How to set up Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
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How to set up Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) Here’s the tool you need to make sure you install every time you set up a new marketing site it’s called Google Webmaster Tools. If you search webmaster tools or search console you’ll find it. They’ll ask you to log in with your account. Once you’re logged in you’ll get a list of all the sites you’ve already added i’m going to add a new property and i’m going to add alright so now Google’s going to ask you to verify that the domain is yours and you can do this by uploading HTML file adding HTML tag using google analytics or using your domain name provider in this case my domain provider it is however i’m just going to select her from the list of domain providers and i’m going to add this txt record to hover and i’m going to click the verify button I’ve successfully verified I own tiny marketing wins so when you first set this up it’s not going to be extremely helpful until google starts crawling your site one way to jumpstart that is to submit a sitemap well if you’re using wordpress for your marketing site there are a bunch of sitemap generating plugins and you can pretty much use anything that has quite a few installs a good rating and is frequently updated so I’m going to install this one here and once I’ve activated it i can see they’ve already generated the sitemaps here so i can click on that and see the XML sitemap and here is the HTML sitemap so now i’m going to grab that go back to the search console here click on site Maps i’m going to add sitemap and just put in sitemap.xml will submit that and now its processing that site map there in next week’s tip i’m going to show you how you can improve your search rankings using the tools here in search console but for now I just like to give you a quick overview so this is my dashboard for Devin marketing that XY said the site I’ve had set up here in the car so for a while you’ll see in the dashboard gives you a status of your site there’s any errors also gives you a brief overview of search analytics and let’s actually go there right now so you can click on here or you can click on the menu in the side search analytics and what this gives you is a representation of how your site is performing on google search and you can have it show clicks let’s actually do it from the last 90 days just so you can see a larger data range so this is clicks to marketing for developers from google over time I you can also add impressions in there how many impressions does that query get and click-through rate what’s the number of people searching for that term who are clicking through to your site and what position your site is for that term so let’s use an example so here’s a quarry marketing for developers in the last 90 days had 654 impressions the click-through rate is thirty-seven percent that means 246 clicks and its position number one and position is determined by a bunch of factors that can include things like ads and other things but if we search for marketing for developers right now you can see that in this case number one means that the number one search result on that page so this is a great way for you to see how are people finding my website what search terms are they using where am I ranking really well and where do i need to improve you can also see which pages are getting the most impressions in search results so in my case it is my root domain the next one is startup marketing checklist lots of impressions although not very many clicks to that page they’re obviously looking for something else or I’m not giving them the result that they want there’s also a lot of potential traffic for this webcam review i had on the site but again not a lot of clicks so perhaps that’s something i could look to improve you can also filter by country so in my case the United States is where I get most of my clicks from and with my impressions i get higher click-through rates from people in the united kingdom in Canada and then I can also look at devices so in this case I’m higher on mobile search results both for mobile and tablet and my click-through rate is higher on mobile devices i will delve into search analytics in more detail next week but let me show you a few more things another thing that might be interesting to you is to see who is linking to your site so what websites are linking to you the most and you can actually download a table of the latest links as a CSV or in Google Docs and this is going to give you a list of the exact pages that are linking to your website so for example i’m interested in who’s listening to me on pinterest let’s go grab that URL and take a look here because they all look this is a Pinterest board of startup books that have linked to my site so that’s interesting to be able to see which websites are linking to you sometimes you can reach out to those folks sometimes you can maybe leave a comment on the Pinterest boards that are linking to you the other thing is which is your most link to content so naturally your root domain is going to be the most popular but in this case get more visitors is the next most popular and I can see ok who is linking to this website and in this case that’s a site called the startup pitch dot-com but I can also see that looks like folks were reading that on nuzzle and also it was linked to from this reddit thread another area you might want to look at from time to time is under crawl crawl errors and it will let you know if there’s any site errors and if there’s any URL errors in this case it looks like I’ve got a couple landing pages that are no longer on the site that i need to fix so one is this page here it looks like i used to have slides on this page and I don’t anymore so that’s something i should fix right away and the other one that’s interesting is this fetch as Google now again I’m going to show you this in more detail next week but i found this is a way to get Google to index your pages faster so let me show you what I mean I’m gonna go crazy dismissing landing page I’m going to come back and then i’ll show you how i would submit it using search console alright I’ve just recreated this page and now i want to manually submit to google so i’m going to go back to fetch as Google paste in the the landing page here click fetch and render and this is going to grind away for a second and once it’s done processing this little button here pops up request indexing and i found when you go through this process google will index this site sometimes almost immediately look at that I just searched for microcon slides market for developers and there is and there is the post i just created it’s already showing up in search results so really quick way to get google to fetch any new pages that you create and have them show up in the index right away alright so that’s a brief overview of setting up search console and some things you can do with it next week I’m going to show you specifically how you can use it to get more search results for the content on your site


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