HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy | Pinterest Keyword Ranking
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HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy | Pinterest Keyword Ranking

In this video I’m going to show you how
you can rank #1 on Pinterest in 4 easy steps. And don’t forget to subscribe and hit the
bell to be notified every time we post a new video. Hey there. Welcome to Yes To Tech, where we empower non-techie
online entrepreneurs like you to maximize your online presence. Alright, so let’s get right into the 4 easy
steps on how to rank #1 on Pinterest: Step 1: Create a Pinterest pin that goes viral There are certain things that both Pinterest
and its users prefer, and that lead to more saves and clicks. To create a Pinterest pin that goes viral,
you need to create visually appealing, branded, and click-enticing pins. Vertical images do better than horizontal
ones, and do even better if they are longer than the predefined size of 735px by 1102px,
since they occupy more space on the screen. Images that have big text overlay that is
easy to read also do better, especially if the background is in a warm color, such as
pink, orange or red. A great thing to pin is infographics, or sample
content, since those are deemed to be more value-adding than just a blog post title. If you want to learn how to create powerful
infographics with ease, make sure to watch my video on how to create graphics with Visme. The link to is in the description box below. To create stunning Pinterest pins, you can
also use a free and wonderful online tool called Canva. If you’d like to learn how to create Pinterest
pins that go viral with Canva, make sure to watch my video that’s aptly named, ‘how
to make Pinterest pins that go viral’. The link to it also is in the description
box below. Step 2: Optimize your description There are 3 parts to optimizing your Pinterest
pin description: 1. Writing a description that stimulates clicks,
2. Adding specific keywords to your description,
and 3. Adding 2-4 hashtags per description. To write a description that stimulates clicks,
you should start your description with a question, then answer that question by mentioning how
your content will solve that, and end with a specific call to action to click through
to your content. To add keywords to your description, you need
to ensure that they are specific terms your target audience is searching for, as it relates
to the content of the pin you’re adding to Pinterest. A great tool to use to find the right keywords
is the Pin Keyword Finder, which is a free Google Chrome extension. The link to it is in the description box below. With the pin keyword finder, you just search
for a particular keyword, and the tool gives you other words and terms that relate to that. You should add those words and terms to your
description. Lastly, you should add 2-4 hashtags to your
description. These hashtags should be the first keywords
that appear in the Pin Keyword Finder. And here’s a bonus tip: although Pinterest
allows you to add up to 500 characters in your description, descriptions with 200-300
characters typically get more clicks. Step 3: Use manual pinning Pinterest loves it when new pins are added
to the platform, so instead of waiting around for your audience to pin your content, be
proactive and pin it yourself first! For every piece of content that you create,
be it a blog post, lead magnet, or video tutorial, create 3-5 Pinterest graphics. You don’t need to add them all of them to
your blog, okay? I usually just have one pinnable image per
blog post, but create multiple Pinterest graphics, and save them to my computer so I have them
on file. Play around with different colors, titles,
or even create an infographic or list version of your post that you can pin. Now get out a calendar and map out when you’re
going to pin each one, so that you’re manually pinning 1-3 times per day. Make sure that you pin that same image to
all of your own boards, as well as to all Pinterest group boards that you’re a part
of and that are applicable to the subject of that particular pin. If you don’t know which group boards are
worth joining, make sure to download my FREE SPREADSHEET with the 50+ top Pinterest group
boards for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. The link to it is in the description box below. Step 4: Pin all day, everyday In general, pins that are added to Pinterest
between 2 and 4pm, in addition to between 8pm and 1am, get the highest repins. However, the absolute best time to pin is
whenever your target audience is active on Pinterest. With manual pinning you’re adding all of
your pins to the platform at once, so you need to use a social media scheduling tool
to steadily repin that content throughout the day to further boost your results. This is how you’ll be able to pin all day,
everyday, without going crazy. My absolute favorite social media scheduling
tool is Viraltag. The link to it is in the description box below. Viraltag is the most affordable social media
scheduling tool that I’ve found that also offers features comparable to a more robust
platform like MeetEdgar. Two of of my favorite Viraltag features are
1. That you can determine your own posting schedule,
as well as let Viraltag do the work for you and tell you recommended times that your audience
is active on Pinterest, and 2. The fact that Viraltag includes unlimited
posts, and allows you to recycle those posts on an evergreen cycle, which means that your
social media feed will never run out of content. This saves time and increases your traffic
by up to 200%! I partnered with Viraltag, and the best part
is that they’re not only offering you a 14-day FREE trial, so you can test out the tool and
all of its features before you make an investment (which, in my opinion, is well worth it),
but also $15 OFF if you sign up using my unique link, which is in the description box below. And that’s it! Now you know how to rank #1 on Pinterest in
4 easy steps. I now want to hear from you. Are you ready to rank #1 on Pinterest? If so, write ‘I’m ready to rank #1 on
Pinterest’ in the comments below. If you want to take your Pinterest marketing
to the next level, and boost your site’s traffic with Pinterest, click the link in
the description box below to download a FREE SPREADSHEET with the 50+ top Pinterest group
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    Hi, I'm from brazil. Very grateful for your video.

    I could not understand everything. Please, you can enlighten me?
    In my post I have 3 parts, so I should create 9 graphs, ie 3 charts for each part?

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