How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST In 2018 – YouTube SEO
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How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST In 2018 – YouTube SEO

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be showing you how to rank your YouTube videos as high as
possible that way you get more views more subscribers more everything so
that’s something that you want to do stick around for the rest of the video
because in just a minute I’m gonna hop into my computer and show you guys
exactly how to do it but before we do that guys if you’re new to the channel
then please subscribe right now because I upload brand new videos every single
day if you like the video guys drop a like on it I’d appreciate it a lot and
with that being said let’s slap into my computer right now should I can show you
guys exactly how to do this alright guys we’re now in my computer as
you can see on the YouTube upload page and before I have an upload the video
guys ranking your YouTube video starts way before you even make the video guys
the first thing you always have to keep in mind is that were cranking our videos
in the YouTube search results the first thing you have to do is make a video
that people are searching for don’t try to reinvent the wheel guys don’t try to
come out with the newest and greatest brand new content just kind of my saying
copy exactly what everybody else is doing but guys if somebody was are
proven to get a lot of views for example on the trending page there are tons of
tons of videos getting thousands and millions of views because people are
actually searching out this content they want to watch this stuff guys the first
thing is do not make content that nobody’s gonna care about I’m not saying
don’t make like bad videos or videos only make good videos what I’m really
saying you guys is making videos that people are gonna be searching for with
the video that I’m gonna be showing you guys today it’s how to get cheap
Facebook page likes that’s a video that I feel people are actively searching for
because people want to know how to get cheap Facebook page likes do something
that people are actually gonna care about don’t try to reinvent the wheel
make content that people are actually gonna be searching for with that in mind
that being said now we can move on to the upload and guys this is the video
I’m gonna be uploading today best Facebook Ads tutorial whatever guys so
ranking your videos again starts even before we press the upload button the
first thing you guys want to do is rename your um your the file name to
whatever your title is gonna be this guys this is gonna be my exact title on
YouTube and the reason I’m doing this is because this helps me ranking
this is just like a little thing that can go a long way with ranking your
YouTube videos because you actually upload a file to YouTube YouTube –
algorithm YouTube doesn’t exactly know why you’re uploading it but YouTube will
read the file name and they’ll say hey okay this is the best Facebook ad
tutorial 2018 how to get up any page likes then YouTube knows what the video
is about it knows what it is and then it can rank you for that that’s the first
thing you guys are gonna want to do either rename your um your file name is
going by going like that clicking rename and then changing it I’m gonna leave
mine and because I like the way mine is right now or you can just do this when
you’re actually exporting your video from whatever video editor you use
whether that’s Sony Vegas Adobe Premiere whatever you don’t want to you know want
to change the name to the actual title of your video once you do that you’re
gonna want to take the video drag it in to upload of course
guys right there my title is saying the exact same I’m not gonna change it
actually I might think the – went away for some reason I don’t know why I
disappeared but I’m gonna leave that right there
okay so that is that’s pretty much my exact title videos uploading out the
title is fine the next thing we’re gonna do guys of course the description I have
a few things already in here but I actually the sleepover description right
now I wouldn’t go straight to tags I’m gonna rid of those for right now but
guys we’re actually choosing tags what we’re actually doing is we’re not
actually creating our own because there are 500 characters I would take a while
we can of course create around but we’re actually gonna do is kind of copy what
other people are already doing so for our video it’s all about getting cheap
page likes so we’re no over the youtube search bar and typing get cheap Facebook
page likes I type us in before but you know whatever so I’m gonna pick one of
these videos so we’re actually choose this one it has 120,000 views from 11
months ago we’re gonna click this that’s muted ready good and doesn’t and four
five but we’re not here for the video guys
we’re actually here for something else so you guys gonna see this little box
loading you guys won’t have this on your YouTube this is actually uh my little
too buddy Google Chrome extension which helped it gives you a ton of data for
YouTube and ranking and all that other stuff so I definitely recommend getting
it you guys will need something like this because we’re actually doing here
guys is we’re gonna be looking at the tags of this person’s video and then
