How to Rank on YouTube with SEO Titles and Clickable Thumbnails [CVXLIVE 2017]
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How to Rank on YouTube with SEO Titles and Clickable Thumbnails [CVXLIVE 2017]


  • Sharif Sourour

    Awesome talk Roberto! You're great at this. I prefer your teaching compared to Evan Carmichael who mainly focuses on quantity (at a decent quality). Your SEO angle combined with Youtube specific considerations is more valuable for me.

  • Malevolent Elephant

    You are the BIGGEST inspiration to me and your advice has helped me go from 100 subs to over 2,500 in 14 days. You are the man!

  • Juice

    Thanks to this amazing channel. I know have over 2k on YouTube and close to 2k subscribers on Instagram. All thanks to you, Roberto. =)

  • The Endeavoring Family

    21:22 I seriously took that comment to heart. This is a GREAT class, Roberto. I really LOVE that you've shared these with us.

  • bigrickmachine

    Nice presentation πŸ™‚ You are right about how important thumbnails are. I have been making animations for 5+ years and most of my thumbnails are just ok. So thats why recently I have been making better thumbnails (I used your tutorial) and I really should go back and redo a few. Like you said, a video can comeback to life after you make a few changes. It would be cool if you did a lego animation tips video because there is a whole community that makes them. Feel free to use my channel as an example haha xD, or someone named AkashLegoProductions is an interesting case…they are one of the few lego animation channels that have over 100k subscribers even though they post very rarely.

  • Shameen Miller

    Great video, thank you so much for sharing your talk! These are things I am definitely going to be working on! Just last week I was looking at my thumbnails and I was like, I need to do something about this. Your video hit home. Thank you again.

  • Pattymac Makes

    Roberto, I started close captioning my videos through the Youtube back end. How is that different from the other service you mention? I've seen them, but once I figured out I could do it when I to prep the video on youtube, I stopped worrying about the paid service. Is it worth it when Youtube will do it?

  • V Reacts

    Great talk yet again! My husband kills it with my thumbnails. I let him go to town and now it has become a hobby of his. He loves making my color theme match and pop! Great info here. Sending this video to my friends & collab group.

  • Trillium: Wild Edibles

    So far 20 min. in and great info as always Roberto! Will be finishing this later tonight so I don't eat up my data. Now it's time for me to get rid of the plain old screen shot from the video I use as a thumbnail and make them more interesting. Been wanting to do that for a while but can't seem to find what I think looks good. Maybe to try a few out and see how it works instead of overthinking it so much is a better plan.

  • Wild Moonlight Vlogs

    I'm really sorry if you've done a video on this already, but I would absolutely love to know how you created your little animated buddy for some of your thumbnails. I want to design my own for some of my videos, but I have almost 0 design experience (trying to build that up!). I only have access to Photoshop Elements right now, can I even use that?? I want to get Illustrator when I can afford it. But even if I were to get it, I have NO IDEA what to do or where to start with some of my ideas

  • Chezza Outta Nowhere

    Hey Roberto!

    You've really helped my YouTube process a lot by making it fun to study myself. Study what I want to fix, what I'm great at, what I don't enjoy, what people respond to. It's become a much better process for me, you were the perfect "mentor" to find as someone who needs to have diversified income and interests to be in my best state. I recently did a Micro-Influencer Monday video where I talked about Quality and Quantity in the Influencer space. I spoke about your channel specifically and how using only a 10% of he knowledge you have provided has helped me grow and stay on top and in front of my growth, as well as helped set me free from
    overthinking and allow myself to let my voice and thoughts be heard. Thank you!

  • The Magic Crafter

    I somehow managed to milk this video throughout the day… Loved the tips!
    I don't use Photoshop for my thumbnails, although I did recently purchase Picmokey's Royale version (was kinda forced into it, actually… since they've changed things!). I know it's not as good as Photoshop, but I've found the freedom of all of it's Royale tools to be pretty fun to tinker with. Thinking of updating some thumbnails slowly, since you've made it clear how vital they are for channel growth! 😊

  • iShine For You Auto Detailing

    Hey Roberto! Thanks for the videos and how to tips on YouTube! I am in the auto industry and I am trying to figure out great titles for autos that I detail. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated

  • Carstin

    Roberto, do these rules work for micro-sized channels like mine (most of us)? Even if I tag perfectly and have a fantastic thumbnail, will I even place in anyone's searches whatsoever if my videos only get >30 views by themselves in a day from subscribers? After the first few days aren't my videos sort of trapped by the algorithm in the deep dark youtube ether?

  • Virtual Reality

    Hey Roberto thankyou for your precious teachings. Sir I am doing everything suggested but still my videos are not getting ranked at all. I think my thumbnails and title are good. Problem is ranking. Please help me.

  • Princess Jasmin

    I have a yt channel for 9 month now and i still only 105 subscribers and no engaging audience 😒😒😒help

  • Rob Dymott

    Very useful talk Roberto. You're extremely knowledgable and communicate it in a great way. I'm think I should go back and re-name and re-design my thumbnails.

  • Money is Awesome

    Hi Roberto, another great video! Thank you!

    A quick question for you if you don't mind. When you are just starting a new channel, is it wise to upload videos every day for a month or two, to boost the channel and populate with content. And then, in a couple of months slow down a bit (to 3-4 times a week) to keep the quality and consistency up? Or it is better to start slow and consistent from the start and then increase the frequency of updates with time?

  • stickyXkids

    Hi Roberto! We've been implement your tips but still a struggling small youtuber. I haven't heard you talk much about a toy channel. What are your thoughts on that?

  • Josh Z

    Really informative! Love ur content Roberto! I always used to watch you then I stopped YouTube for a year and a started a new channel. On my other YouTube channel I had one video that had around 45k views thanks to you and your seo tips. πŸ™‚

  • AkilisMusic

    Thanks for the videos roberto and thanks for that tubebuddy coupon! I finally decided to upgrade from the free version lol

  • Comicality βŠ™_βŠ™

    Roberto! what suggestions would you have for a general comedy channel? we do satire sketches, podcasts, challenges, sometimes even gaming. We are simply a place for viewers to come and have a laugh, how would we build a community around this? Thank you so much.

  • The Endeavoring Family

    I've dedicated my time to watching this video every time it's suggested and each time, I have found new nuggets of gold

  • Hastings BNSF N Scale Modeler

    I’ve recently subscribed to your channel and am catching up on your videos. I have to say that you are incredibly engaging and share actionable content, which is rare. Well done and thank you. You are well on the way to a million subscribers…Anthony

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