How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting
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How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting

hey what’s up its Doug Cummington here
from niche site project I’m going to talk about Gaston graphics infographics
today and hopefully a couple people will be joining up in a second and perhaps
I’ll even hear my own voice and on that I’ll know that this is working and it
does look like it’s kind of working it seems dark in here today it looks
like nighttime but it’s a little clouded here today we’ve got some rain finally
it’s been like a month since it rained so it’s good we need it the grass was
getting dry I see a couple folks are on thank you David what’s up I’ll be
talking to you shortly so I’m gonna get into the guest of
graphic stuff in just a second and I think you know a few people have
been asking about this specifically so I thought I’d talk about it some and it’s
great to talk about the guested graphics because I’ve never actually done a
successful campaign I’ve I’ve worked on like one or so I’ve heard it can work
out quite well and if you’re not familiar with gesta graphic concept or
infographics I’ll explain it a little bit before I talk about my own
experience seeing meals on what’s up thanks for joining sergey’s on and and
david says what’s up with the rain yeah you know it had not rained here in like
many many weeks it was something else and of course now like in a week the
eclipse will be coming through this area we’re actually gonna like drive down to
the like path of totality which is like a much smaller region so we’ll have to
drive a few hours south to see but anyway now it’s cloudy it had been like
clear and sunny and hot for like weeks but we do have a week for the weather to
clear up which is good so well you know what I’m just gonna get to it so these
sessions could be a little shorter so basically the guest Oh graphic concept
is sort of the name the Brian Dean to my knowledge koi
from backlinko so he’s the SEO expert the right sit back link out that’s his
side he has like few courses which I understand are super good I haven’t
taken any of them but he seems to be a good guy very smart so Brian like
implemented several different techniques and then in his courses and in his blog
he like shares the results I think mainly in the blog you sort of like
shares the results and leaves out some details so he can tell you of course
which you know I could appreciate that and the idea here is you create an
infographic and an infographic is basically like imagine a very long like
blog post and then you need to summarize it and put it into a picture so you can
just fit it on a small poster like if you go to trying to think of a good
example which I’ve been ahead of time but I’m thinking like of like a doctor’s
office or the dentist office or something like that where they have the
like a poster that is conveying some fairly complex information but they use
images and they use just like nice headlines and copywriting so that you
can gather that information and it you know pretty easy to consume format so
that is exactly what an infographic is so a lot of people bring us a lot of
websites and webmasters and marketers started to create infographics for
whatever their niche was whatever the topic was and then they would go out and
publish them on their site but then they would include like a snippet of like
code so that other bloggers could put the same infographic on their site and
they allowed them to use like the their material as long as they linked back so
you know at its core it really is like a link building type strategy where you
know people would freely allow you to publish their content on your own site
as long as you gave them credit through the back link so pretty smart and this
you know I’m not sure it started but I imagined there was some
like you know some version of it happening ever since you know links were
valuable and someone figured out how to do it and like incentivize the I guess
content creators to you know give their work away so anyway I’m sure it’s been
around for a while it was really popular in the last say four to five years or so
I mean right I think right when I was getting into online marketing four years
ago I think it was sort of like on the upward trend like probably close to
peaking and it got very popular so popular that a lot of sites were you
know not so interested in infographics because so many sites were doing like
infographic campaigns and they were sending you know after Brian published
his information and guide and job aid on infographics and neil patel published a
lot of stuff about it too it was those are the two people that i found that
information from it was saturated so and it sort of starts in the marketing area
some marketers do a lot of this you know I guess infographic campaigns they did a
lot of infographic campaigns and then other industries would pick it up so
like like fitness and health and other industries started using those same
tactics and then to get saturated there too so at some point infographics were
not as effective because everyone was trying to publish infographics there
were services to create infographics and it became more of a commodity it wasn’t
so special or interesting so at that point Brian looked to you know figure
out a different thing to do when that was to combine guest posting with
infographics of course combine the two words in the phrase is you end up with
guests in graphics so that’s what we’re talking about where basically you are
showing someone the infographic but you don’t want to give them a
sign you don’t want to give them a chore of having to write a full guest poet or
started writing a full post and all their commentary about the infographic
so Brian’s idea was to write a short intro to accompany the infographic pence
Gus telegraphic it’s a short like mini paragraph intro to the infographic and
that’s where he would insert his link and then after that you know if the
blogger wanted to add a little bit more they could at that point it’s much
easier for them to write a sentence or two and then just publish the
infographics Brian gets his link you get your content and then everyone’s happy
