How to Hire Writers to Create Killer Content For Your Blog [STEAL OUR PROCESS]
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How to Hire Writers to Create Killer Content For Your Blog [STEAL OUR PROCESS]

so David I want to do something really cool and interesting today everyone always ends up saying like oh we produce so much content which we do just on our own blog ah seven a week plus a podcast a day plus three or four videos a week and then with all our other blogs and client blogs I think we’re doing around like 150 to 200 a week right it’s something crazy like that now you once had this concept because I was talking to you I was like dude if fort can keep cranking out cars why can’t we end up just cranking out content and just put on the assembly line and you ended up creating that assembly line for me what was the process that we use to create assembly line so we can just produce as much content along because if I asked you in 30 days from now could you produce a thousand pieces of blog posts a week that are high in quality what would you say to me yeah exactly right and what does it take to do that okay so the way I look at it is because like when you have to create a lot of content there’s multiple people involved for example one content creator when we have only King crave probably you write about three four pieces of content at most per week so you what you’re going to do if you’re creating 1,000 or working with probably 20 30 whatever the math is like yeah I buy three or four yeah Tony would be nice but yeah AG just does he good at math yeah I’m working but the thing is so how do you make this process foolproof so if you look at the process what happens we have a blog post we work with the content creators you have a piece of content that comes out first they outline it right now for as you come up with a topic then you’ll sign it to the writer then writer writes it outlines it and after the outlines that you have the and edit it right then you get send it back okay write this now after they write it then you had to prove it and maybe they’ll make some additional edits you know what the funny thing is everyone always tells me I was working with the buddy the other day and they’re huge they’re trying to figure out how to spend twenty million dollars a year on inbound marketing without paid ads just organic and they have the process of hiring full-time writers which you and I strongly disagree with and we never do it because we know the moment you hire a full-time writer what’s the production max output that they’re gonna end up doing very bad and what happens is they’re only work because they’ll start thinking some 95 they’ll be exactly by a lot of times I noticed that people at least for myself I’m more productive if I kind of set my own hours because I know why I’m productive right yes let’s say I’m very I’m at least productive between like let’s say 2 to 4 p.m. because I get drowsy so for me it’s do you sleep during the day yeah I got one hour and you miss meetings but you’re the only person that emails me 3 a.m. that night girl like yeah and I get like five giggles from you wait and I wake about 5 a.m. I’m like okay I’m like you work the weirdest hours yeah but because I could concentrate right but what happened it was like let’s say afternoon I’m not productive instead of me sitting there for three hours trying to pretend like I’m working what’s more efficient take a nap of course that’s how writers work that’s how they’d be creative and you’re also during the day time a lot of times for for a lot of creative people you get a lot of interruptions you can be creative and when you have those interruptions you need at least the three hour block of uninterrupted time actually a Paul Graham from Y Combinator talks about this there’s two type of schedules called manager schedule and creator schedule I think and what happens manager schedules normally they’re more higher level like you right yeah so you have a lot of meetings a lot of calls but for people who are creative or developers designers writers at least three hours of one block under up that time he’s really hard to have that during the day time it’s actually for freelancers so normally so a lot of time doesn’t work out we have them full time when you can work 9:00 to 5:00 but when interruptions are happening the most and we end up paying writers what is it like 10 cents to 10 see ya 20 is a high and I never see bills for 20 cents yeah yeah it’s mainly lower than that right it’s a lot of like 13 15 I’ll say the average is somewhere between 10 and 15 cents the work I think depends on what content we’re trying to do that’s true and the super technical ones I do know we pay more but yeah most of our clients it’s a lot less technical stuff yeah and then we also find all our writers from jobs upload bloggers and that’s mainly it right yeah that’s mainly it also another good way to find a good writers look at writers who have their authorship on other sites and yeah contact them because they’re already doing a good piece of content that you want it and you like and then just content and see what their rates are yeah there’s two writers that come to mind Jason tumors and Chirag Cole I don’t know how to say the last name Cole nekke I don’t know I said he’s Indian but they do a smart approach in which they don’t just recruit the writers from entrepreneur and ink and stuff like that I know what Chirag he’s really slicking which he goes and finds all these writers that write in all these other places that have a big following so then when they write content for him they can also promote it to their following and then it just goes so much more viral because everyone’s like oh you write the content and that’s it and I’m like well you can’t forget the marketing and content marketing I’m like you’re right content don’t care how amazing it is it doesn’t mean it’s gonna do well but his cool strategy is is if you hire writers who are already popular and have a following whatever they write they’re gonna do the marketing for you so even if you’re paying 20 cents a word it’s actually a lot cheaper than hiring shitty writers because these guys also do all the marketing so you don’t have to pay for the Facebook guys or any like exactly exactly and then for the Trello process one thing to make sure one thing is she’s like yeah like I really get inspired by the KISSmetrics yes yeah I keep this really simple right there’s like all these extra features in Trello I don’t use like you can change colors yep I see some people they’re counting those do that I don’t do that I just create columns every person is responsible for calling that’s right once your your job is to make sure whatever it’s under your column you move it to the next and then yeah there’s his job to clear the column and then you cannot mess that up you know yeah you can’t and it’s really simple and a skill like I said if we want to produce a thousand pieces of content a week we could we already produce hundreds and hundreds so it’s not that much harder to scale yep but cool now you guys know how we produce content and feel free and follow the process Jack our Trello boards you know do the same thing you can even go to jobs or problogger and find the writers that we’re using probably on there for a lot of our customers stuff it works


