How to Share Your Brand’s Story On Your “About” Page
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How to Share Your Brand’s Story On Your “About” Page

When someone lands on your website and they
don’t know about you or your business, where do you think they go? They go to your about page. That’s one of the most important pages on
your website. It’s not going to be the most visited page,
but it’s going to be the page that determines if someone’s going to stick around and come
back, or leave. Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach
you how to create an effective about page. So the first thing you need to do is connect
with your readers or visitors. Whether it’s a page about you or a page about
your brand, you need it to create a story. That’s how you connect. If you go to the about page,
it’s, you’ll notice that I create a story. I breakdown who I am, what I teach, and how
my mission is to help you. Without doing that, I wouldn’t connect. As you can see, because I’ve connected with
people within a two minutes video, you’ll notice that there’s hundreds and hundreds
of comments on that page. Now, the funny thing is, is if you scroll
all the way to the bottom and in the bottom right you click a flag, right? Instead of a US flag, you click on the Portuguese
or Brazil flag, or whatever it may be, you’ll notice the about page in different languages. I also connect with people in different languages. A video, even though that video is transcribed,
in essence it’s translated with subtitles, it still has hundreds of comments. Why? Because I’m creating that emotional connection. That’s the power of storytelling. It doesn’t matter what language someone speaks,
if you can create amazing stories and connect with people, then they’ll be engaged, they’ll
continually come back, they’ll be loyal. As they’re loyal, what you’ll notice is they’ll
tell other people about your business, they’re more likely to buy products and services from
you. Just like how you’re loyal with, let’s say,
Amazon or Facebook or Google, right? No one really uses Bing. They have really good results as well. But, you’re more connected Google, because
it’s been around longer, you know it works, and they don’t have a ton of stuff going on
within their webpages. That’s why people started using Google, it
was a clean, simple search engine, with amazing results. Now, with your about page, you need to do
a few things. One, we mentioned doing storytelling, so that’s
how you connect with people. Stories go down from generations to generations. The next thing you need to do is not just
talk about your business, but you need to talk about how you’re going to help the visitor
who’s coming to your website. If you don’t help them, there’s no point for
them to stick around. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Always put other people before yourself. The third thing you need to do is be very
impactful. What I mean by being impactful is, you need
to connect by using adjectives, words that convey emotion, power words, right? When you do this, you’re more likely to connect
with people versus just using text that’s boring. That’s why if you look at my story, I talk
about how my goal’s to help people who aren’t making that much money, people who are starting
off, because I started that way, right? I’m conveying that throughout the messaging. You also want to keep it short, that’s the
fourth thing. If it’s too long, if your about page has more
than 500 words, or it is more than let’s say a two minute video clip, you’re going on too
much and you’re going to get a big drop-off. The fifth thing you need to do is leave an
action point. Most people on their about page, they just
say, “Hey, this is me and that’s cool, check it out.” Well, what is there to do after people read
it? Should they check out your products? Should they check out your services? Should they leave a comment? Give them some direction. By doing that, they’re more likely to connect
and go from being a visitor or a reader into a customer. That’s how you create a effective about page.


  • Rajesh Rajput

    hello Neil how can I get theme like you like niche finder and about page video plz teach how to do that

  • Mikey Moran

    Another great video. The funny thing with "About Pages" is we generally create them when a site is initially developed and never look back. Going to take another look at my page today and make some improvements. Thanks Neil.

  • Sachin Sharma

    Thank you so much Neil. I have been reading your articles, really useful. I created a website 4 months back. I thought i was doing good as far as seo was concerned. I don't know what i did wrong there, similar content may be, confusing to google or other search engines? Or it's just saturated content. If you have 3-5 minutes, i know it's too much expectations. Kindly let me know the mistakes. it's theknockknockjokes dot com. (i thought keyword in the domain would help.)

    Thanks again!

  • Beer Money Forum

    Awesome video. Looking forward to seeing Neil Patel with 100k subs. Neil can you predict the date when you achieve that? πŸ˜›

  • Digital Drusti

    Hi Patel,
    i am planning to learn DIGITAL MARKETING could you help me from scratch by suggesting some books/website/blog anything like that because i am the BEGINNER and more curious to learn and the videos are simply awesome short and informative. THANK YOU for educating us

  • Parampreet Chanana

    Thanks, want to ask: my website is in English and I want to start with Hindi… different articles,…. thinking to do with Hindi sub domain, should I do it or not?

    Please tell me how to play safe in terms of seo, content, so that it do not affect my website. And how to do seo for that…

    Please give your complete recommendations for starting with another language.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Swiney The Art Pig

    Hi Neil, Thank you for the great video – just visited your german website. Unfortunately it's not very well translated (it seems like someone made it, who isn't a native speaker or someone isn't too familiar with text editing). Hope that feedback might help you!

  • Papp Sebastian Georgian

    Nokia – Connecting people :)) just don't end up like it :)) keep on going with the great results & inovate

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