copying them but that in mind you’re gonna need something it’s a view tags
and copy tags I recommend to buddy it’s like $5 a month of you have a small
account like I do there will be a link in the description to sign up right now
it will be an affiliate link guys 100% transparency so if you do decide to sign
up with my link I’d appreciate it a lot but you do not have to but moving on
guys video to buddy gives you all this useful information and what we’re
actually here for is this the tags guys these are all the time this person put
for their video to get it ranking pretty much number on that number one spot
so we’re gonna do is we’re in a copy copy to clipboard I’m gonna come back to
our plot page and we’re just gonna come over here we’re gonna paste them in
control V paste them right there alright there we have 498 out of 500 characters
but I’m actually get rid of a few of these because that’s obviously the
person’s name I’m gonna get rid of a few of the ones that I don’t necessarily
like and then we’re gonna leave the other ones so a lot of these seem pretty
good actually so I’m actually an add my name at the
bottom you guys always try to rank for your name or your channel name just
because it’s yours that’s your personal brand it’s your channel brand you should
help me always shuttle rank for it but that being said we’ve orange 92
characters that’s okay I’m just gonna throw in the word I’m gonna let me type
Facebook and that should bring us to four-inch 98 which is of course perfect
I always try to use at least like four hundred ninety four hundred ninety five
characters if possible it gives you five hundred characters to use for tags to
rank for and we’re really trying to do here guys the more things you the more
times you have the more things you can rank for because now I can rank for each
of these individual terms these individual tags and for some of them
I’ll rank really high for some of them are rank lower but guys the point is try
get as ranked as much as possible and then try to get ranked highly for each
individual keyword so guys these are all pretty much as individual keywords
summer long tail somewhere short tail and the difference if you don’t know
what a long tail keyword is a long tail keyword is something like this how to
get likes for Facebook page that’s a long tail keyword it’s a lot of words
put into one actual tag but a short term a short tail not a short term sorry a
short tail keyword to be something like Facebook skills share Facebook Ads
because it’s a very short tag it’s just one word two words and they’re actually
a lot harder to rank for because they become a lot more competitive if you
want to rank your video highly or for longer tail keywords it’ll be a lot
easier but if you want to rank for something like Facebook Ads it’s gonna
be really really difficult because there’s a lot of competition behind
there it’d be so much easier to rank for something like I said before how’d I get
likes for your Facebook page do you want to go after the longer tail keywords
especially if you’re in the beginning especially we have a smaller channel
because it’s gonna be a lot harder to rank for those really short tail
keywords I was really competitive keywords if you’re pretty new to YouTube
with that being said we’re actually come back to the description now I’m gonna
write the description off-camera because it’d be pretty boring if you guys watch
me you know write in ships in five minutes so I’m gonna write that and then
go back to you guys and I’m gonna go over there some of the key points and
things that I do to rank higher with the description alright guys so I am back
now I wrote the entire description so I’m gonna go over some of the key points
and some of the things that I did to help rank the video a little bit higher
shei off the bat the first line in it is pretty much the line straight out of my
title it’s how to get penny likes for your Facebook page now you want to put a
lot of keywords in the description so a lot like like a lot of the tag is you
put in down here you want to also include in the description things that
you put in your title you also want to include in the description because
having a lot of keywords helps you rank for those exact keywords now guys you
don’t want a keyword stuff you don’t want to you don’t want to have a to not
have too many keywords to the point where it looks it looks unreal it looks
like not English it looks like you’re just actually is putting key word after
the key word after key word because you’ll actually punished for that
YouTube won’t like that and then they’ll actually rank your
video lower because they can see that you’re trying to play the system
YouTube’s algorithm is extremely advanced guys so don’t try to play the
system add your keywords to your description here and there make it look
natural guys let it flow naturally don’t try to over stuff the description
with keywords I’m not gonna read this over to you guys you guys can look at
this on the screen if you want this video will actually be up by the time
you guys watch this so I actually watch this video now because it’s live if you
want to figure out how to get some cheap page likes with that being said guys
that’s pretty much that for the description actually guys is one more
thing which is gonna be using links you do not want to use too many links in
