How to Leverage Instagram to Actually Make You More Money
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How to Leverage Instagram to Actually Make You More Money

– Have you heard the
saying that Instagram likes and followers and comments
aren’t going to pay your bills? Well, there’s actually some truth to that. But if you know how to
use Instagram right, it’s actually totally wrong. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach you how to
actually leverage Instagram to make you more money. (upbeat music) Before we get started,
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click the alert notification. The first tip I have for
you is build your account for one specific problem. In other words, you want
to solve one problem for one audience. It’s really hard to just be an influencer just because your life is cool, or you have some cool pictures of yourself that are half naked. That doesn’t really
work these days anymore, and I wouldn’t recommend that. Solve one problem for one audience. When you do that, you’re going to have a super focused community, so when you pitch products
and services to them, they’re much more likely to convert. If you have a randomized audience, you don’t know what to sell them. And you’ll find that
they won’t convert well. But when you’re known for just
one thing such as fashion, and then you have fashion
products or services, they’re much more likely to buy from you. The second tip I have is
differentiate your account. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. If you see everyone else posting
the same type of content, if you do the same
thing, you won’t do well. From day one, you need
to start experimenting with different types of content. Do videos work better than images for you? Do you need to do long
captions, short captions? Live video, stories, educational content, something that’s just entertaining
that makes people laugh. Or does curated content work for you? Do you really even need to spend
your time creating contents that’s just leveraging someone else’s? Once you’ve figured out what’s working, the stuff that is, double down on it. What doesn’t perform well, stop doing it. Now, once you’ve figured out the formula what’s working well, you need to go back and retest this every few months, the reason being is
Instagram’s constantly changing their algorithm, so you
need to continually test and tweak to make sure
that what you’re producing resonates with your audience. The third tip I have for you, run ads on Instagram to your
top-performing content pieces. That way, the stuff
that’s already doing well, you’re going to grow more
awareness, more followers, you’re going to get in
front of more people who are much more likely
to convert into customers. The fourth tip, start running
giveaways and promotions and challenges. You’re probably wondering, “Hey, I see these giveaways all the time. They can’t be effective.” Well, if they weren’t effective, you wouldn’t be seeing them all the time. Giveaways only work if
you’re giving away something that’s very valuable and
super related to your niche. If you don’t meet those two
criterias, they won’t work. As for a challenge, a content
journey that leads people into a desired end result works very well. Challenge, let’s say you’re
in the fitness niche, talking about a 30 day challenge where they can lose 5 pounds,
that’s a good challenge. You can get a lot of people to
follow you in that challenge. Now, you also want to have rules
when people are participating in these giveaways or
challenges, for example, they need to follow your page, you want them to tag
someone in the comments, you want them to click
the link on your bio, so that leads people off to your website, so you can collect their email address, that allows them to know who’s the winner, who they’re going to be, and that way you can continually notify them and sell products and
services to them as well. The next tip I have for you is to do sponsored
posts on other accounts. So, there’s other influencers
within your niche. If you can do sponsored
posts on their accounts and promote your profile, you’re going to build a
bigger, more loyal base within your exact space. The biggest mistakes that people make when they do this is
they pick random profiles that have nothing to do
with their target audience, their target niche,
their core demographic. You need to stay away from those people. Has to be super relevant. And when people are doing
those sponsored posts, make sure that in their bio, they include that you’re running a
contest and a giveaway and people should look
there and click through so they can go over back to your profile and your website of course as well. So the people who are doing
this on their profile, they need to change their
URL to your site URL. And as I mentioned, don’t
do it for random accounts, has to be super relevant. I can’t emphasize that enough. The next tip, leverage micro-influencers to sell your products or services. There’s a lot of companies
out there on Instagram that are crushing it, especially niches like health and fitness or fashion. And you may test this and you’re like, “It’s not working for me.” It’s because you’re trying
to get the Kardashians to sell your product or service. The Kardashians don’t produce a high ROI. I was at a conference
called Affiliate Summit. There was a gentleman there. He was telling me how he paid Kris Jenner roughly $75,000 to promote
his product or service. She promoted his product
and he even told me, he was like, “Yeah, I made
less than $75,000 in revenue.” Now, keep in mind even if he
made $75,000, even $80,000 it still would have been a loss. Why? He has shipping, he
has to pay for his expenses, he has office expenses, right? Micro-influencers on the other hand, even when I was talking to him about this, he has a high conversion
rate from micro-influencers. And there’s a lot of
sites that can help you find the right influencers. Such as It’s a great site to find
very targeted influencers. The last tip I have for you
is find affiliate products that can be very valuable
to your audience. You don’t want to just use Google to find these products or services, you want to go to the
affiliate sites out there, JVZoo, CJ Affiliate, OfferVault,
Click2Sell, CommissionSoup, ShareASale, FlexOffers. These are all places that’ll show you what are the best performing products, you can use those products,
sell them to your audience and get the affiliate commission, or you can just go and find other people, have some of their products and services, work out your own deal
and go directly to them and push those products and services to your audience on Instagram. Now, if you do all of that, you’ll find that your Instagram profile can generate you good money, you can make a living off of it, you know, and then when people tell you, “Ah, you’re an Instagram influencer, you can’t make money from that,” you’ll be able to show
them real stats and data that you can do well from Instagram. If you need help with your
social media marketing, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital, thank you for watching,
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