniques don’t work anymore and I need to find new ones. And after this, I decided to have my checklist
about Twitter promotion. I use all of them, only legal methods. And I found only four technique that work
perfectly fine, and I think that you can customize to your Twitter promotion. And we can start from the first technique. My first technique that “Your account needs
to look professionally”. What you need to do, to upload your photo,
and it’s better to find your face photo, high-quality resolution, or your brand logo from your website,
it depends on your niche. But you know, people want to work with people,
they don’t want to work with ghosts. And you know, even I have my brand name SEOToolsTV,
I use my own photo because it helps me to get more attractive. And you can see my Twitter account, and you
know, you see my photo. The second way, what you need to do, “To write
your offer BIO”. You know, I spent a lot of time to learn other
offer BIOs from Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton, many influencers in my niece. It’s short sometimes, but here, you need to
highlight everything about you, and people pay attention here. And you know, you can read my offer BIO, or
you can learn from other influencers in your niche. It’s important to create awesome offer BIO. The first step what I usually do, “I follow
other people in my niche”. You can see that I follow 5000 people because,
you know, it’s important to speak with other people, and some of these people follow me
back. That’s good, you know, you can have connection
with other people. For example, I know that some people don’t
recommend this technique, but it works. If you follow some people, they follow you
back, why not? You have connections. If other people don’t bother about your account,
why I need to speak with them? I unfollow them. That’s normal, perfectly fine, nothing bad
here. The third tip, “You need to publish a lot”. If you check my account, you will find that
I have a lot of publications there about marketing, about digital marketing. I usually read a lot of blogs. And here, I have a lot of information. You can read this information, check some
breaking news. And it’s important for Twitter promotion that
your account needs to have a lot of publications. And I usually have more than 24 publications
every single day. And some of my publications have a lot of
engagement, for example, that’s one. If you open this publication, you see that
I use hashtag about marketing. And some people retweet this publication,
write comments. That’s okay, that’s normal. It works if you publish a lot. It’s important because some people asked me,
“Why I can’t promote my Twitter account? I don’t know what’s happened here.” And when I check their accounts, they publish
one time per week, or one time a day. It doesn’t work like this. You can’t achieve all people because many
other influencers who publish a lot, you know. People see fresh information in these tweets,
and it helps to promote accounts. My last tip, the most important, “You need
to have lists”. You can see on my account, I have my own list,
180 members. And here, I add all people, influencers from
marketing field. And what you need to do, to comment their
tweets. For example, if you see some interesting tweets,
what you need to do, just to write comments. Because, you know, their followers, when they
read their tweets, they usually check comments, and if you bring additional value… Don’t criticize other people, just leave your
honest comment and bring more value. Just write two, three sentences that helps
you, you know, to get more value from this tweet. And after this, their followers will go back
to your account. If your account looks professionally, they
will follow you. That’s it, you know. Nothing special here, just right comments,
retweet them, share other influencer counters. If you want to know how to find them, for
example, you can type on Google any text, for example, ‘the best Twitter accounts
marketers’ Like this, you know. And after this, Google will show you a lot
of accounts. What you need to do, just follow them, or
add all of them to your list, and comment their accounts, it works perfectly fine. The biggest problem on Twitter when people
try to sell everywhere, just to sell their products, it doesn’t work because Twitter
users don’t want to buy, they want to engage, they want to get additional information. And what you need to do, bring more value,
forget about your ego, forget about your business, just bring value, it creates brand awareness,
and it helps to promote your Twitter account. And, you know, I got 2000 real followers in
a month, and I will continue to use these techniques. That’s it for today. Thanks for watching my video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Like this video. Click the notification tag. And don’t forget to write comments, questions
on the comments section. And see you next time. Cheers.

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