How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel in 2020 (Get Your FIRST 1,000 Subscribers FAST!)

Little small details like that can make a
difference and that’s why I really wanted to mention this specific tip in this video. [inaudible] what’s up everyone? Welcome back to my channel,
the best place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Now in today’s video, I
am feeling really nostalgic because I’m basically doing a very similar video that I did last
year, which is all about how to start a successful YouTube channel in 2019 and how to grow to
a thousand subscribers fast. Now in today’s video, basically that’s what the video is
about, but I am making it a little bit more relevant to 2020 and I’m also going to be
incorporating some things that I’ve learned along the way because obviously since that
video I’ve grown a lot as a content creator and I’ve also, I dunno, just had a lot of
ability to trial and error this entire year, so that’s why in today’s video I am going
to be sharing some different things and maybe some contradicting things that I mentioned
last year. Now. Before we begin though, there are some
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this week’s video. All right, so I’m going to kick off this video with the whole niche
situation. Now, last year when I posted this video, I
talked about the importance of having a niche. Second piece of advice that I have is to actually
pinpoint and nail down your niche. Now this year going into 2020 I have a different opinion
on that. I know that I always talk about the importance of having a niche, having a niche,
having a niche, and that’s really important. And then let me tell you why it’s important
because when your followers are your subscribers, your potential subscribers are going onto
your channel. They need to know what is this channel all about? Why should I subscribe?
If Patricia is going on your page and you’re posting random stuff, she’s going to be confused
as to what to expect from you. Not only this, from an ad revenue standpoint, there are certain
niches here on YouTube that make more money than others, and also if you have a very consistent
niche and it’s very clear about what your niche is, it’s going to be a lot more easier
for advertisers to really understand how to pay you, what category you belong to at the
type of ads that they want to put in your videos. That is important stuff. However, my advice,
if you are thinking of starting a channel in 2020 is that instead of thinking about
the niche that you want to belong in, really think about who you’re trying to target with
your channel. And when I reverse engineer my success here on YouTube, I mean I grew
from zero to 100,000 subscribers in one year alone, which is insane. But if I really reverse
engineer my success, I realized that in the beginning when I started, I didn’t have a
niche either. And it’s kind of crappy to put that expectation on yourself that from the
get go you need to pick a niche and it’s going to be really hard for you to do that because
you don’t really know what you have to offer yet. You don’t know what people want from
you and you don’t even know what you want yourself. That’s why when you instead think about your
target audience, it’s going to actually make the content creation process a lot easier
and eventually your niche will find you. So let me give you an example here. When I started
my channel, my channel was really dedicated to a millennials and it was dedicated to college
educated millennials who just graduated and are now realizing, crap, I hate my corporate
job. Now when I think about this profile of a person, he or she has a lot of different
interests. Maybe they’re interested in getting their finances in order because school never
taught them how to, you know, get their life together in terms of budgeting. Maybe they’re
interested in social media, maybe they’re interested in learning how to quit their job.
And so on my channel, I did all these topics that would cater to that specific person that
I had in mind. And then eventually I realized, okay, so it
seems like the social media videos are really taking off. And so I niche down and I establish
my niche that way. But I do want to let you know that if you’re just starting out here
on YouTube, don’t put the pressure on yourself to really think about that niche yet. Instead,
think about the person or the people that you really want to target with your channel.
Think about their interests. Think about the things that they’re looking for online and
then do your videos that way and then eventually you’re going to be able to see which videos
are doing better than others and then you’re going to be able to find your niche that way.
Now moving onto my next tip for those of you who are interested in starting a successful
YouTube channel in 2020 is to create searchable content. Now, this tip hasn’t changed from last year.
I still stand by it and basically what it means is that when you’re starting out blogging
or doing things that people aren’t necessarily searching for isn’t really going to perform
well on your channel. Even to this day, I’m just slowly considering blogging after a whole
year of doing searchable content here on the platform and the reason why is because like
I said, no one is searching for your day in the life. No one is searching for what you’re
doing on the weekends or the weekdays. Maybe your friends care, but the internet does not
care about that. That’s why it’s really important that you’re really thinking about what are
people actually searching for. On the internet, what are they searching on Google, what are
they searching on YouTube and then create your videos that way. Now I have a resource
for you right here. If you’re just starting out and you really
want to learn how to come up with content ideas and this video will actually help you
a lot, but basically a rookie mistake that I see a lot of people doing is that they’re
not really thinking about what is being searched on the internet and instead they create content
that is very me-focused instead of other people focused. Now on the topic of searchable content,
my next tip for you, and this is going to be probably the juiciest tip for any new YouTube
or who’s getting started, is to care about S E. O. Now what is SEO is search engine optimization.
