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How to Grow Your Website in a Competitive Space | Neil Patel

Are you tired of your
traffic not going up? It’s hard to get more traffic but you know what, it’s not impossible. And I’m gonna show you a simple formula to continually get you more traffic. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you
how to grow your traffic in a competitive space. (gentle music) Now before we get started I
have a simple question for you, is your traffic flat or
has it been going up? If your traffic’s been flat
and you can’t figure out how to make it climb up and
up, leave a comment with flat. If it’s been growing leave
a comment with growing. The reason I’m asking you to do this is the advice you give me the feedback I’m getting in these videos
helps me tailor the tips to give you the maximum benefit. And of course before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. By subscribing you’ll get
notified with every other video that’s gonna help you grow
your traffic and business. The first tip I have for
you is to collect emails. Everyone believes the more
traffic they’re gonna get the more sales are gonna get. That’s not the case just
because your traffic goes up into the right doesn’t mean your sales are gonna go up into the right. What I want you to do is
focus on collecting emails. There’s a saying in the
digital marketing world, the money is in the list. They’re talking about their email list. The bigger your email list the more people you’re gonna convert into customers. ‘Cause think of it this
way if someone comes to your website, they
subscribe to your email list, they are already making a
commitment to follow you, to follow your business. They’re gonna build that relationship and as you build that relationship you can send them emails about offers, your products, your
services and you’ll notice a percentage of your email list
will convert into customers. And you can do this really
easily by using free tools like The second tip I have
for you is to optimize your site for conversions. We will also get into some
traffic generation tips on this video, but the
reason I’m saying this is most people don’t focus
on conversion optimization. Let me ask you a quick question, how many of you have run
a split test, a AB test? If you have leave a comment with yes, if you have not leave a comment with no. The reason I’m saying this is AB testing is the best ROI generation
from your marketing spent, yet very few companies spend
any energy on AB testing. And there’s a lot of
tools that you can use, from Crazyegg to Optimizely
to Hotjar to VWO. And what these tools like Crazyegg do is they show you where people
click and where they don’t. They show you how far people
are scrolling down your page and they make it very easy to run AB test. The reason you wanna use these tools are, it’ll show you hey this area of your website is really confusing. You need to change that, because if you don’t change
it you’re not gonna get sales. The reason the first
few tips I’m giving you are collecting emails and doing
conversion optimization is if I teach you how to grow your traffic but you don’t set up the foundation right, you’re not gonna get any sales. And it doesn’t matter how
many visitors you get. If you’re not generating any revenue from your website something’s wrong. The third tip I have for
you is write end up log. Most people go out there they
try to write tons of content ’cause it’s like, oh my
competitor has 1000 blog post. Just because your competition
has 1000 blog post doesn’t mean you need 1000 blog posts. So instead of focusing on quantity because there’s over a billion
blogs on the internet now, with Tumblr and WordPress and Medium, focus and writing high quality posts. Something that’s fresh, something that people haven’t seen before. When you do that you’re more
likely to get social shares and you’re more likely to get traffic, linkbacks and higher rankings on Google. Now when you write this end up blog post, make sure you link out a handful of times to other places that
you’re citing the source or other competitors or other
people within your space that are helping you make your case for whatever you’re writing. And when you link out to those sites, make sure you email them when
you publish that blog post. Hey John a huge fan of your work, I just want to let you
know that I linked out to you my latest blog post. It would mean the world
to me if you shared it on your favorite social
network cheers, Neil. It’s that simple so when you
write your end up blog post that’s not enough you also got to hit up other people in your space, ask them to share your content. And the easiest way to
do it is ask the people who you link to to share your content. The fourth tip I have for you is built a push notification list. Using tools like you can make it super simple
for people to subscribe. When they subscribe you
can create a drip feed within subscribers. One of my first trip notifications
is my favorite SEO tool. When I do that I’m sending
people to Uber suggest, that drives me a ton of
traffic, a ton of usage and it’s one of my most
popular marketing channels. I even do that for my ad
agency when you subscribe to Neil Patel comm through
my push notification, I also talk to you about
Neil Patel digital. It’s again one of the main
ways I’m driving traffic to Neil Patel Digital and
generating leads and sales. The fifth tip is to spy your competitors. Using tools like SEMrush
and Ahrefs and Buzzsumo, you can spy your competition. SEMrush shows you all the popular terms, organic and paid that your
competitions going after. Ahrefs shows you everyone who is linking to your competition
that’s not linking to you. Buzzsumo shows all the popular articles that your competition has read. Use these tools to figure out what’s working for your
competition and do more of that. Also you can use these tools to see what’s not working for your competition so you can avoid doing those things. The next tip I have for
you is set 10 trade shows. Trade shows are huge I know
we’re talking about online stuff but who says you can’t
generate business offline. Even though I get over 1.8
million unique visitors a month I still generate more revenue offline. So check out Trade Shows
that’s how I built my brand. Speaking out conferences
going to localize meetups, doing all these things will
help you generate business. People aren’t just about
communicating over the internet, they also want to get to know you. Build that personal connection in person, I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s simple it’s easy you can even apply to speak at conferences. Even if you haven’t spoken
at any event before, just take all your industry events, apply to all of them one will accept you, it’s a numbers game, that’s how
I got my first speaking gig. And my last tip for you
is to get some press. There’s companies like where they’ll do performance-based press. If they get you on sites like TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur
or whatever it may be, whatever you’re targeting
they’ll charge you. If they don’t, they won’t charge you. And no this isn’t a pay
for a link type of play. Just because you get on
TechCrunch doesn’t mean PR Serve is gonna guarantee that they’re
gonna link to your website. Yeah they will mention your site, they’ll mention your product, they’ll mention your service, maybe they’ll even interview you. They’ll create real
press even real magazines like Forbes the offline
edition or Entrepreneur, right the physical, hard
copy print magazine version. It’s a great way to just generate press without having to pay
those monthly retainers like most those PR companies charge. So that’s it if you want me to
help grow your flat business or if you want me to take
your growing business make you grow even faster check out my ad agency Neil Patel digital. And of course if you enjoyed this video make sure you comment, like, subscribe. Thank you for watching.


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