How to Optimize Google Snippets – MUST DO SEO
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How to Optimize Google Snippets – MUST DO SEO

Hey y’all. Welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas. You
have found a YouTube channel solely dedicated to all things WordPress. We
nerd out on anything around the world of WordPress, whether that is even search
engine optimization or social media marketing.
Today we are looking at search engine optimization. Specially, I am referencing
Google snippets. So, this whole little section right here, this little ad,
basically of what your page could look like on the google search results,
is called a snippet. There is a way that you can basically
manipulate this and change what renders in this feed in these search results to
help conversion or to help entice people
to click on your link instead of a
competitor visible on the same page. It is super important that you optimize
your snippets. So let’s look and see how to do that. I am going to be referencing,
of course, a WordPress website. We are going to be using a Yoast plugin
Y.O.A.S.T, yoast. It’s like toast but with Y. You want to plug that in
and it is totally free to use. When you do plug it in, you are
going to be able to go to your pages or your posts and have a whole section down
here (here is how you spell Yoast by the way) have a whole section down here below
your content where you can engage this plugin to basically help rank or rate
this page’s content. What your goal is, is to get a green
light up here that allows a rating of good for your search engine optimization;
specifically for this one page or post on your website. One of the ways you do that
is by manipulating, changing, or modifying your snippet right here. This
one has already been done completely so we have gone ahead and put in a focus
keyword for what this page is; this page is specifically for hot tub pictures.
This is the client’s website here that has a little bit of text and then this
beautiful custom spas that his software basically teaches you how to build in
your own backyard. So I will give him a little shout out right there. If you are
interested in checking this out it is a really cool website
( is what this is; so be sure to check that out.
This is the snippet right here, though, if you are manipulating this and changing
this, this is what reflects and shows up whenever we are looking at Google. Follow
me on this. Here you go ya’ll. Clicking edit snippet, clicking that button right
there, opens this up and allows me to change what that says.
If are you just starting to affect this, it is going to automatically pull the
title of your page (gallery of hot tubs and spas that is what he titled this page)
The url, or the slug, is examples of custom hot tubs. Scrolling down here,
he is wanting to overwrite that though, on this snippet so that he can
potentially attract more people to come see this page. So he’s typed in,
collection of DIY hot tub pictures from our customer projects. He has also
changed the meta description, which is these two lines right here. Again, super
important that you are doing this to hopefully attract more people to click on
your link. And of course, as you are
typing in this space, it’s going to measure how much content you have and get
you to a green bar here. As you start to type, it goes ahead and tells you orange,
orange, orange until you get to a point that you added enough content to get to a
green status which is exactly what you want to do.
Here is the thing about this…here is the trick ya’ll…ready for this….
what you want do is think about this page,
when someone is doing a search on Google, what specifically would they be searching
for, for this one page to rank high or to be displayed by Google to them. So he is
hoping, obviously, as people do a search for hot tub pictures, that this page
would rank high. And because he has applied this key focus word here, it’s
basically measuring all of the content he has on this page and saying to him, hey,
it looks like there is a rhythm here with hot tubs pictures. I get it, this page
is about hot tub pictures. Google is going to understand it…great job.
But it is super important that you take time to do this on every single one of
your pages so that as people come and see your different pages, they are more
enticed to click a button. You can imagine this right here, that just says
about us, custom build spas, that’s really not very enticing; maybe saying we
built over 300 spas this year, custom build spas. Saying something like that
would entice me and intrigue me to click on that a little more so than just about
us. These are the things that you might want to do to check out on you website to
see if there is opportunity for you, to go in here and optimize your snippet.
If you want to learn more specifically about the Yoast plugin and kinda of how
to work all of this, I have an entire playlist specifically on Yoast. I will
put a link to that on the description box below. Just click on the little “show
more” icon and then it will open up everything for you.
Hey, if you got questions about anything to do with search engine optimization or
WordPress, please give me a Twitter shout-out over on Twitter land or jump on
our Facebook page, or put a comment in the thread below. I would love to help
you create amazing snippets like this for your website.
I will see you next week. Bye ya’ll.


  • Chris Mauro

    Hey Corey, Love webtegrity videos they are very appreciated, you do a great job with explaining things! Quick question about snippets, I have edited my clients website snippets ( ) and some woocommerce product snippets repeat or show a recommend product in the snippet, which both things make the snippet look very cluttered. How can I fix this ?

  • Beer Today

    Hi Kori, Always love the WordPress Wednesday videos and make use of the tips on my UK beer news website,
    This video was particularly useful because I'm sure I can't be the only reasonably intelligent person in the world who thought that the prompt for 'focus keyword' meant literally one word. As you can imagine, with a niche site there are certain words – such as beer, lager, IPA etc – that come up a lot in content, so the revelation that you can have more than one keyword makes this video worth its weight in gold! Cheers, Darren

  • Raj Siddappa

    Hi Corey, you are amazing..I keep watching your videos and building my website. Please help me for snippets or seo. Thanks

  • habeeb ullah

    hi i need your help my snipet for home page is this
    Home – Firosh
    Meta description preview:Our Moto Provide Quality Product at affordable pirce Save you precious Change the definition of online marketing On Sale Products Recent Reviews Top rated P
    but google is giving this
    Index of
    … 12:37 – [TXT] 6B2C7CB5B0D397C73D0AF95E6F72F1FC.txt 17-Mar-2017 12:07 4k. Proudly Served by LiteSpeed Web Server at Port 80.
    where is the issue please help
    snipet for all other pages are working fine

  • Ismail Muhammad

    In the Hot Tub page you showed; lot of pictures are displayed in multiple column and multiple row format. howto do that in WP theme twenty seventeen ?

  • Elmo one

    hi Kori i just make a website for 1 month and i write some articles . but the problem is . the website not show up on google search engine . so please can you help with some tools

  • Md. Sohan Mahmud

    Thanks Cory for the tutorial! I just applied this to my website I would appreciate if you expend a while to take a look at my website to see if im doing anything worng. Btw I just subscribe to this great channel!


    I have a big problem after editing the meta title and description for my homepage with yoastWhen I search for my website it shows a whole different description and title from what is in the yoast snippet preview please help me

  • JACK the KING

    I did everything with Yoast SEO but when my post is appearing on google it is showing author description in snippet description instead of showing what I have written in yoast snippet description about my post. Can you please solve this problem .

  • rajaa sam

    hi, thanks a lot for your meaning full video. I need a help from you, I am a garment exporter from India, my targeted country is the USA how to find right keyword to trigger my buyer to buy a garment from me, kindly support.

  • Roy Matheson, ADAC

    Kori! Thanks so much for the work you do. Your energy, persona, and willingness to share your knowledge radiate the cosmos! You b 1 of the good guys!

  • Raul Lepcha

    very useful and awesome video.thank you very much…..and, after following your video i got green signal in ma home page and in other pages too but when i search in google, why sco yoast snippet Preview (SEO Tittle and Meta description) is different in google search page? what i have wrote in Yoast snippet box, its not there in google search page ??? how can i fix it? how can i set my own Yoast snippet in google search page??? Thank You

  • colintonwebdesign

    Hi Kori, Thanks for the info. I'm specifically looking for help on adding images to the right hand side of mobile search snippets in Google to help results stand out. Do you have any advice?

  • Deborah Ranger

    I freaking LOVE YOU! I was struggling for days trying to change the color and sizes of my wp woocommerce products page and I found this video and in a snap I fixed it! Thank you, thank you.

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