How to Optimize Your Bigcommerce Store for SEO
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How to Optimize Your Bigcommerce Store for SEO

Hi this is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software
and in today’s video I’m going to show you how to change how you show up in the search
engines as well as how to integrate Google analytics into your commerce site. First what
we need to do is find the individual products that we need to change our search display
for. Basically what we’re doing is we’re changing how it’s going to show in the search engine
and I’m going to show you an example. So now we searched for Men’s Running Shoes, one of
the results I get is from Foot Locker and they have this title right here, Men’s Running
Shoes and then a bar and then the name of their website. Down here is a short description
of what exactly is on this page and with Bigcommerce, we can change what shows up. Let’s go ahead
and do that. What you need to do is go over here to products
and go to view products. Now I’m going to select my product that I want to change and
click on this little setting gear and go to edit. Now I’m going to go to the other details
tab and if you scroll down, there’s a section called Search Engine Optimization. Here for
page title, this is what’s going to show up as the main text on the searches. So we’re
going to put in something like Nike Men’s Running Shoes. Now what we can also do is
add a little bar and we can put in the name of our store. Now for the Meta keywords, this
can either be unique for just this page or if you leave it blank, this will put in the
keywords that have been defined for the entire website and we’re going to do that later.
I’m actually going to leave this blank because I’m going to set keywords that are just going
to apply to all of my products instead of going individually.
Next here on description, what we can do is type in what we want to show up as the description.
I recommend this being less than 160 characters. Now one of the things you’ll notice is that
both in my title and description, I’m keeping ‘men’s running shoes’. That’s because ‘men’s
running shoes’ is an important search, one that is searched regularly by a lot of consumers
and I want to keep this at the beginning in order to help my SEO. Once I filled all of
this out, I can hit the save button and now we have edited our search page information
for our product. Now, let’s change the search engine information
for our entire website. To do this, we’re going to over here to setup and tools and
go to store settings. Now you’re going to scroll down and here we have search engine
optimization. Now let’s give our homepage a title. I’m going to call it Standard Sneakers,
which is just our name, and then I’m going to add a few extra keywords such as running
shoes. This right here is what’s going to show up whenever people search for something
like Standard Sneakers. Here for the keywords, this is what’s going to show up across all
of my products. We could do something like shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes,
you get the picture. Make sure you separate all of these with a comma. Now for the Meta
description, we want to describe our website using a lot of keywords but also something
that really describes the website in a way that makes sense. Once you’ve done that, we
can hit save and we’re good to go. Now what we’re going to do is add our Google
Analytics account so that we can track our website and see how it’s doing. What we need
to do is go to If you’re like me, you already have an account but if
you don’t have one, you can just sign up for one at Let’s click on
access Google Analytics. Now you need to go to admin, account, and create new account.
This is a website. Let’s get this an account name. We can call this Big Commerce and for
our website name we’re going to give it whatever our website name is. Now we’re going to give
it our URL. Now you want to select your industry. Now I’m going to select my time zone, which
is central time. Now what you want to do is customize this to your liking. Most of this
is just data sharing options. I’m fine with keeping all of these how they are. Now let’s
click on ‘get tracking ID.’ Now once you’ve read through all of these, click ‘I accept’
and now we have this tracking code. What we need to do is we need to copy this.
Okay, so now that we’re back at our Bigcommerce store, go to setup and tools, go down here
to web analytics. Let’s check the box for Google Analytics and hit save. Once you’ve
done that, you’ll notice that there’s now a Google Analytics tab and all we’re going
to do is paste in that tracking code. Once you hit save, Google Analytics is now available
on your website. What this means is that you can go to and see how
your website is performing. You can see things like your demographics, how many views you’re
getting and how your customers are interacting with your website.
Once again, this has been Justin from OSI Affiliate Software. Thank you so much for
watching and be sure to check out our other videos about e-commerce marketing. If you’re
looking for videos on how to market your Bigcommerce store, click on the link below.

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