How to succeed at SEO on Naver | Need-to-know

If you’re targeting South Korea, then you need to focus your SEO efforts on the country’s most popular search engine, Naver. However, that’s easier said than done, as SEO works very differently on Naver compared to Google. This means that SEO can be a challenge to people who are only familiar with search engine optimisation for Google. Don’t panic! We say that every week – don’t panic! This video will explain the most important things you need to bear in mind when doing SEO on Naver. First of all, let’s be aware that Naver is seen as a community platform and its search results contain many different types of content. This means that simply having a website is not enough – you need to create different types of content to maximise your chances of ranking in Naver’s search results. Make sure you create content on local social media platforms such as Naver Blog, Naver Café, KakaoTalk and KakaoStory as these are heavily featured in Naver’s search results. Second, meta data optimisation. Naver concentrates on optimised title tags, meta descriptions and keyword tags. It’s recommended to use just one keyword and not to over-optimise alt tags and text. Make sure you use brand terms in homepage title tags, such as brand names and product names. Be aware that your website could receive a penalty if the title and description tag include repetitive keywords, spam keywords, stuffed keywords or if the keywords are changed too frequently. Third, host your website in South Korea. Websites hosted overseas see a performance drop on Naver. Be aware that you may need help from a native speaker or a local agency as many servers do not provide English language support. And finally, your domain. It’s recommended that you use a local .kr or domain. This serves as a geo-targeting signal and tells Naver that your website is aimed at South Korea. Can you think of any other tips for Naver SEO? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, we always have an in-depth guide about stuff! I say it every week! We have a particular guide about how to do SEO on Naver (surprise, surprise!) on our training platform – which is amazing! Check it out using the link in the description.

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