How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)
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How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)

Hi guys, we all know that backlink is important for the SEO (search engine optimization) that is important for the blog which help the to be searchable/discover able in MSN, Yahoo, Google search engine So, it is very important to create a good backlinks for your website Today I am going to show you how to create a powerful backlinks yet FREE with these platforms. The first platform is Facebook. I going to show you is how to create a strong, powerful backlink using your facebook profile. I created a my blog ( on my Facebook profile page As you can see from the screen, I stated myself as the Founder and writer for So, when user click on the link, it will bring them to my Facebook Page At the Facebook page “About Us”, there is a link to my blog. This a FREE and effective way to promote your site with free backlink from Facebook. Now guys, create a fan page for your site or blog and get this free and powerful backlink! The 2nd platform, is Instagram. This one is easy, just put your site/blog link on the Instagram profile Instagram is the great platfom to promote your site/blog and to get the free yet high authority backlinks So guys, please use Instagram more and put your site/blog link over there The 3rd platform is Twitter. Twitter has being popular for business for networking, sharing thought and look for potential partnership Same, use create a website/blog link on your Twitter profile You can see on my profile page, there is a link over there. The link will link back to my website. So utilize this platform and it is free. The 4th platform is Youtube. Youtube is other powerful platform to get high authority backlink for your blog. You can see my links are created over here in Youtube channel profile Even you don’t have any video, just create the channel and put all your links over there The 5th platform is Pinterest. Pinterest has being very popular over these few years, and is a good platform to share pictures and infography I created the page in the Pinterest and put my link there as well All these social media platforms are good place to build a good authority backlinks for your website/blog Ok, the last platform is Google Plus. I create a Google Plus account and link all my sites to the account at “About Us” This are the end of social media free backlinks, I also using other platform to grow backlink for my site/blog For example, I am using Forum to promote my link with my signature. forum is one of the popular forum. So, when I comment in Forum, the below of the comment will have my website/blog links. The people in forum can access to my blog Tips! Write something creative or value added in your comment and people will more likely to click your links. You can also include clickable image like me that I am putting my car image over the signature box. This will increase the chance of click on it And I will show you how to build backlinks with minimal cost using Fiverr. Fiverr is one of the cheapest platform to build backlinks If you don’t like Fiverr, you can also use to get someone to build backlinks for you would be more expensive compared to Fiverr but it give better quality backlinks So, that is all from me. Happy build backlinks for your website/blog. Remember to subscribe my channel too to get more free tips on how to build great blog


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    Hey bro you seem to know alot about SEO could you maybe help me out ? Here is a link to my website : (i shortend it with for you) I must be doing something wrong, my daily visitors = 50 maybe 60 & my daily visits is around 100. For about a month now i cant seem to get anymore traffic to my site. Is it because i have to many images? or to little? I tried to optimize my affiliate site as best as i can but i must be doing something wrong….. i would appriciate it so much if you can maybe help me out.

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