How To Get Backlinks In 2019 (Link Building Tutorial)
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How To Get Backlinks In 2019 (Link Building Tutorial)

– Hey this is Gillin Goldie
and in today’s video, you’re gonna learn how to
get backlinks to your site. Now this is a case study, where you’ll learn how
I built 450 backlinks to one page of my website
completely white hat. So you don’t need to pay for links, you don’t need to do spammy
blog comments or PBNS this is just a completely
white hat tutorial that teaches you how to get
a ton of links to your site. Even if you’ve never don’t it before. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t have a full scale team. Now, before we get into the video, I just want to make sure
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into the tutorial. By the way, just so you can see, this is the page that I
built 450 backlinks to and you can see on ahrefs that the rank for this website is just going up exponentially. You can also see that the
organic traffic for this site is increasing, which is the most important thing right? You want to get the backlinks but you also wanna get the traffic too. So how did I get the
backlinks to this site? Okay so the first step to
getting links to your site, is to find topics that you can produce, that have a ton of link
building prospects. And what mean by this is basically, you’re fishing where the fish are swimmin’ so you’re reverse engineering the process. So you’re looking at your competitors, finding out where they got links and then building a similar
piece of content around that. So how do you do the research for that? Well, let’s you’re in the
wellbeing niche for example. You’d look at the most
competitive search terms around your niche. So let’s say it could be mindfulness, meditation or yoga. Right? And on Google you can
use the ahrefs toolbar to see the number of referring
domains for each website. And if you see there’s a lot of referring
domains for each result, then you know you’re onto a winner because that means there’s
ton of people you can contact to get links to your site. So now you know the topic to write about to get links to your site, you need to produce the content. And what I recommend first is
looking at your competitors. So here’s an example of a competitor in the mindfulness niche, and you want to see how can you make your
content better than there’s? So where I scroll through
this piece of content, it’s not very engaging. It’s not that easy to navigate. It’s mostly text driven and there’s not many graphics either. So there’s plenty of ways I can make my content better than there’s. And that’s what I did. So you can see on this page, it’s really comprehensive. It’s got loads of graphics. It’s easy to navigate. It’s easy to scan through because of the readability of the page. You can see the sentences
are very short for example. There’s loads of subtitles, and all of these elements combine to make sure that your content becomes a very linkable asset. The other thing is as well, that you can see there’s no
monetization on this page. Okay? So there’s no affiliate links, there’s no popups, there’s no calls-to-action. And it’s just a very value driven page. And what that signals is that
your content is a resource. There’s no commercial
intent in the content. So webmasters are more
likely to link to it. And that’s a really good
way to optimize your content to make sure that people
are gonna link to it. So once you’ve created
that piece of content, now it’s time to build a list
of people that you can contact to market your content. And basically, you’re gonna approach
these people and say, “Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve
linked to my competitors piece, “I’ve created something similar here, “maybe you want to link to it.” Alright? So what you’re gonna do is
plug your competitor’s site, into ahrefs, you can get a list of the backlinks and you can export this list. And this is basically a list of all the websites you can
contact to market your content. I’m not gonna go too much into prospecting because it’s a little bit boring, it’s very technical and
it can take ages to cover. So for this video it’s a
little bit outta the scale, but once you’ve exported this list, you basically want to bang into Hunter, where you’ll get all the email addresses to contact these people, and you’ll end up with a list that looks something like this. So you’ll have the name, email address of that person, the competing URL, and the piece of content
you’re gonna market. Okay? So you’ve now got the content, you’ve got the prospect
list of people to contact, it’s time to plug that list, into some cold email outreach software, because that’s where you’re
gonna see the results. So I would recommend using a
piece of software like lemlist Moshake is also really good for outreach. And basically, your campaign is gonna
look something like this. So you’re gonna start
reaching out to people, promoting your content, via outreach software. And this is where you’re gonna start to see the links comin’ in. Now I you use software, the benefit is that it’s very scalable, you can reach a lot of
people very quickly, and you don’t need to spend all this time sort of sending emails
personally yourself. So I would definitely
recommend this approach. And that’s pretty much it. Once you do the research, you find the content, you build the prospect list, and then you do the outreach. So now you know how to
get backlinks to your site and you know how I built 450 backlinks to one page on my website. It’s pretty much a very
simple link building process, but it takes a lot of hard work to nail each stage of
the process properly, and to get it right. But the more that you practice it, the faster you’ll get and the more effective
you’ll get at it too. So if you have any questions
about link building, let me know in the comment section below. If you enjoyed the video, please get it a thumbs up
and thanks for watching!


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