You basically want to make sure that your videos, if someone is searching for them,
that it’s going to show up and that’s why SEO and optimizing your videos to be SEO friendly
is going to be super important. Let me break down what I mean by this. Now
when we’re thinking about SEO specifically, what we’re talking about is the key words
that you’re using in your titles, in your tags and in your description, but not only
this, what you’re saying in your video also matters as well because YouTube automatically
will be transcribing your videos or even if YouTube not transcribing your videos, you
could be using a platform like rev, and by the way, I have a $10 coupon code if you would
like to use rev instead. But basically when you’re adding captions to your videos, that
also contributes to you ranking well in the algorithm through search and through better
SEO. And so if you are very intentional with the title, the tags, the description, and
the things that you’re saying in your video, it can help you become a little bit more searchable. For example, let’s just use this video as
an example. Now for me in this video, my main keywords are obviously going to be starting
a YouTube channel. How to start a YouTube channel, starting a YouTube channel in 2020
how to start a YouTube channel in 2020 all of that. And I’ll make sure that my title
will include those words. So the title of this video is how to start a successful YouTube
channel in 2020 not only this, I make sure that these keywords that I’ve chosen are also
going to be in my description and in my actual tags. But beyond this, I’m also making sure
that I’m kind of saying these words in my video to ensure that when YouTube is automatically
transcribing the video or when I’m manually transcribing the video of myself, which by
the way, pro tip, I like to personally use rev to transcribe my videos because oftentimes
YouTube makes a lot of mistakes with their transcriptions and I want to make sure that
the algorithm can truly read everything that I’m saying in my video so that I can rank
higher. So that’s why I use rev, by the way. So I
just wanted to mention that, but basically I make sure that I’m also saying these selected
keywords into my video as well so that all in all, everything in my video is truly optimized.
And I think that it’s important that I mentioned this because I feel like a lot of YouTubers,
they tell new YouTube brewers to create searchable content, which is basically what I said earlier
on in this video, but they’re not necessarily setting them up with the tools or the knowledge
on how to create searchable content beyond just what the video is about. Little small
details like that can make a difference and that’s why I really wanted to mention this
specific tip in this video. Now moving onto my next tip on how to start a successful YouTube
channel in 2020 is this, and that is your thumbnail matters. Now this is important because I know some
YouTubers will say, Oh, it doesn’t matter, blah, blah, blah. But it does. And the reason
why is because if you’ve followed my tips from now until this point, if your thumbnails
aren’t good and they’re not attractive enough for people to even once a click on your videos,
then all the tips that I gave you just kind of go down the toilet, right? It doesn’t matter
if you have searchable content or that you’ve eventually established your niche or all of
that. If that person isn’t even feeling compelled to click on your channel or click on your
video. That’s why I’m going to share with you a couple of small things that you can
do to make your thumbnail stand out or just general the rule of thumb to keep in mind
of when you are creating your thumbnails. The first is you want to make sure that even
if someone is standing six feet away from the computer, that they can still read your
thumbnail. Now what I mean by this is I see a lot of new YouTube ERs use really small
texts for their thumbnails or they’re using really fancy texts that are, is very, very
hard to read. That’s why you want to keep it simple. You want to find a font or something
that’s very big, very bold and very legible. Not only this, this is something that’s very
important to keep in mind up because now more and more people watch YouTube videos on their
mobile phone, so if it’s already small on desktop, imagine how small it’s going to be
when people go on their phones, right? So you really want to make sure that if you’re
adding text into your thumbnail that it’s legible. Not only this, if you are adding text to your
thumbnail, and by the way, you don’t have to add text your thumbnail in order to be
successful here on YouTube, but you want to make sure that you’re keeping it short and
sweet, okay? Don’t put a whole storybook on your thumbnail. Really make it three to four
or even five words is already a lot into your thumbnail on top of this. When you’re thinking
about your thumbnails, also make sure that you are being consistent with your branding.
Now keep in mind that eventually as months go on or weeks go on, you can totally change
up your brand. If you want to hear on YouTube, it takes literally two seconds to swap thumbnails.
However, it’s very important that you stay consistent with your branding because a lot
of times you are competing with a lot of people in the recommended section. When people are watching your videos and you
want to create binge worthy content, that means that people need to be able to recognize
which videos are yours. That’s why if you look here on my channel, I’m pretty consistent
with the branding so that if my viewers are interested in seeing more videos, for me it’s
a lot easier to find on the slew of videos that are already available here on the platform.
As an addition to this. Speaking of thumbnails, this is my rule of thumb is I always make
sure that all of my text or everything like that is on the left side. And the reason why
I say this is because on the right side generally there are a lot of icons or timestamps that
YouTube is using and that has a very high chance of covering some of the texts. So that’s
why I always make sure that my fonts and my techs and everything that’s important is on
the left side. Now at this point I pretty much you put a
video within a video and I shared with you a lot of steps on how to do thumbnails and
all of that, but beyond everything else, I also have a whole playlist to set you up for
success on YouTube. I have how to script your videos, how to batch create your videos and
even more tips when it comes down to SEO and everything like that, how to go viral, all
these different things about YouTube. This is just a starting point. Everything that
I said here is a starting point. So if you are interested in starting a channel next
year, make sure that you watch my videos that are in this playlist. It’s going to help you
a lot, but more importantly, one of the biggest things that I want to tell new creators is
that you just got a start and this is coming from someone who spent years thinking about
doing a YouTube channel, buying all the equipment and doing all these things, but never fully
committing to it until it got to a point where I was pretty much going through a quarter
life crisis and decided to do the damn thing finally and now, you know, fast forward a
year later, I have built an entire business thanks to YouTube and I have grown my channel
by a lot and I have met incredible people through the platform. That’s why my biggest, biggest advice to you
if you’re watching this and you’re on the fence of starting a channel, is to just start
anyways. If you got to the end of this video, thank you so much. I post a lot more content
surrounding YouTube, like I said. So make sure you check out these two videos that I
have right here as well. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life, and also good luck on your channels in 2025 guys.

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