How to Navigate a Lesson Page on ChinesePod
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How to Navigate a Lesson Page on ChinesePod

Hello! It’s me Grace with ChinesePod and I wanna help you navigate a lesson page. So you’re gonna click play, you’re gonna listen to our videos and our lessons and see that our hosts are gonna go through the dialogue, show you different things that they think you need to know all about this topic. So the first thing that you’re gonna see in this list of options is comments. Don’t be afraid to join in and say “Hey, that was great!” or “Hey, you know I kind of thought that I heard it more said in this way…” We are excited to jump on, whether it’s myself or another ChinesePodster. We’re gonna come on and we’re going to answer your questions . So, comment here or also in the forum. And in the next section is the dialogue . First you’re gonna see on mine. I have it to where I see all three options. I see characters, Pinyin and I see the English. So at the right top corner, you’re gonna be able to see this little circle and it has the character 字 the character for “character” Click on that and you’re gonna see the characters disappear. This is gonna help you if maybe you only want to test yourself with the English. If you want, you can also take the Pinyin away. So the a with the first tone over it ā, take that away also. So then you’re gonna be left with just the English and you’re gonna have to see if you’re able to translate the English into the Chinese. Saying that, I’m gonna just stop right there and jump to something else real quick. You can either bookmark this lesson if
you wanna come back to it to study it or you can check it that you’ve studied you’ve completed this so that way you won’t see it again and you can move on. Now that I’ve talked about marking it studied, go ahead and see the next section which is vocabulary. We also have a little video to teach you on how to make these vocabulary words and your flashcards on our website. So check that video out if you have not already. The next section is our expansion. So this is going to do exactly what you think it’s going to do. It will expand our vocabulary and our sentences. So this is gonna take it outside of our Hungry Traveler discussion. After the expansion you’re gonna be able to see the grammar that was spoken about and it’s gonna write it out, it’s gonna have an explanation so you can practice and you can throw in your own verbs and adjectives using these grammar points. And then finally we have exercises for you to try out and play and test yourself to see if you’ve got it and if you’re ready to mark it studied. You’re gonna see on the right side of the website, these little buttons in there in red. Click on them. They’re gonna be tags that are gonna lead you to other lessons. So I know on this Hungry Traveler one, of course, the word that needs to be there is “food.” So click on that and that is gonna lead you to other lessons that use the word “food.” So be sure to click all the different things. All the different things that we have on this lesson page. It’s more than just the video. It’s more than just the audio. Personalize it, tweak it, make this go and help you lead to like another section, another lesson on the website. Enjoy it and I can’t wait to hear your comments. 再见!

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