so that is the guest Oh graphic concept you know that is just combining
infographics with guest posting concepts and then you end up with a you know
something that’s a little more unique if I had the opportunity to publish an
infographic or gastón graphic I’d probably go with you guessed Oh graphing
it saves me some time by the opportunity to post a guest post or an infographic
for guests Oh graphic I would probably you know aim for the guest in graphic
because the infographic is quite interesting and it’s a little bit
different it takes a little extra work a little bit you know there’s a graphic
component of course so basically I tried this in one instance and it worked okay
so you know part of the strategy with an infographic is you know you can list the
references of your information on the you know on the infographic so that
people are more likely to share it other bloggers are more likely to share it
which is cool the thing is you know is still kind of a saturated area and to
get someone to share your material on social you know it’s a bit of an ask
they may or may not be interested in promoting you
so then may just you know not be interested in promoting you at all and
they don’t care that you use them as a reference and that you’re helping you
know them out so that is one thing the other part is
social depending on the channel and like I think once this is the part that I’d
never refined I just had a low interest in pursuing it more but there are
certain channels and I guess social media networks that are more effective
in different industries so if you approach a particular industry that
doesn’t have a Facebook following and they share your stuff on Facebook well
it’s not really helpful even though they may have you know lots of subscribers
and lots of followers if they’re not sorry if the followers are not active on
Facebook or they’re not seeing the shares and it doesn’t really matter that
this year even if they have you know a hundred million followers if no one
reads it then it’s like it didn’t happen and that is what happened to me so they
would share it on Twitter or they would share it or pennant pin the post on
Pinterest and then nothing would happen and I think if I figured out like who
sharing what and the right on the right platform that is where the magic happens
because like I could find someone who doesn’t have that many followers but
they’re really active that would work pretty well so it’s very interesting and
you know good actually I’ll tell an example in a second but basically I
think like many plans and many strategies it can work right guess the
graphics can work infographics can work really well but I think you only have
great impacts from that if you stick with it and you refine your process so I
tried to guess the graphic stuff once didn’t work that great I’ll tell you I
had another project where we had a very long infographic and it looked terrible
30 minutes to put together and it took off on Pinterest there was something
like we haven’t checked it over I haven’t checked in a while the last time
I checked about a year ago there was something like 21,000 pins or something
I mean we were neat trying we didn’t tell anyone about it we
didn’t promote it it just took off on its own so it’s it’s
definitely one of those things where it could work well but not necessarily so
it does come with refinement and just continuing to try okay
XO net thanks for showing XE net thanks for joining up today appreciate it
David says there’s another strategy that you find a post you want a link for and
make a better graphic than they already have and make a simple graphic design
just for them and link back to your site as the source interesting so me let me
make sure I understand that so you find opposed to the one of them before you
make a better graphic than they have OC you reverse engineer someone else is
Gaston graphic I think I think I understand that cool and then Leo what’s
up thanks for joining up today glad we’re back on the normal schedule here
thanks for the mention on the MSP post so by the way if I think if you’re
watching this you probably know I blog a niche type project so I just finished a
three-part series on content starting from like coming up with content ideas
and approaching that and then hiring people to help you and then scaling it
so three-part series it’s very thorough I think it kind of takes you
step-by-step check it out if you haven’t looked at it and nick says when i say
nothing would happen could i expand on what was I expecting to happen it was
her CTA that I had on it etc that is a very good question so and I’m kind of I
was sort of blending a few things in there so thanks for asking this question
so there are so I was referring to a very specific area where I wasn’t
necessarily asking for a link on my infographic and this is a little bit
away from the guest of graphic concept more in the area of info
so the infographic had say 10 references of sites that I you know used to put
together the information and then I reached out to each one of those
resources and asked them you know let them know I ever instead asked them if
they would share it or link to it or something like that and even if they you
know first of all it was hard to get them to even even share it which was
slightly surprising because they weren’t necessarily big sites with like big you
know for large amounts of followers but my more general point was if a if an
influencer has some followers on some social media platform and they share it
it doesn’t mean at all that you’ll get a lot of visitors from it or you know to
your point was there a specific call to action no but a lot of times I think and
I still fall into this trap by the way but a lot of times we’ll feel like oh if
we can just get this one influencer to share my work boy that that would
probably make a huge difference and I can tell you that like social media is
so crowded right now it has to be like really exceptional for anyone to
actually care at all most of the time if someone shares your stuff on social
media unless they are like you know an influencer that people really trust and
they have a lot of people probably not that many people are gonna follow
