How to Optimize Shopify for SEO
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How to Optimize Shopify for SEO

HI! This is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software.
And in today’s video, we’re going to be looking at how to improve your SEO on your Shopify
website as well as how to add Google analytics. So first, what we’re going to be doing is
improving how you show up in the searches. So let’s do a quick Google search to show
what I’m talking about. So if I do a Google search for chew toys for dogs, this first
one right here is actually a pretty good example. So here, I have got a result. So we’ve got
a title right here, Best Dog Toys: Nearly Indestructible Durable Dog Chew. But then
there’s this right here because part of the title did not fit. So whenever we’re creating
our titles, one thing we need to be aware of is that our entire title is going to fit
so we don’t have this right here. Then they have a description. And the description
does fit as you can see. It says “Find the best dog toys,” blah, blah, blah. And basically,
it does have keywords like dog toys, dog chews, and then dog toys again, indestructible, durable,
the kinds of things that people will be searching for. So this is our metatitle and this is
our metadescription. So that’s one of the things that we’re going to be looking at when
we’re editing our products. So now, we’re going to add a product and focus
on what is going in our description. So I’m going to go to products and I’m going to click
on add a product. And we’re actually going to be basing it off of this product right
here. It’s the Nike Free 3.0 and this is a men’s running shoe. So for the title, I’m
going to type in—now for right now, we’re not going to focus on the description or really
any of these fields right here. We’re going to skip straight down just for this video
to search engine. So here on the page title, as you can see, we have 70 characters to use.
So let’s use up most of those 70 characters. Now, I’m going to add Men’s Running Shoes.
And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to add in my store name so that people will
see what store this belongs to. So I’m going to put a bar and then the name of my store.
As you can see, I’m using 53 out of the 70 so I could add an extra word or two but I
like it how it is. Okay so for the description, what we’re going to do is we’re going to write
something that describes the product but also has some good keywords in it. Okay, so you’ll
notice that in my description, I put things like running shoes or men’s running shoes,
and Nike, comfortable, durable, and then the name of the product as well. So it’s important
to keep these kind of things in your description so that it helps you in the search rankings.
And of course, once I have finished all this, I can hit the Save button.
Okay, so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to add Google analytics to our website.
That way, we can see how many visitors we’re getting, what these visitors are doing, etc.
So I’m going to go to Now you will need a Google account so I’m
going to click access Google analytics. Now, I’m going to go over here to admin. And over
here under Account, I’m going to click Create New Account. Now if I scroll down, we’re going
to give it a name. We’re going to call it Shopify, and I’m going to give it my website
name which is Standard Sneakers, and I’m going to give it my URL. For industry category,
I’ll do Beauty and Fitness. And set my time zone to Central Time. I’m going to keep all
these boxes checked. However, you can change this however you want. And I’m going to click
on Get Tracking ID. Now once you’ve read through all the agreements, you can click I Accept.
And here you go. You’ll get your tracking code so what we’re going to do is we’re going
to select it and copy it. I just hit command C. Now, we’re going to go back to our Shopify
dashboard and we’re going to go to settings, we’re going to scroll down here to Google
Analytics code, and we’re simply going to past that in, and click Save. And once you
click Save, you are done. If you need to go check your analytics, all you have to do is
log into Google analytics and you can find some information about who’s looking at your
website, how long they’re staying, and things like that.
Once again, this has been Justin from OSI Affiliate Software. Thank you so much for
watching and be sure to check out our other videos about ecommerce marketing.
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