How to Repurpose Content for Maximum Backlinks & SEO | Tyler Horvath
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How to Repurpose Content for Maximum Backlinks & SEO | Tyler Horvath

hey guys it’s Tyler and welcome to the
daily T today I’m gonna be talking to you about repurposing content if you
write articles on your blog or your your website and you’re just not seeing the
traction that you want or the traffic that you want just from writing articles
I’m going to show you how you can use those articles or even write new
articles and use that content in a bunch of different other ways that you can use
to get great backlinks online so how do you do well the first thing that you
have to do is have a really good article or write a really good article so I
would say that this articles need to be at least 3,000 words and this will help
you repurpose the content better and in more ways now this content should also
have images in it and it should be broken up into different sections just
like you would a normal a normal SEO friendly article that has everything
split up with heading tags and all that good stuff so once you have this really
good article made you can publish it to your website or your blog or whatever
and now we can use this piece of content again and again in different media
platforms to you know gain even more backlinks so now that we have this
content written out and it’s really good we can use it to generate a PowerPoint
presentation out of it so let’s say that this article is how to
repurpose content I mean that’s just makes sense right so article is how to
repurpose content and now we’re going to make a PowerPoint slide out of this
content and it will be the same the same title and the same content it just can
be broken up and we’re going to use all these sections that we broke up our
article into for each of our PowerPoint slide
so this makes it really easy to just copy this content you can even copy it
word-for-word if you’d like and put it into a nice PowerPoint slide and use the
images as well in your PowerPoint slide and now you have this PowerPoint that
you can share online there’s a ton of places that you can share your
powerpoints online I know a few of them there’s SlideShare I think one of the
slide beam you can google share PowerPoint and there’s a ton of places
where you can add your PowerPoint and a link back to your content and you know
you can get five to ten really high quality backlinks to your one of your
powerpoints that you make from your articles so now that you have this
PowerPoint and you shared it on all these SlideShare and all these other
places now we can actually use that PowerPoint and we can create a live
webinar out of it so here is you and here’s your chats and your webinar and
you should also have a try if you can do the VIP image picture-in-picture
where it shows your face and then the PowerPoint and you can record this video
when you’re making it so if you’re doing a live webinar just record it and you
can use that content later if you’re doing you know a pre-recorded webinar
webinar just save that and now you can share your webinar on you know webinar
sharing places you can add it on YouTube Vimeo you know your podcast you can add
this to a ton of different places where you can also add a link back to your
original article and get even more links from your webinar to your article so now
we’ve used this one piece of content to make two other pieces of content which
each can get you five to ten more backlinks to your original article but
we’re not done there’s still more that we can do so now that we have this live
webinar video we can use it and we’re going to come over
over down here and we can use it to make normal YouTube videos and now we have
these normal cuts of YouTube videos about you know maybe each one of these
sections you can talk about a little bit and kind of go over what you did already
and kind of you could even you know almost read this content word-for-word
because now we are creating video and audio content and you know there’s no
real way to have duplicate content when you are you know making a video or audio
out of out of your content if you were to just copy this article and put it
somewhere else that would be duplicate content but since we’re making a video
out of it or audio out of it it would not be considered duplicate content so
you can use this article again and just make simple little quips or videos about
about this content and we’re going to use that later and we can also share
this stuff on YouTube as well so add these to YouTube and now these are going
to be like little shorter clips instead of a really long single webinar so we’re
going to use this content and we’re going to add it to YouTube all that
stuff share it and then we’re going to create audio out of it this is my audio cymbal
so now we can transcribe our YouTube content that we made about each one of
these little sections and we can put that into audio and we can share this on
places like SoundCloud and all those other audio places where you can add
your audio plus a description where you can add another backlink back to your
original article and now you may think we might be done we’ve we’ve used this
article to make you know five pieces of content but there’s still more that we
can do so now that we have this these little short YouTube videos about you
know little sections in this content plus those audio sections now we can add
this stuff back into the original content so now we have short little
YouTube videos about this content and we can throw those in here now and add even
more media to your content which is a lot better for SEO and so now people can
watch these YouTube videos as well if they don’t feel like reading an entire
section they can watch this YouTube video which in turn will get you more
views and more likes to your YouTube video which will in turn rank that
higher in YouTube which will be you know and Google which will be getting you
even more traffic to your original article so that is how you repurpose
content there’s even more ways that you can use to repurpose it I’m not gonna
get super in-depth because we’ve already created you know five pieces of awesome
content that will each you know gain us a lot of backlinks just from this one
piece of content so the key is to start with a really good piece of content and
that way all your other content you will be creating will also be good content I
hope that this video was super knowledgeable and I showed you you know
a great way to to make your content last longer and to make it be able to you
know gain you more backlinks in traffic please follow me on YouTube and Facebook
and Instagram and Twitter I’m always posting awesome content like this on how
to start and grow your business online so thank you for viewing my video and
great day

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  • Glowing Still

    oh ok! Now it makes sense why you suggested such a lengthy article of 3000 words. Great thoughts! I can honestly say I've never heard some of these suggestions before

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