• Kiran Wicksteed

    Nice CTA and the end of your vid to encourage comments. So here you go mate, your comment. I'll leave a like too πŸ™‚ Super helpful video.

  • The Hasan Barlas

    Hi Brian
    Which video editor do you use?
    I have A Window device
    What light video editor should i use
    I am a beginner.

  • Michael StΓΌssi

    I was wondering what do you use for your site, or recommend, to help limit and/or filter out all the spammy comments that you can get on posts?

  • knicks2030

    My favorite part of your videos is about 97% of it is serious, great information, but its that 3% humor that never really feels forced that make the videos fun to watch.

  • christopher freywald

    Your not #1 on Google for 17 insanely actionable list building strategies. When I type in list building strategies you don't show up at all on the first page. Your Youtube video for this is on the 2nd page of google first spot. And for 17 insanely actionable list building strategies you are way down at the bottom of the 2nd page, maybe even the third page because I have it set up to where I can see like 100 results. This is not to say anything bad about you. You have amazing content which scares me. It makes me wonder just what in the hell Google wants. I understand Google wants content that is useful to the readers, but do they have to make it so hard to rank that you may have a chance with a college degree in SEO? IMO Google needs to go away, they are nothing but a bunch of dictators.

  • Jerome Courtial

    Great stuff as usual. It'd be great to see examples of industries where it's harder to create actionable content. Like for hospitality, restaurant and hotels.

  • Randolph Ellis

    Glad I found your channel. You have a lot of great tips. What screen capture software do you use? I struggle in that area

  • first video

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

    What a video. Great teaching style. Attention grabbing from start to finish.

    Would that I could make this type of videos.

    Thanks brian. Love and Respect from Pakistan!

  • Simon RB

    This is a great video Brian and there's a ton of stuff in here I will be using. But I couldn't help noticing that even your "list building" article received an 83.26% bounce rate according to your analytics screen grab. So how do you get that number to come down? I find bounce rates on blog posts really hard to reduce because users just "read and leave"

  • AmazingJOSEL StoriesPH

    nice video am from philippines and youtube here is very popular and vlogger keep increasing and I learn a lot from your video very specific and details that we asian fully understand and I will start my passion to be vlogger and I will keep all your advice so happy to see your video this will serve as a mentor for my future youtube journey more power sir brian thank for such unselfish heart to share this to us who want to do our passion in life and be vlogger a great learning to a biginner like us😍😍😍

  • Carlos Chagas Oficial

    Boa tarde tudo bem mesmo muito bom seu canal parabΓ©ns mesmo Γ“tima tarde pra vocΓͺ meu Grande amigo sucesso sempre πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™‹πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™‹πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • Ryn Shell: Artist, Novelist & Vlogger

    Some great advice, some I will follow, however, I hate pushy sales techniques.
    Anyone who emails me, without an invite, gets BLOCKED, without my reading the email. I would never cold-canvas someone by email.

  • Ceralws

    Hey, Am gonna get straight to the point, you changed my yt channel and today i rank #1 on youtube for the term "Super power training simulator glitch" And many more. Most of my videos get hundreds of veiws. I just wanna say thanks and want to wish you a good day.

  • Dominate Academy

    New Subscriber! God bless you, my brother! What You've Shared I know gurus who are charging upwards of $1000s and yet here you are spreading your golden value for FREE may your return be an everlasting bliss in all that you do!

  • Hoa Ngo Ngoc

    your video is very helpfull to me but I have some wonder if you could tell me further.
    1. Normally when you link out to other authorities site, are you using DOfollow link or nofollow

  • Puiyee Tai

    Hi Brian! A quick question 😊
    My e-commerce is new and got a new blog post just now! I have optimized the content, title tag and meta description! Now on the 2nd page!!
    But just wondering, if no one clicks the 2nd page to view my listing, how can I gain more organic traffic/rank higher even I have good content?

    Hope to hear from you!!!!
    Thanks a million

  • Liam Jose

    Brain, I was really pissed off today since nothing was going my way even after working hard.I mean, I searched a lot to improve but nothing worked much and your video made me smile.

    I just made a strategy for people with a 9-5 job to type and promote an article.Perhaps, its beneficial for people like me.If there are any mistakes, feel free to make changes.

