How To Use Brian Deans 15 All Time BEST SEO Tips In WordPress (THEY WORK)
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How To Use Brian Deans 15 All Time BEST SEO Tips In WordPress (THEY WORK)

Are you familiar with this channel right here
by Brian Dean Backlinko if you’re not you should be if you have a website in fact it’s
one of my favorite channels and probably one of the YouTube you actually don’t even talk
about of the YouTube channels that much but this is the one that I think I get the most
value out of he doesn’t put out a lot of videos but when he does there some valuable information
in there today he recently released a video my 15 all-time best SEO tips and this is going
to be kind of a piggyback video so he’s saying his tips in this video and in my video right
now I’m gonna go through those tips and this specifically the ones that have to do with
WordPress I’m going to show you how to implement inside of WordPress hi my name is Adam from this is my channel right here if you knew your consider clicking on the
subscribe button join 50,000 other people subscribe to the channel click on the notification
bill if you’d like to not miss a thing I release a ton of content related to WordPress and
so were going to go through Brian Dean’s video right now and how to implement it in WordPress
can be kind of a down and dirty just getting it done type of video not much fluff so here
is the list of the 15 items to get good this SEO tips are all right here now I am not in
any way saying don’t watch Brian’s video as a matter fact if you haven’t seen Brian if
you’re familiar with my channel and you’re seeing this before you saw is video going
watches video and then this will make sense to you so what I’m going to do those all put
in the video description want to put a link to Brian’s channel and also a link to his
video yes on promoting someone else I have never even talk to but I just appreciate what
is doing so much and siliceous go through these so the very first item in the very term
top tip the very first tip is short URLs rank better in Google so if you put up a new blog
post or a new page you have your domain name and then that other part of it is the full
URL that takes you there and a shorter URL ranks better in Google and is a matter fact
I have been implementing this because I think he might have said this in the past and I
am doing that now now by default what WordPress does is when you put a title in its gonna
take that title and it’s going to use all of it sometimes it will strip out it or a
or the and it will use that for the URL but then you can actually go in there and make
it say exactly what you wanted to say let me give you an example so I’m in word press
him to go to post, click on add new order to add a new post so what I’ll do is I’ll
put a title in here and you can see for yourself what WordPress does and then I want to show
you how to change it okay so I put a title here that says five ways to optimize your
blogs SEO actually have changed my personal links that should be the first thing is just
the demo site so you can see what the URL is generated I’ve got my domain name and then
right here it says five ways to optimize your blog’s SEO that would be a longer link and
what we want is a shorter link which will rank better with Google so what you can do
is click on this little edit here and type whatever you want so for me this is what I
might put so I change the text to just a blog SEO like that now keep in mind each page and
post can have that one URL that one full URL but you can only use that that one time for
that one page or post so just keep that in mind when you are choosing to shorten as you
can see this is a lot shorter if I had my permit links set properly which I’m in a do
right now it will be even shorter so good best practice for not familiar you always
want to first thing you do what WordPress’s you want to go in here set your your permanent
link underneath settings pummeling to post name just like this click on save changes
I probably should the net before starting this video but this just a test website that
I’m going through right here so now let’s see what that URL looks like and it’s right
here the domain name and then/blog SEO and so the point is the point of the first tip
is that a shorter URLs going to rank better in Google you’re primarily gonna want to put
your keywords in there but not like 15 keywords just try to keep it down to two or three keywords
if you go to my website and look at any of the blog post hearing to see that I’ve been
following this lately okay so though the tips I don’t relate to WordPress on to read them
real quick if there’s something that might be WordPress related I will talk about it
and there’s couple*here those are definitely WordPress related second tip was to use Amazon
for keyword research basically going into books on Amazon and then in your niche and
then look at the table of contents I thought that was brilliant because what happens is
we get in this thing called an echo chamber and so whatever your websites about your this
echo chamber and it’s sometimes hard to connect with what someone else might want to know
about what you what your topic or your niche is and so this trick right here which I do
think is pretty brilliant is a great way of getting out of that echo chamber to see what
people think of with your niche and what kind of questions they might ask okay number three
optimize your title for click through CTR click through and SEO click through rate is
