How To Get Affiliate Commissions From Youtube SEO
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How To Get Affiliate Commissions From Youtube SEO

hey guys Rachel Leslie here and in this
video I want to share with you a very simple way to be more successful in your
affiliate marketing business to get more leads to get more traffic and to get
more sales and that is by making youtube videos and making youtube videos that
are helpful to people so there’s some different things that you can do you can
make tutorial videos I will show you here on my YouTube I have a tutorial
video tutorial video tutorial video tutorial video and all of these tutorial
videos have affiliate links in the description so when people are searching
for these keywords or other keywords hopefully my video will show I also do
like or you can mix it up with some more motivational videos like this one and
this one some comedy videos and then interview videos where you interview
people and testimonials if you are good too so what should you make videos about
just go look at some of my videos for instance let’s say you were promoting
something about clickfunnels are you were gonna do affiliate
marketing for beginners you can go to like my video to let marketing for
beginners don’t copy it exactly don’t like take all my tags all my keywords
but get ideas and make it your own so then you can start ranking and what
you’ll need is a good title good long description that has a bunch of keywords
in it and then tags at the bottom too and put your affiliate links in there
you can put tracking links and you can put hashtags and you can put these
things and then you’re gonna see other people’s videos so this one caught my
eye making money as an affiliate affiliate marketing tips for beginners
Wow interesting you know and she has so many
that are so similar affiliate marketing best programs for bloggers and we can see what tags is she doing
and if you start busting out videos more often than I do
your channel will start growing and you can get this free tool called vid IQ to
help track your stats I’ve just been making videos for a little bit now
really good maybe like four months and I have 525 subscribers and that’s from
like a video every two weeks and I really need to step it up and do like
daily videos just little tutorials here’s how to use clickfunnels here’s
how to make a video for youtube here’s how to set up your email marketing and
then you can put your affiliate links in there or you can say hey I have a online
course or a system and here’s how it works or just a general motivational
business video about working from home or working from a laptop or working from
chat while traveling and then put the links to whatever you’re promoting in
the descriptions

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