How To Implement Your FIRST Industry Study For Your Business

Okay, hi everybody today I’m gonna tell you how to do an industry study for your business This is one of the coolest things that businesses can do because when they do that It allows them to manufacture press it allows them to get picked up by industry publications It allows competitors to see them as a thought leader. It allows employees to see them as a thought leader It allows the market to see you as a thought leader. It attracts clients So today I’m gonna talk to you specifically how to implement your first industry study for your business Let’s dive into it So first thing is you need to pick a topic, right What’s your topic gonna be for the industry study? And what you want to do is select something around a product or service that you have because you want your industry study to get Attention to get people thinking about your business but in a way that relates to specifically something that you want to sell So make sure to do that in addition to that You want to select a keyword that you’re going to be targeting for the industry study? So for example, if you want to rank higher for coupons or auto loans or engagement rings You want your industry study to be around the term that you want to rank higher for that? You want to sell more for more of so that you can make sure you’re generating backlinks You’re generating more credibility social media shares around your most important product and service as well as your keyword in Addition to that you want to take a look at the news? So if you can find something that’s buzz worthy if there’s something going on in the news right now and you can align the keyword The product or service with something that’s going on in the news then that’s going to give your industry study a whole Lotta more pop because anytime that somebody is doing research especially editorial people around a specific topic Then you want to be front and center So think about it this way if you could do an industry study around a product or service a keyword and the news Every single quarter think about the impact that would have on your business. That’s what we’re talking about here today Next thing you’re gonna have to select your demographics. So do you want to do the study for people who are male? Who are a certain age that live in a certain city that maybe they’re interested in? Marketing or are they a CEO or is it just a general population thing? Do you care about the state? You need to make sure that you set your specific demographic because that’s an important qualifier for the data So who are the people that you want to do the study around? Of course? That needs to align with the product or service and the keyword who’s the demographic, you know? you’re trying to get in front of or the demographic that the people who are looking for your product and service would be interested in hearing from Next thing you create a list of questions, right? So these this list of questions can be anywhere from five questions to 20 questions usually we’ve seen about 15 is the right number and You want to think about things that are gonna have shock value? things that are gonna hit pain points things that are going to be the common issues around the product or service that You are selling what what are these things that really? people don’t know a lot about how can you get somebody to say 98% of people don’t know this or you know, 90% of people do know this but they don’t do this right you need to think about something that’s gonna create shock value because if You don’t and it’s just a boring industry study Nobody’s gonna care right? So think about shock value think about common issues and then think about it in terms of big percentages that you can create because if you can say 99% of people think that social media marketing is the hardest channel to manage for example And that was something that was in a recent industry study that we did Then you’re gonna get people to kind of notice and the news publications are gonna pick it up. I used to work for a newspaper Four and a half years and I used to cover a lot of industry studies if they were boring They’d get tossed out the window if it’s something that’s got some shock value. I was all over it Next you need to analyze the data And so when you finally get back all this data It’s really important that you look at it from a business perspective And that you analyze it like a business analyst would look at the data and sometimes that’s kind of tricky, right? Sometimes that’s something that the CEO top person that the company has to look at sometimes it’s not something that just Any person can do because you need to really bring that industry expertise to the data So look for outliers things that really jump out. I’ve talked about shock value and then bring expertise So bring your own expertise to the study. What does this data mean? What does that mean in the industry? That’s also gonna help position you as a thought leader, right? in addition to that if you’re comfortable with it bring in other experts who aren’t Competitors so that they can also comment on the data. That’s come back Ok, so now you’ve gotten started you’ve created your content, you know, at least you’ve got the general stuff But but now what’s the physical piece of content that you’re gonna be producing for the industry study? That’s what we’re gonna talk about now So first you want a blog post that Basically covers the most important highlights from the industry study And you want to have images share buttons and then buttons – a downloadable PDF So we’ve got a blog post. It’s the main highlights in bullet points It’s got some images people can take and share so that you can get links back to your website so that they can reference this Data, right? There’s a nice big button to download The industry