How to Take Your Digital Marketing to The Next Level | Neil Patel
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How to Take Your Digital Marketing to The Next Level | Neil Patel

Are you frustrated
that digital marketing isn’t working for you? Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m gonna share with you how to take your digital
marketing to the next level. (upbeat music) Similar to you, I’ve
been frustrated as well, and you know what? Most of you are gonna even be frustrated in the upcoming years because the web is just getting
more and more competitive. But don’t worry, I’m gonna teach you how to get results in this competitive environment. Before we get started, though, make sure you subscribe to this video. That way, when I release more
tips on digital marketing, or SE, or any of the tactics out there, you’ll get notified. The first tip I have for
you is to leverage videos. You’re watching this video,
you’re engaging with me. Video is the new form of marketing. Very few people are doing it, but if you do, you’ll get
super great results fast. I know that may sound
ridiculous, but it’s true. SEO can take a year
before you get results. A YouTube SEO, though, you can get results in less than a week. They like ranking videos right away. If your video does well
in the first 24 hours, you’ll notice that you’ll start ranking for all these terms really fast. Now, I have a question for you. How many of you guys have
leveraged video before? If you have, leave a comment with yes, if you haven’t, leave a comment with no. This is one of the best
tactics that you can leverage if you wanna do well in the long run. With your videos, make sure you upload ’em to each and every single
social network separately, because Facebook doesn’t want you to embed a YouTube video by doing that, and LinkedIn doesn’t
want you to just link out to your YouTube video. They want you to upload it all over again. By doing that, you’ll get more results. Also in your videos, make sure you have call to actions telling people to go to
your company or business or to buy your products and services. There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion. That’s how you’re gonna get the most out of your video marketing. The second tip I have for
you is to create a funnel. There’s a lot of tools like
SamCart and ClickFunnels where they’ll allow you to
add upsells and downsells. This is very important
because digital marketing keeps getting more
expensive year over year. In 2008, during that big
real estate recession, or the recession that was moreso caused by the banks than the
real estate industry, at least in the United States, Google made more money from ads even during a crazy recession
when, a lot of times, house prices were going
down 30%, 40%, 50%. That shows you how effective
digital marketing is. Costs are gonna keep rising, but adding upsells and downsells
by creating that funnel using tools like ClickFunnels or SamCart, you’re gonna get more revenue per visitor, and that’ll allow you to spend more money on digital marketing. The third tip is to guest post. You may not have the
traffic you want right away. You may not be in front
of the right audience. But you know what? There’s already other sites that are in front of the right audience. Hitting them up, asking, hey, can I just write a post? A lot of them are gonna say no, but if you keep doing this, some of ’em are gonna say yes, even if they’re not popular sites. Eventually they’ll lead you to getting bigger and bigger sites to approve you as a guest author because they seen that you’ve
written for the smaller sites and your content isn’t that bad. When you write for these bigger sites, what you’ll find is they
already have your audience. They already have the viewership. By you releasing content there you’re gonna increase your brand value, and you’ll start getting
visitors to your site as well as conversions and sales. The fourth tip I have for you is to take a omnichannel approach. It used to be where you
could build a business just off of one tactic. You know Facebook? Facebook built their business on inviting everyone in
your email address book to join Facebook. That no longer works. If Facebook had to start all over again, people would be like, oh, I’m already used to these emails. They would ignore ’em. You have to take an omnichannel approach, from SEO, to pay-per-click marketing, to email marketing, to growth hacking. By leveraging ’em all, you’re gonna get the best results versus just leveraging one of ’em. And last but not least,
optimize for conversions. You can use tools like Crazy Egg to see where people click on your site and where they don’t. You can also use tools like
Crazy Egg to run AV tests. You can also use tools like
Hello Bar to collect emails. That way, when people
come to your website, collect the email, you can then shoot ’em an email, get them to come back, and that way, over time, they’ll convert into a customer. You can use tools like to generate push notification subscribers. It makes it easy through their browser. One click, they’ll be able
to subscribe to your site. Again, you can get ’em to come back and eventually convert. Remember, most people
who come to your website right then and there will not convert. It takes time to convince people to go from being a visitor to a purchaser. That’s why most sites don’t even see one or two out of every hundred visitors convert into a customer. They’re not nurturing
the rest of that traffic and getting ’em to come back
and convert in the long haul. That’s it, thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you like it,
share it, leave a comment, even subscribe to this channel. If you need help taking
your digital marketing to the next level, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital.


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