How to Measure Sound with Google’s Science Journal App
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How to Measure Sound with Google’s Science Journal App

You can use Google Science Journal to measure
sound intensity using your phone’s built-in microphone. Enter observe mode by selecting the menu icon
in the upper left, select observe, and then select the speaker icon. You can now measure sound intensity in decibels. Meter mode displays the instantaneous reading. You can switch to graph mode to see how the
reading changes over time. In order to take accurate measurements, make
sure the microphone is not blocked or covered. Try using the microphone to do some simple
experiments. Measure ambient noise levels at the places
you live, play, or work. Or, measure how sound intensity changes with
distance from the noise source. To learn more about Google’s Science Journal
app, including the other sensors that are available, see the rest of the videos in this
playlist. To view written directions for science projects
and lesson plans you can do with the app, visit us online at

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