How To Lose $3414.4 on FIVERR When Doing SEO πŸ™Š SEO Backlinks 2019
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How To Lose $3414.4 on FIVERR When Doing SEO πŸ™Š SEO Backlinks 2019

How to lose. $3,414.50 on fiber airbox fine. Is this a bird? Is this a plane this is dr. Nikki making another as your video or maybe
the reason you’re watching this video is because you are wondering if Web 2.0 backlinks of
pbn’s work and let me tell you right now. Yes, and no man, you got to be kidding me. I went on this video to learn how they work
and what what you’re saying makes no sense, but we just make sense to me ask you this
question. You like cookies. Don’t you dare you bring this one is pretty
nice. Okay, these cookie might be nice. Would you still like it if the quality was
lower or worst case scenario if I stepped over it points. Are you making this dump example, the origin
circumstances quality of a bank link Mariners and get my Google friend, buddy. The Penguin Batman get boeckling is a link
from another website linking to a page from your website website 8 9 years ago. The first job I got was actually making backlinks
commenting when I was 11 graders or 10th grade at that time. I was making back on different websites referring
different nail shops a daytime. Google was rewarding bad behavior and even
rewarded Behavior spending Lynx weight synonymously automatically generated articles with synonyms. Maybe you know it maybe you don’t know it
you don’t really need to know it but it’s basically spamming it was rewarding if you
had a good page rank in Google and you get water for getting drafted obviously Google
got smarter and hopefully they do any of my audience is. The bunch of nine-year-olds. I’m sorry, but you were born but what I’m
saying, we’ll make sense. When we say that Google became smarter. What we actually meant was that Google’s algorithm
to determine where your website will rank became smarter and actually not only it stopped
a rewarding his behavior, but he actually penalized spammy behavior and some links to
let me show you a test. I didn’t cost you $5,440.50 on WhatsApp work
and I bought a bunch like over 70 different orders even hired a full-time as your guy
from Pakistan for humans to work for me. And also I tried another that I didn’t include
them because they’re baiting Krypton U13 believe I have no actual invoice to proof I paid for. But it’s another $600. So $4,000. Do you get the valley that you can get is
insane? So when I’m losing money the good thing is
that you want if you try to learn from my mistakes the definition of insanity doing
the same mistake and expecting a different result. Do my mistake but obviously do your own due
diligence because there’s no Financial advice and he’s not very good advice as you can see
here. This is. These are some of the orders from my fiber
count the fiber account I use for a bunch of face on the dope. I had some work done for my complation channels,
but after that you can see some orders and it tried to calculate them as you can see
here and I might have missed some more added an extra one. But if I mean, I don’t think I’m twenty bucks
plus or minus matters. This is from Fiverr and I’m trying to calculate
those and in the end there nearly $2,000 from fiber. Okay. So now let me show you the one side did on
upwork hiring Freelancers full-time or part-time to build it for me and I tried to bunch of
them. This is a total of $3,414.50. So did the fact my rankings? Yes, I go to walk a lot of authority on a
dress and I was pretty happy about it from 8 to go to 38th and one of my website. Helpful know it was not you didn’t help me
add o it even penalized and he’s still penalizing some of my lease and I actually got us to
remove a lot of the bat kings that were made from what I found that I was at one of the
guys in the bottom fiber from were actually using software that spanned links and they
keep giving me the same Excel sheets with the same format links, but even the ones they
didn’t steal standings over the place like home app work. You can actually see the screen of your employer. If you have the premium version that have
a link for a pork inscription amplifier obviously, but what I wanted to say was it went horribly
wrong, but we said that building links is good and back at the same time why it’s bad
if you have bad links, but it’s good if you had a good mix what a good length who sings
our links from a watch. Tory T. For example news articles linking about you
paying someone to write something for you for some people you should know if you can
get a Wikipedia link to you or some very high domain Authority links linking back to your
website. Okay, but I’m the only one you have a lot
of time to invest in your website and you just don’t know what to do. If you powerless you want to do something
to get more getting traffic, but if you can spend spend Innings and you can’t overspend
on backlinks if by Herring somewhere else. Supposed to do then. Well, I’ll tell you what’s Google and everyone
else needs you to do how to make more money. The simple answer is a problem solver bigger
problem. The bigger the problem is so the more money
you make this is how it works normal. If your website the backlinks leaking to you
spare me weird articles from weird websites that have a bunch of outbound things to so
many different website so many niches. How do you expect to solve a problem? You’re not solving any problem. You’re trying to trick the algorithm in the
algorithm will penalize you so if you want to do something useful with your time, what
you can do is take some of my other videos, which I’ll have all my channel. About SEO they’ll tell me that one of the
good things you can do is write hoot content to free thousand words $5,000 depending on
your competition for 6 to research their competition. You can check the video in the cards above
which shows YouTube on how to do that. If you’re actually doing YouTube and you want
to do YouTube SEO. I have a link to that description down below. What YouTube wanted to do is quality content
that leads to higher retention, which means users spend more time on your website or if
it’s YouTube SEO on your platform. Which obviously means a user is enjoying the
content? And this is where the video Broke Nikki from
the future had to take over. So let’s roll. That means a user is enjoying the content
and Google will put the video out in front of more. Eyeballs. If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably
know that we’ve got a Westside being made and the reason for that is I want to keep
things organized. There’s a water ask me some question or some
got some people asking for sponsorship is the dish not working the way it pans. For example, if there’s a person asking a
question chances are more people have that question. So an organized way to keep track of questions
and answers with bright value to everyone asking questions because they can just get
the answer questions. They didn’t even ask if you have a question
and want to be a shout it out. Please tell me how this video helped you or
what I need changed. Video cuties a question from Bogle High which
is not actually a question and he says Nick you put on a few pounds. Listen guys. I don’t really know how to get rid of found. If any of you guys know how to get rid of
found. Please, need to come section down below. I only want dollars or Euros. Why would I have pants want to get rid of
pounds? See by the way, I will never ask you for money. If anyone’s asking you for money on any social
media, it’s not me. Someone impersonating me. Please do not resent do not give them your
money. But you know guys a video will never be over
until what’s that has to be said is this even a valid statement? I know but what I know is a video a day keeps
the doctor away.


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