study. Ok. Now what happens when they click the button? Well when they click the button They get taken to a landing page. You can build this landing page and click funnels, Unbounce Instapage there’s a million different ones. It can be something that’s custom that you’ve created I personally like Unbounce it’s really easy and you’re gonna capture their email Address on that landing page as well as maybe a phone number or whatever other information you want the more information you try to capture the harder it’s gonna be to get them to fill out that landing page and Potentially the more bogus type of information you’re gonna get so I recommend you just keep it simple with an email that’s generally what we’ve done and Then you’re gonna set it up So you get an automated email that’s sent to them with the PDF as a download and in addition to that they’re redirected to another page and on that other page they can click a button to download the PDF because they’ve just put in their email and they want That instant gratification. Ok, so that’s how you set that up point number six now The biggest thing really? I mean, you’ve got all this setup. You’ve done all this work. Okay, you’ve created this study This has taken you two to four weeks to get this created, right? You’ve done one, two, three, four five six so now it’s really important that your promotion is on point Okay You have to take the time to promote the heck out of this in an industry study Should really be promoted for about six weeks, right? Two to two to three months really it can be something that’s just an ongoing thing there’s so many different people out there that you can hit one by one with good outreach and now I’m gonna talk to you about How to do that? Okay So on the promotion side first thing you can do is you can embargo it with a new site So, for example, we have a client right now. We’ve done an industry study. We’ve gotten a large new site entrepreneur They’re gonna publish it first, right? That’s really really exciting They get the chance to publish it first to be the first one to release that data Entrepreneurs excited about it the clients excited about it and it’s a it’s a big win. So if there’s a big Site in your industry. You want to allow them to embargo or or push out the data first, right? So have them publish it on a certain date You can go that route and it’s a very good route because if you get on the biggest publication in your industry That’s so it’s a good thing right? There’s a lot of value there Next thing is after you’ve done this you want to create this media outreach list. So you’re thinking of basically creating a list Of a hundred to a couple hundred sites that you can reach out to And when you do this, you’re pitching them you’re asking them for a link. You’re asking them to put in images from the study You’re asking them if they’d like to write on it or if they would like you to write on it and give them a blog post and what you’re gonna see is if you’ve got A really good pitch in place there. You’re gonna get picked up by twenty to thirty percent of these sites You might have to email them a couple times you might have to keep following up pitch box is a great tool for this you know outreach ninja there’s a bunch of different ones that you can do where you can just do it the old-fashioned way where you’re building a list and you’re sending them emails and that works really well also and Then implementing pop-ups on the website so what you would have to do is install a pop-up – like Optinmonster or sumo a pop-up will come up and say click here to see our industry study They click there then they’re taken to the landing page the Unbounce page, whatever you’ve created and Now you’re capturing their email and then they’re downloading the study so the pop-ups are really gonna help you because it’s gonna be a nice micro conversion that’s going to allow you to capture email addresses While you’re sleeping, right? That’s why we created this amazing asset because we want to use it as a micro conversion a smaller conversion like an email address Capture on a consistent basis, okay Also, you’re gonna want to do a press release because that’s gonna automatically get the study picked up by fifty to a couple hundred websites so make sure you you put in a little bit of money a few hundred dollars or more to Do a really good press release Don’t do the super cheap ones, you know you put in a lot of effort on this stuff You want to get it out there and then finally ads so YouTube ads Google as Instagram ads LinkedIn ads Display Network and you know all this stuff and I could go into Specifics on that but a nice video that explains the study short and sweet click here to download can be a really good thing but in addition to that It’s really important that you think about remarketing remarketing for studies is excellent because All these prospects who have come to you and they’ve left and not all of them were super interested if they see A study that you’ve done that’s being remarketed to them. They’re gonna look at you as an expert a thought leader They’re gonna download it. There’s a very good chance that there are going to be interested all over again Ok If you would like to see a great study that we’ve just done you can check it out on ignite Visibility comm and it talks about how three hundred marketers are Seeing a disruptive shift in how they are setting their digital strategy over the next two years Was a really cool study. We have all this stuff set up for ourselves and we’ve also set this stuff up for many of our clients writes a service we offer but this is really more of an Educational thing for you. So that’s it for industry studies today. Now, you know now you know how to do one Hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you next time

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