How to Increase Your Search Traffic Using Google Search Console
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How to Increase Your Search Traffic Using Google Search Console

Don’t you wish Google just told you how to
get more search traffic? Well, they do. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and, today,
I’m going to teach you how to get more search traffic using Google Search Console. The first thing I want you to do is log into
your Search Console. Click on the Search Analytics. From there, you can end up seeing your traffic
stats the way Google sees it. Click on Pages. When you click on Pages, you get a list of
all the pages that are driving you search traffic, right, in order from the most popular
to the least popular. Click on a page that you want to increase
the search traffic for, and you’ll get a list of the traffic that’s just for that one page. Then click on Queries, and then, you’ll see
a list of all the keywords that drive search traffic to that page. Now that you have that list, the second thing
you need to do is go into the blog post or webpage that’s getting all that search traffic,
and integrate those keywords within the content. You can’t just stuff your article or your
webpage with these new keywords that you’re not already including within your page, right,
because once you add them, you should get more search traffic. You got to also update your content and make
it more thorough, more detailed, and naturally blend in those new keywords. If it’s not natural, you won’t do well. People will see that you’re just stuffing
keywords. They’re going to bounce right off your webpage,
and it’s going to hurt you. The third thing you have to do is also add
those keywords, at least the main ones, within your meta description and your title text. That way Google knows the main keywords you’re
trying to focus on. Last, but not least, you then want to take
that page and submit it within Google Search Console. You can add the URL, submit it right away,
and that tells them, “Hey, crawl this page because it’s updated,” and update the search
results with this new page. Once you do that, within a week or two weeks
at the latest, you should see an increase in search traffic. That’s all you have to do. If you did that with all your popular pages,
you’ll get more search traffic using Google Search Console.


  • Elmo one

    hi neil the video was awesome . i want ask how i can show my site to google search engine in spite of i have created it sense 1 month

  • Akshay Dhiman

    Awesome! I've been liking your recent emails for some reason. They're like somebody is sending me a text message. The funny part is that I read them. Honestly, I can read complete emails but I'm too lazy for that. I'd rather read a whole article or a book, but not a long email. I believe you're getting more clicks because of that.

  • Doris Taylor-Shadouh

    Ahh. I feel like I won the lotto! This was the missing information I've been looking for. I've been poking around in Search Console and I was totally lost! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Sam Samo

    How can I embed a YouTube video in my website without that google blocked this section, in my Google Search Console I got the result that google has not crawled all section and blocked the embed a youtube video because of youtube robot.txt /typ was ajax.

  • Nina

    When you say to do that with all Popular pages, does that mean I should be submitting each popular page? sorry really newbie here.. My sites been up for a bit over a week but I am not seeing what people are using for keywords to search for my site service? Not sure if I missed something.

  • Jackson Rubem

    Thank you, Neil Patel, you are the best in all the world. I'll apply what I learned in your video in my blog

  • oliviah rix-taylor

    As the CTR includes thousands of impressions (some which may not be relevant or even see) wouldn't tracking individual URL's be a better indicator of performance than CTR %? Thanks!, great video btw

  • Graham Butler

    Neil, thanks for the video…just the information I was looking for. One question though if I may…the last bit on resubmitting the page to google…can you explain briefly how to do that please? Thanks again for this video.

  • Graham Butler

    Neil, sorry to bother you again only I forgot to ask about my bounce rate. I recently connected my site via the publicise feature in wordpress to the facebook and twitter pages I set up for my site. Since doing this my bounce rate has gone from around 21% to 49%. The site is only about 6 weeks old. Am I trying to do too much too soon to get traffic and should I disconnect from my facebook and twitter pages to remedy this and let my traffic build organically? Thanks Neil

  • E Randy Jenkins

    Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! You make it look easy, keep up the great work. You provide a lot of Value on YouTube. 🙂

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