How to Spot Opportunities from your Competitors’ Backlinks – Competition Research
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How to Spot Opportunities from your Competitors’ Backlinks – Competition Research

How do you practically go about analyzing
your competitors’ backlinks? You see that it is a strategy, that, okay,
they said – “Analyze your competitors’ backlinks and figure out what they are doing. But actually, when you go about analyzing
your competitors’ backlinks, you see a bunch of sites which seem impossible to get links
from. And it’s very realistic. You pick any competitor of yours, you’ll
see sites and you’ll wonder okay that’s not possible for me. It doesn’t seem like, it seems very natural. There are smarter ways to go about analyzing
your competitors’ backlinks. First, step no.1. Look at the kinds of sites that are linking
back to your competitors. So, when you go through a list of sites that
your competitors are getting links from, you might find a trend. So you might find that okay, they are getting
links from certain blogs and now these blogs are mentioning them for some reason or the
other. I would say it might seem natural. but it may not necessarily be natural. So, after getting links from blogposts, I
would say investigate the author behind the blog post. See who’s the person who’s written that
blogpost. Because, I’ve also written a blogpost on
this of what you can do using author’s spying. So sometimes you might notice a trend. Okay 5 of these blogposts are actually written
by just 2 authors who are actually related to the competitor in concern or they could
be working for someone and they’ve actually built a relationship with that person and
you can build a relationship with that same person to build a link for yourself. So, if you’re looking at blog links, that
your competitors obtained, I’d say try to either establish a relationship with those
blogs or with the bloggers or contributors of that blogpost. Because that’s something that you can do
easily. Then usually you’ll find links where they’ve
been mentioned on resource sites or sites which are listing lists of products and services. So, those are platforms that you can easily
obtain links from. Then you might see that they are listed in
sites where they sponsored a conference or an event. Now again, those are opportunitties that you
can keep in mind. But it may not necessarily be the case that
you want to sponsor such an event. But you might find that these people might
host smaller events in other places and you could potentially for a fraction of the amount,
trying to sponsor the smaller events and gain same amount of link equity. When you do competitors’ backlink analysis,
you’ve to think beyond just why they’ve got that link. You’ve got to look at who’s giving the
link, and why that person potentially gave that link. Now there are many links and I’ll admit
it there are many many many links where competitors would’ve got links naturally because of
their brand, because of how they are and their market stature. And you cannot do anything to avoid that. Such links sometimes you’ve got to accept
that fact that till you built a brand being it up, you may not attract such links. So that can be an aspiration for you that
okay while you’re building your brand, you wanna keep those influences in mind or those
people who have linked to your competitors. And try to establish a relationship with them
at this stage. You might be small. You might not be perfect fit for these influence. You might be perfect fit for them to mention
you right now. But there is no harm in building relationship
right now. There is no harm in trying to follow them
or comment valuably on their blgoposts or to follow them on Twitter or network with
them on LinkedIn. And when you have something useful and when
you’re always hustling and always trying to build your brand, your service, your product,
there will be a time and opportunity for you to connect with these people. And that’s when you got to really leverage
the network and the equity that you’ve built over time through the relationships. So, a lot of link building is through the
relationship building and that’s something that you don’t ignore. It’s a work in progress or constant work
in progress. So if I have to summarize, when you do competitors’
backlink research, you’re not going to spot opportunities very easily. I’ll admit it if it was easy, then everyone
will be beating everyone out there. It’s hard, and it’s hard for a reason. Because the majority of the links which are
obtained through great, either great relationships or great content also that your competitors
have developed. And you cannot sometimes just overnight beat
them. You’ve got to strategize and make up a plan
basically. So no.1 look for patterns, look for authors,
look for contributors who’ve consistently mentioning your competitors. Point no.2. Look for sponsorship opportunities, opportunities
where you can possibly buy a way into getting a link. And No.3. Try to build relationships even if those links
look improbable for you to obtain at this point of time.

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