your description because YouTube will not like that YouTube wants to keep
people on YouTube for as long as possible so if you’re constantly linking
out to other pages other websites YouTube isn’t gonna like that but I only
have two links the first one is to sub to my channel which you guys should
definitely do right now if you’re enjoying the video and the second thing
is to join my affiliate marketing mastermind group on Facebook which is
right here you guys should also join this if you want to do that we have 665
members as of right now definitely way to Facebook and join that there’ll be a
link to join the group in the description go over ahead and go over
there and do that right now if you haven’t yet and with that being said
guys I really I only have two links because I don’t want to over spam there
I also put them at the bottom for a reason if you have like five links all
the top YouTube is gonna see that first because when YouTube’s algorithm goes
through the description the first thing they’re gonna see is is that is the
stuff at the top that’s why I put a good description at the top and I put all my
links and stuff at the bottom because Yugi was gonna see that last so with
that being said that’s pretty much the description done guys there’s only like
one or two more things to do obviously keep your video on public or
scheduled private unlisted depending on what you want to do that isn’t really
matter for ranking but one thing that does is actually adding it to a
playlists so I will play this for all my videos added to a playlist they can’t
hurry guys next thing you guys want to do is actually need to make a thumbnail
so I have my thumbnail made me go over here and grab it so that’s actually dumb
no I’m gonna be using guys try to have a good a good thumbnail a clickable
thumbnail I think that’s a pretty good thumbnail it pops a little bit it’s nice
I mean I make all my own thumbnails myself in Photoshop you can either make
your own thumbnails in Photoshop or in canva which is another website to make
them make a bunch of graphics or you could just pay somebody on like Fiverr
to make them for you but I could probably that will obviously
a pretty pricey pretty fast but I recommend making them yourself to make
them stand out or make them pop and with that being said guys that’s pretty much
everything on this page that you need to do that’s pretty much it honestly you
have your title done description and your tags all filled with really nice
keywords you have a thumbnail done video is public the last thing you have to do
is click publish of course there are a few things on this to body upload
checklist that I’m not doing but I have my own checklist of things I like to do
so I’m kind of ignoring that for now again if you want to get that to buddy
plug-in it definitely ups out a lot all right guys that’s pretty much everything
I’m gonna hit publish now and there’s actually a one or two more things that
you can do to actually help rank your video a little higher so there are two
things I like to do is I like to share the video on Facebook they also share it
on Twitter I’m not gonna do that right now I’m actually gonna do that later but
those the two things that definitely help rank the video after that guys you
actually want to go to the link yourself you’re gonna want to go to your own
video and then you’re actually gonna want to comment and unlike your own
video yeah that might sound weird because why would you be commenting and
liking on your own video I know it sounds really has no views it of course
but the reason you’re doing this is because that also helps rank your video
a little a little higher guys because now feat now YouTube is seeing that your
video actually has some sort of engagement on it that’s what you’re
gonna do you’re gonna add a public comment like if you guys enjoyed the
video then please you don’t need to put like anything super like super like
in-depth or anything not really keyword nobody putting keywords in your comments
to be honest but something simple like that I spelled it wrong and of course
I’m like that does leave a comment like that
and what you’re also gonna do is you’re also gonna want to pin it to the top
this one out when everybody comes to the video they’ll be able to see it this is
one of those small things that kind of helps out with ranking videos over here
on the side it’ll say like the best practices from for actually um uploading
videos in ranking Kylie so of course guys hybrid something like that I’m
actually to add an end screen and info cards as soon as I get off this video
that’s um I’m gonna do off-screen because that’s something that’s kind of
boring you’re gonna want to watch that but I’ll actually show you guys how to
do it really fast then you go back to edit video and then you’re gonna want to
go over to end screen and annotations and just right there guys it’s pretty
simple it’s pretty simple to do and you can for you to figure it out but that’s
pretty much everything that you guys are gonna want to do to rank your videos
higher if you have any questions comments concerns naba comment i’ll 110%
answer them hopefully this video helped you guys out if it did drop a like and
please subscribe because I blow brand new videos just to help you guys out
every single day with that being said I’ll see you guys in the next video
peace out


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