  • Viren Negi

    Ahh..David I see you..Thank you both for sharing this. What I am learning in marketing is you need to create a process and execute it, follow it, tweak it, make it better over the time. Like you did over the years. Great !

  • Martin Zanichelli

    1) REQUEST YOUR WRITERS TO DELIVER ONLY IN .TXT FORMAT. Because some writers hide UTF and Unicode in Word documents in order to pass Copyscape. They copy and paste and they change characters to different Unicode versions and UTF. When you paste in Copyscape, the software will see different characters and will consider that there is no plagiarism. BUT GOOGLE AND YOUR COMPETITOR WILL SEE THE PLAGIARISM.

    2) After you have your .txt document pass it through COPYSCAPE PREMIUM IN BLOCKS OF LESS THAN 2000 WORDS. Copyscape Premiumis an industry standard, soyou are OKhere and donot need any other software.

    3) DO NOT USE SMALL SEO TOOLS. It detects only "copy paste" plagiarism and has a very simple algorithm.

    4) NEVER USE FIVERR. Almost all are plagiarists, sorry to say.

  • Sam Nich

    Damn Niel, great way to keep it fresh. I like your videos when your speaking to me one on one but I really like this type of setting too. Thanks bro

  • Mouhcine WAKACH

    Hey Neil thank you so much for your vieods and efforts, I'm always watching your videos, you are always telling us ( us, your students), "You should provide "Value"", I don't understand the word "Value", what is "Value" can you explain to us please? can you give us some examples? Thanks

  • Graham Robins

    Wicked video, and thanks for the Trello board. Curious – what is done with the "Spreadsheet" column? Others are pretty much self-explanatory. Are you exporting SEM rush data and cross referrncing, or is a dashboard, etc?

  • NewportDispatch

    Neil, for basic and short local news stories (200 words) drawn from press releases and police reports, do you think we could implement a similar system? Where would you recommend finding writers for less than 10 cents per word?

  • juan altredo

    20 cents per word is crazy, thats like 200 dollars for a piece of medium length content (1.000 words), what am I missing? surely that can't be

  • Emmanuel Bravo

    Hey Neil. Great content. Thank you for sharing everything. I have a question about outsourcing to up work and fiverr etc. what kind of company do you recommend forming for your model of businesses. Are there tax problems with outsourcing to India etc? Or do you just have to pay the contracted rate. Are there any special considerations to preferred contractors that you use frequently. If I plan to grow a marketing business through a blog and social media but heavily outsource tasks, is there any real downside? (Aside from the obvious vetting and potential quality problems)

  • Abhishek Verma

    What to do when you have no topic to blog about? How to find a topic to write a blog post, when no idea is landing in mind?
    Abhishek Verma
    SME & Programmer

  • Abhishek Verma

    I am a programmer. I have good knowledge of PHP, MySQL & Java.
    I want to start a blog/website to teach Programming to people's.

    I want to start two types of section where one is free and other is paid.
    In free section, I want to teach people's basic of Programming Languages and if they want to be expert in that Programming language they can upgrade their accounts.