    1,2 and 3rd week (3 blogs)

    Monday- Research everything about the best article in our niche (Find from Buzzsumo) and create a map/ blueprint so that we can write in a structured manner.Usually I search for the low competition keywords using ubersuggest(Actually I was not doing proper keyword research but it failed)

    Tuesday – Write with proper editing on google docs – Structure and also a summary

    Wednesday – Add pictures(Beautify and infographics)/Videos/Proof/Case studies(Research analysis{To email – According to Neil Patel …}, inject keywords(Tools – Uber suggest), Quotes) – Beautification

    Thursday – Add affiliate links (Monetization)

    Friday – Promotion

    Saturday – Promotion

    4th week

    Monday – Make the 1st article better by adding more info from pinterest, quora, reddit, forums, books
    Tuesday – Make the 2nd article better by adding more info from pinterest, quora, reddit, forums, books
    Wednesday – Make the 3rd article better by adding more info from pinterest, quora, reddit, forums, books
    Thursday – Repurpose on Youtube
    Friday – Repurpose on Slideshare
    Saturday -Repurpose on Podcast

  • Hoang Vo

    I saw in another video, you mentioned about APP formula. I can choose one of them APP & OBP to apply to my post or use APP instead as it is a newer version of OBP? I'm not a blogger but I have been researching SEO for my company, I'm a bit confused. Thanks for your useful videos.

  • Varun riat

    Hi brian very nice video How an I establish myself as a brand Like have a million views on quora or 1 lakh views and lots of subscribers on youtube or what should be the way

  • Yehoshua Racz

    Your video cool 😎 as usual! My question is if you can do advertising just with SEO and really free not to buy any links? And if I have to buy links how much I I have spent on it. for a small business owner?

  • Michael Fireborn

    Great work brother, love the info and it's helping a lot as I get ready to start creating content regularly. Thanks again.

  • Mark Barner

    Hi Brian. Awesome content as always! You rock… I have been doing some of your tips without knowing it was important – now I will do it everytime. Thanks. And can I ask what application you do your animations in?

  • Outstanding Results Coaching

    Brian this was great for me but I have a question. How do I rank locally and strategize for that? Do you have a blog or video that can help me laser focus on that task of localised being number 1 on google and set a strategy?

  • Christine Karam Elgergawy

    great video, I like external links strategy and also sharing the content in twitter by readers( tweet this content). it really helps

  • Johnny G

    Thank you for the great content. I had to start the video again and grab a pen and paper to write them down. Great ideas.

  • Mark Marino

    Nearly 20 minutes of insanely great (and free!) tips from an industry leader. I’m definitely trying Link to Tweet today, and outreach.

  • FreeBird Safety Services

    Well I must be doing something right. With only 18 months experience in website design this old construction guy is using my Google ranking to prove my company in growing. using the Incognito function on Chrome I did a search for this phrase. "construction safety companies fraser valley" the most generalised phrase of my occupation coupled with the name of the district that encompassed 1.2 dozen cities. Google came back with "About 7,400,000 results (0.36 seconds)". Not only was my google maps section featured on the right side of the page, my company took the 2nd and 3rd spot in ranking. the first was an advertisement from Yellow Pages. So I clicked on it. Iwas #2 on that list as well..

  • hoov45

    Is there a good way to outrank quiz sites with an extensive article? Does the article need a quiz within it? What's going to be the best choice for a good quiz plugin for WordPress?

  • Miki Yau

    hi Brian thanks for all this information I need to know . I just started my new blog which got 3 posts. After hearing your advice, there's a lot of improvement to do it on my blog. Anyway, i will do it step by step and make it ranked in google one day. Appreciate your video.

  • Tudor Renegade

    The way you sound phrases is really annoying, I hope you don't talk like that in real life. Cause if you'd talk like that to me, I would slap you !

  • M Sane Akhtar

    Hi! Brian
    I have a question that if I give links of my competitors on my home page, will it improve my rank?
    I've learned a lot from your channel about YouTube SEO and now I'm trying my hands on Google. So i thought it would be nice to have some advice over such ideas.
    Thanks in advance

  • Lance Winslow

    Thanks, as the most prolific online article writer in history (31,500) I am very much enjoying all your videos on SEO strategy and having fun 'Liking' them all. Be great.

    Oh another thing you can do when updating old content on blogs for instance is to change the title. "How Google Used to Rank Pages and What Just Changed [New Apricot Algorithm]. Then you leave the old content and write 400 words above, then subtitle; the old title [SEO History]. Add some pictures. Lastly, all internal links should open a new page, which leaves the viewer on the old page while he's reading your other link, adds to viewing time of first page coming from search engine. Just some thoughts.

  • Atul Gulrajani

    Please share the details of finding a person who likes the content and shares it a lot. Who are the real "influencers" in their respective social network. It would be massive help! Thanks mate, for the awesome video on SEO!

  • CostaBlancaOnline

    Hi Brian,
    If your website already has authority on the topic surely this would make it easier to rank new posts? If a new website tried these tips would they have the same success?

  • Ainah Mangotara

    I like your thumbnails,and contents .. very organize youtube channel. More videos and more power to your channel

  • Shashank singh

    Dean .. your SEO strategies are top notch .. see your videos always next to top competitors…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. and top notch content ..πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Jorge Cepeda

    Hello Brian! I'm just starting and I was wondering if you have a starting tool for beginners! Congratulations! Great content and I'll be sure to keep following your videos.

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