through with it and so nichts answer your question mainly it’s it’s sort of
like the interaction of someone’s followers sort of unclear until you see
it in action and basically I think I’ve gotten like pumped up that I was going
to be on like some podcast or multiple podcast and then turns out nobody
listens to those or the people to do don’t really take action and they like
never went to visit my website even if there was like a content rep grade a
clear call-to-action and stuff like that so it really has to be like the right
marriage of you know content out followers and all that stuff I’m totally
going off on a tangent here by the way so okay um and then David says it’s not
necessarily but I think you mean necessarily it’s not an infographic but
it could be any graphic for the post gotcha gotcha and then Nick follows up
and says aren’t most branding strategies like that no immediate action or return
yes I think you’re right the the interesting thing is marketers
like me or you know any number of them they lay out a specific plan actually
backlink it was a really good example so a lot of the backlinko articles and blog
post showcase very like awesome results and they’re like exceptional results and
they’re the kind of results that most people wouldn’t expect it’s the kind of
stuff where it’s like you know Brian gives an example of his own science and
says you know I I did XY and Z and I you know I increased my traffic by four
hundred and twenty percent in two weeks just by like reaching out to a few
people it’s true right but those are
exceptional results by a very specific person so it’s really hard to like
trance like that the thing is when we you know look at the results we see the
results and then the easy four-step process but you keep went through I do
the same thing by the way I’m she’s using his and him as an example in this
case so it seems like these strategies have a faster return and I could tell
you there were a few cases where like I did you know this stuff I was supposed
to from a branding standpoint to say build my email list using content
upgrades and sometimes it worked like very like a
small percentage rate like five or ten percent of the time it works awesome and
in most of the rest of the time like nothing discernible seems to happen but
over time like I do see like you said it’s not an immediate return usually it
doesn’t happen right away it’s more like saturating certain areas so that like
people eventually in my case see me as an authority in whatever is working and
by the way I’m talking a lot about like niche type project areas in this case
but if you’re thinking just about like Mitch synapse then you know is a lot of
times it’s not as saturated it’s like the marketing area because marketers
tend to you know I mean that’s what we do we market a lot of stuff so it’s more
saturated in these areas but when we do look at say niche sites you could you
know do an desta graphic campaign and have it pan out really well I know like
the guy’s an authority hacker they’re you know sort of public case study that
they showcase often health ambition they you know cite many good results based on
you know guest their graphics and some of the other concepts that we’ve talked
about before but the interesting thing is like by the time a lot of times by
the time we’re teaching about it and we get the results like a lot of other
people are doing it so it becomes like more saturated like the longer is from
when we actually share the the results and I mean I try I think Brian does the
same thing like I try not to publish anything until I actually have the
results in rather than like doing a case study where is like live I don’t have
the results I don’t know if it’s gonna work and it’s sort of frustrating to see
or not frustrating from for me personally but it’s sort of I question
the wisdom of publishing case study like in progress before the results are in
like using a new concept it’s interesting to do the testing or
whatever but it’s kind of like isn’t that cool
for your audience that they implemented right behind you and then you find out
it was wrong so okay cool any other questions of any to need to
jet here and I will mention I am I think I’m a trim down the number of live
streams per week to like two to three I’m not quite sure it one of them maybe
like a longer form webinar but basically I’m trying to figure out like some
different YouTube strategies tested out the live stream stuff it’s pretty cool
right now I do see I need more I need more content that will bring in new like
you know viewers and stuff so some stuff I learned on the Noah Kagan YouTube
channel and podcast which that has been a cool experiment so hopefully I’ll have
more news on that coming up soon but I appreciate everyone that participated in
that the response was overwhelming to myself and I think Noah as well so that
was how this interesting alright cool any other questions I know there’s like
a tiny tiny delay here so just some coffee here all right cool
well I’ll see you tomorrow and have a good rest of the day and cool cool I
thought there may be one more question Leah says if I change the broadcasting
schedule well I publish it so you know with the 2 minute yeah that’s a great
idea and in fact you know I kind of I’m
sucking at like planing far enough ahead so like I’m like just keeping up in a
few areas and I think like if I just focus a little bit on like putting
together to the schedule putting together a few other tasks that
I need to do number one it would be easier for me and for everyone else to
actually tune in here but I’ll probably you know send out a few emails to the
email list just so people can like you know I imagine there were some people
and the email list it don’t even know that I’d do these live streams at all so
I try and get people over to the YouTube channel to watch more but depending on
like what they’re into they may have no idea these even happen so anyway yes leo
I will definitely do it once I change it up I think I’ll probably hold it steady
for this week and change it up for next week because Monday’s the Eclipse and
I’m gonna be watching the Eclipse at that point so alright cool everyone
we’ll catch you next time have a great day


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