    Help me Neil!
    Abhishek Verma
    SME & Programmer

  • Somesh Kumar

    Hi Neel! I have been watching you since you had 13k subscribers. I love your honest advise which you provide. You will surely grow more 🙂

  • theSWI4T Randoms

    Hey! So I'm thinking about starting a graphics design business.. So I'm going to have a website for that anyway.. But is it alright if I had a PC build blog on that website?? Rather than any graphics design blog??

  • Latest Wrestler Mania

    Sir if i write 2 post (2000 words) daily and regular 5 month
    And my aim 1000 visitors
    Complete or not tell me
    Without made backlink

  • Nino Browne

    Hey Neil. SEO Courses will urge you to write your own blogs to create backlinks. Saying that bought content can be spotted by google bots, so they say to keep more a white hat approach to creating backlinks. Now for me I don’t have the time to write articles or blogs and would find it far more easier to pay for these BUT will they affect my site? My rankings? Would this be treated as “Black hat” tactics and run the risk of getting my site banned?


    Hey Neil I'm really stuck and confused, I really don't know from where to start from scratch to learn about these SEO, Entrepreneurship, Marketing etc.
    It would be great if you help me solve my problem.


    Hey Neil how did you at 16 years old got to learnt all these things like Consulting, Entrepreneurship etc.
    Eager to know
    By the way your content on YouTube is really helpful

  • Rhino Grasshopper

    Neil, you are unbelievably great! Thanks for the videos. I,m always learning from you. I have a really important question! I live in Iran and here there is a huge gap in SEO and content marketing. Every keyword I research I found that it has the opportunity to work on! Now I,m starting a business like you 🙂

    The question goes like this! I have a long pdf article in Persian and now I,m working on it to use it for SEO. I am making it ready by using most of the SEO techniques I have learned from you. The problem is that the article is 11000 word long! Is it better If I put this article in one post and make graphics and infographics for it? (the #1 position goes for an article with similar keyword and 9000 words!) and will it help me beat that article and be on top? or should I just make it into 5 or 6 posts with the 2000words article? Which one do you suggest?

    thank you for your great channel and I hope to meet you one day 🙂

    Mohammad from Tehran, Iran

  • Damien PANNIER

    You became one of my mentor as tony robbins, napoleon hills, eckart tolle. Thank you for your video pls never stop it. Its a lot of value for person like me who dont have access in my world to successful people like you are

  • Adam Syafiq

    I'm new to hiring writers, but 20 cents / word ? How much is that like a full article, for instance the content on this video, how much does it averagely cost tho?

  • Dalia MedioMundo

    I've been on both sides: freelancing and writing in-house. It is very difficult to find a good freelancer because if you want to pay them low wages they will simply write a ton of fluff, hit the word count. No value. And you cannot blame them if you're paying them low wages. And then they tend to disappear and write for others who will pay them more. And remember, value is what the reader is seeking. So you just threw your money away. Hiring in-house writers you get the benefit of always being able to count on your writers, less probability that they will disappear. And about productivity: about 2-3 days out of the week, MOST people's energy will drop, it's a pretty normal circadian rhythm. So the problem is actually how work life is set up. In-office 9-5 doesn't work. It just doesn't. It would be much more efficient to do 9-2, no lunch break, you just go home. Then you commit to another 2 hours of working remotely in that day, whether it's at 4-6, 5-7, 6-8, you choose whatever hours you are most productive. Other tycoons have suggested a 4-day work week with longer hours per day, but I foresee that that would create a desperate "I wanna get outta here" syndrome that won't let anyone concentrate.

  • Christos Andreev

    Outsourcing content creation is a mess for most companies. You need style consistency; not just generic articles of zero-value for the reader. Also, your writers must have expertise in the industry and not just to write nonsense based on popular trends. Copywriting must be consistent with the company's brand and follow specific guidelines and style. Articles should be rated based on quality and not quantity. I'd rather have 1 article shared 1000 times than having 1000 articles shared 1 time each. I don't recommend to any serious business to outsource their copywriting.

  • Raphael Lim

    This is incredible Neil! 1000 a week, no wonder you are ranking! this is insane! I just started a education blog and I am dying writing the content myself, still waiting for my leads to convert though then I will hire writers.

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