How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (4/10) Movie CLIP – Princess Sophia (2003) HD

(romantic music plays) Oh! Whoa.
Mmm… (growls) Does princess sophia
want to come out and play? Who’s princess sophia? (squeals) (grunts) No, no, no, no… No!
Ow! (spluttering):
Aw, yo-yo-yo-you… Whoa, whoa, whoa,
y-you’re kidding me, right? Princess sophia? Little, big, little,
big, I don’t know. We will find out! Ah, you know,
hang on a second. Ah, no, no. (groaning) All right, listen. You can’t name
my… My member Princess sophia.
It doesn’t… Yes, I can. Listen. L-l-listen to me. If-if you’re going to name…
My member, all right, You got to name it something
hyper-masculine, okay? Something like spike or butch,
or krull, the warrior king, But not princess sophia. What did you just say? Spike. You know what I mean? No, no, after spike. Butch. After butch. (deep-voiced):
Krull… Krull,
the warrior king. Does kr-rull, the warrior king
want to come out and play? Oh, come on…
No. (babbling) (gruff-voiced):
…Krull. You know what? Due to… (low-voiced)
intense humiliation,
the king has… Momentarily abdicated
his throne. Okay?
Oh, uh-oh! Yeah.

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