How To Submit Blog Sitemap to Google with Google Webmaster Tools
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How To Submit Blog Sitemap to Google with Google Webmaster Tools

Hi guys, welcome to another tutorial from Mohammed Bilal Aslam… …in this tutorial, I’ll tell you how you can submit the feed URL of your blog to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. This is just to make sure that all the URL’s or the posts, in your blog, must be indexed by Google. So, first of all, I’ve to submit my test blog to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. The address of Google Webmaster Tools is right here [reading from screen]. So, I’ll open my blog in new window and this is the address right here. It is ‘’. I’m just gonna copy it. So, now I’m here at ‘’ if you’ll go to this address and it will ask you to sign in, you can just enter your username and password you use for ‘’. So, I’m already signed in. I’ll click ‘Add a site’ paste the address. Remove the last forward slash and http and this thing. You know, you have to remove this and enter the URL in this form, just ‘’ and then click ‘Continue’. So, after adding the site, Google Webmaster Tools will ask me that if I really own this site, so I’ve to chose a method to tell them yes I’m the owner of this blog. So, in method, you have to chose ‘Meta tag’ and this copy this meta tag which they give you. Then go to your Blogger dashboard, click on ‘Design’ then ‘Edit HTML’ and right after thetag, this is thetag, you have to paste the meta tag. Click on ‘Save Template’. Alright! So, after your template is saved, go to Google Webmaster Tools and click ‘Verify’ button. Alright, now my blog is verified by Google Webmaster Tools and they know that I own this blog. So, now I have to submit a sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools so, in Blogger, every blog has a sitemap by default. Which is like this [reading from screen], so in my case, my sitemap is like this [reading from screen]. I’m just gonna copy it and submit it, just click on ‘Submit a Sitemap’ then… And it has the address of my blog is already written so I’m just gonna copy-paste the remaining part which is [reading from screen]. I’m just gonna paste it. You can see it’s ‘’ so I’m gonna click ‘Submit Sitemap’. And Google will take some time, you know, this icon is representing some time. So, Google will take some time to index all the URL’s present in your feed. In this way, you’ll make sure that your, you know, all the URL’s or posts will be indexed by Google. So, after not more than 24 hours, all the URL’s will be indexed. And thank you for listening to the tutorial and do subscribe to this channel. And make to comment if you’ve any problem or suggestion, thank you so much!


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