How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building
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How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building

Link building is hard. I know they say it’s the main way to increase
your search engine ranking and it is, but it’s not the only way. Google has over 200 factors that affect our
algorithm. Today, I’m going to teach you how to increase
your Google rankings without building any links. One of the main factors that affects rankings
is click thru rate. If you do a search, let’s say you do a search
for dogs. Google notices that everyone’s clicking on
the second listing instead of the first listing, what are they going to do? They’re going to flip them around. Why? Because you’re using user signals. These user signals tell them what users prefer. If all the users prefer the second listing,
and Google keeps that listing at number two, what’s going to happen with the users? They’re going to feel that Google results
aren’t that relevant, and they’re going to use another search engine. So if you want to increase your rankings without
building links, you can increase your rankings by creating a more appealing title and description. That title and that description that you’re
seeing in organic results are made up through a title tag and a meta description. You can have your webmasters change those
for you. Now the way you want to create amazing title
tags and meta descriptions are using phrases and words in there that people want to click. You can do this by using words like get, now,
try, fast, free. You can also use phrases and words like the
date. A lot of times, I put updated in 2017 and
it causes me to get more clicks than the listings above me. And eventually, over a period of a month or
two, my listing’s climb up and it outranks theirs. So use those phrases. If you’re unsure of what phrases to put in
your title tag and meta description, Google the phrases you want to rank for, look for
all the paid ads. See, with Google AdWords, one of their main
factors that determines where an ad should be placed is not only just the bid, but it’s
how appealing that ad copy is. Because if one person spends $5 per click
with Google, and another person spends $2.50 with Google, but the person who’s spending
$2.50 gets three times the more clicks because their ad copy is more appealing, Google’s
want to place that $2.50 ad above the $5 one because they make more money. One gets three times more the clicks. That would be $7.50 versus $5. They look at the total revenue amount. That means that person that’s spending $2.50,
which is at the top, typically has the more appealing ad copy. So when you’re looking at the paid Google
results, the ones at the top typically have the best title and description. Make sure you use similar titles and descriptions
with your free listings, so that way you can climb in the organic rankings. That’s how you increase your rankings without
building any back links.

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  • Emiway Lover

    Neil I have a doubt can I rank my website above paid results and when I have not created any backings.Can I rank my website without backlinks…Please reply

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