How to Get Unlimited Free High DA Backlinks (Only 10 Min. of Work) | Tyler Horvath
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How to Get Unlimited Free High DA Backlinks (Only 10 Min. of Work) | Tyler Horvath

what’s up everybody Tyler Horvath here
and in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can build backlinks for
completely free using help a reporter out so if you aren’t familiar with
what help a reporter out is it is basically a place to connect journalists
with sources so you’re gonna sign up as a source and journalists are gonna send
out questions every single day asking for answers from these sources so it’s a
really easy way to get a backlink because your going to answer the
question that these journalists have and you’re going to include a link and who
you are and a lot of the times when they add your submission to the content that
they’re publishing they were gonna add a backlink to your site so I’ve been able
to generate a ton of really high quality backlinks with you know domain
authorities of 50 60 70 even 80 by using this method so I’m gonna show you today
exactly how you can use this method to gain backlinks by just spending 10
minutes a day on help a reporter out so here’s exactly what you’re going to do
so the first thing that you need to do is you need to sign up as a source so
click I’m a source and they are going to send you emails three times a day here
all the time so you’re gonna get emails at 5:35 a.m. 12 35 a p.m. and 5:35 p.m.
Eastern Time and that’s gonna be every day Monday
through Friday and there’s a number of different topics and niches that you can
focus on and get backlinks to so no matter what your site is there are great
ways to get backlinks with this method so click Subscribe now and we’re going
to use the free option but if you are wanting to do the paid options these are
the prices here basically the difference between these is they’ll give you text
alerts and you can choose a keyword to filter out so let’s say that you are a
digital marketing company and you only want to see topics that say digital
marketing in them you can get that but it’s easy enough to just sign up for
free and just easily filter out all those other ones and just look through
them you know in a couple so click sign up and what you will need
to sign up is your first name last name email phone company and a password so
let’s fill in all of this information here okay and no revenue doesn’t really matter
what you put there okay now click sign up and that is
basically all that you have to do to sign up for help a reporter out so
they’re going to send you a confirmation email just to confirm that your email
address is correct so make sure that you open that click the link to subscribe to
that and now you’re going to get these emails three times a day that are gonna
include journalists questions for you know a number of different things so let
me show you an example of some of these emails and how to respond to these
people to you know get the most bang for your buck and you know to get more
backlinks so here is an example email that I just got today from help a
reporter out and this is the general topic so it shows all of the topics here
so you can see kind of an example of you know what this how this works and you
know what kind of questions are asking so you know in Business and Finance you
know they’re asking about you know ecommerce problems for online retailers
so you know if you’re an online retailer and you have an e-commerce store this
would be a great one it’s on business comm so I also like to check out what
source it’s coming from or what journalists what media placement it’s
gonna be because you don’t want to you know waste all of your time submitting
an answer to one that you know doesn’t have a high demand authority or isn’t
you know a popular website so we can see here that this one’s business comm now I
know business comm it’s a great website to get on but just for examples sake
let’s check it out and put it in a rest here so this is a tool that we use to
check domain Authority check backlinks to see how popular our website is so
let’s put in business comm and we can see that business comm gets about four
hundred and thirty organic visitors a month with a domain rating of about
eighty five so this would be a really really great place to get a backlink
from so I would definitely answer this question from business calm and you know
I will show you exactly how to answer these questions
so that you know you get picked and they add your backlink to their site so let’s
use this one as an example here so there’s one here that says successful
marketing experts and business owners now some of them will say anonymous so
you don’t know the way the source is but it’s still worth it to easily answer
these questions and possibly get a backlink from you know another site so
here is a good example of how this works so I will copy the query here and you’re
going to send an email to this email here so they’re basically random
generated emails here so that you know it’s masks so you can’t just contact the
journalist directly but it will reach them if you just choose this email so
the best way to do this is to just click the email open okay so now that we have
our email open I always like to just paste the query and any requirements in
the email so they can easily reference it right there and what we’re gonna do
here for the subject line is we’re going to copy their question exactly with
possibly if you would like a read on it so let’s let’s select this and then
we’re gonna do subject is read the title of their their query or their question
and now we have to answer this question for them so make sure you say hello
first and then you want to introduce yourself and say you know your
credentials or why you’re an authority to you know answer this question so I’m
gonna say my name is Tyler Horvath CEO of type media I have over 15 years
experience in digital marketing here are some great marketing methods that are
effective and profitable and then we’re gonna save this space for our body where
we actually answer the question now make sure you read their requirements really
closely some of them you know they’ll only want a hundred word someone 300
words so you want to make sure if there’s a word length requirement that
you are adding that much exactly and also
a lot of value to the post so the ones that has the most value and give the
greatest information are the ones that are more likely to be picked which means
those are the ones that more likely to get you a backlink so make sure you
answer these questions you know with a lot of information and detail and
actionable items that can help someone who might be reading this question so
after you are done writing the body you want to make sure that you add any other
information that they’re requesting so some of them they’ll say you know add a
headshot and URL to your site if it doesn’t say anything then I would always
just add the link to your site in your war on your title as well so I’m gonna
say thanks Tyler Horvath CEO Titan media and then make sure you add a link to
your site so let’s do insert link so now they have a link so that then when they
reference our answer in their article they’ll say you know Tyler from Titan
media says you know these are the best methods for marketing so then you want
to make sure you delete the query out of there so that it’s just the email and of
course answer the email so I’m just gonna write a little example here so I’m
gonna say SEO is one of the greatest marketing methods that can be very effective and profitable and then we’re
going to give you know an actionable tip or a very valuable tip that is more than
just telling them that SEO is good so let’s see writing long-form content that
answers questions can help generate more organic traffic from Google and then you
want to say if you would like any more information please reply or contact me
at so that way they have your email if they need to answer you because
they only see you know these these randomly generated emails as well so now
they have your email if they want to ask you more questions or a lot of the time
you know I’ve had people that I’ve answered questions for in the past come
to me again and say hey you know we have another question if you’d like to answer
it and get featured again so you can get multiple backlinks from you know
multiple pieces of content and it’s a really really great way to get high
quality backlinks to your home page so if you have any questions at all about
this method and how you can use it to generate more backlinks online for free
please comment below also be sure to follow my channel and click subscribe
click the bell so that you get the newest videos on how to start and grow a
business online thanks and I’ll see you next time

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