a ranking signal so basically we already should be knowing that we need to write our titles
for SEO but what’s actually I think might even be made even more important is click
through rate so essentially we have this double problem right we’ve got to write a title that
is going to have our keywords in it and is going to hopefully show on Google but if if
Google is showing it on the first unit of the link your page on the first page of Google
and it showing it there but nobody’s actually clicking on it guess what that’s can it that’s
can be a signal to Google to to start lowering the ranking of that page so you have to write
your titles in a way to be enticing to get that click through rate here something that
you can do with your website is youth you should have an SEO plug-in I’ve always used
Yoast but there’s others out there like all-in-one SEO so I’m not saying one tools better than
the other but I do have Yoast on your Yoast is what I’m most familiar with and Yoast is
what I use so if you have Yoast installed and you’re on a blog post like this you scroll
down you have the Yoast options box right here so right here is what the snippet preview
is of what it would look like if Google was showing a link to this particular blog post
so you can go right here click on edit snippet change that title whatever you put right here
will actually be the title that shows when someone’s looking at this in Google and the
same thing here for your meta-description that’s us little bit here you put something
in there that’s can entice someone to click okay it’s super important both of those go
together the click through rate and SEO alright so that’s that okay number four and this is
something I struggle with personally but I am working on published content greater than
1890 words and you might ask yourself how the heck did he, that such a crazy number
how did he come up with that I was initially thinking that in then five seconds later he
said they’ve done all the tests in the studies and the averages in all that and there was
this nice little chart he showed about how many words and the likeliness of it ranking
better and that was pretty much the sweet spot so most of us will go ahead and will
write something and it might be 300 or 500 or 600 words if you really want to do well
with your content it needs the kind of hit that mark of course you can go under it’s
probably not hard and fast rule but just you know with WordPress when you are typing out
a blog post there is a word count here on the bottom left and that’s how you’re going
to know if you’re approaching that that number of 1890 is kind of funny to put out a wacky
number like that it’s going to be definitely more memorable that’s a come I actually remember
it okay number five used five title tag modifiers like the current year best review free shipping
checklist so these are words you’re going to add to whatever your keyword may be at
the end so best whatever review or whatever that I’d 2018 or whatever something along
those lines that’s what he’s talking about in number five number six use keyword rich
URLs and so this is goes back to the first point of using a short URL if you are going
to choose what to put in there you’re in a one of your keywords in there for sure and
you don’t have to have longer versions of your keyword phrases I would definitely keep
it very short and tidy okay so that was let’s see I’m in a lose track here okay run number
seven use numbers in your title this is actually something that I haven’t tried it really says
use numbers in your title to boost click through rate titles with numbers get more clicks I
want to test that but you know I could see how I might be more inclined to click on the
link that has a number in it and the studies probably are not lying there number eight
use a two-step email outreach to build back links about two months ago I did a review
of a product that is on AppSumo called was on Apsu it was called Lemlist and it was a
cold outreach tool and so essentially you you need to or you will want to be building
inbound links and it’s not easy you can’t go out and buy some links or or pay someone
for links you have to put in the legwork of reaching out to other websites that would
have something to gain from linking or add to your website or two are referencing your
content so that is number eight I gotta say that is the one thing that you hear Neil Patel
that’s another YouTube channel that you should check out Neil Patel always harks down on
this and I think this is the the tip that separates people because it’s the one that
requires a legwork and you’ve really got to put yourself out there so I think the people
that are doing this are the ones that get the greatest reward okay broken link building
this is an interesting strategy involves a finding websites that you would want to link
from finding broken links on their website and then contacting them cold contacting them
and letting them know about it in asking if they would be interested in pointing link
back to number 10 choose keywords with strong commercial intent this is actually just a
really good SEO best practice of choosing keywords he gives a great example of someone
that a commercial intent to summons that searching for free yoga videos is different from someone
that is searching best yoga training courses are online courses so there’s a commercial
intent there but that all depends on what your blogs about and what your goal is with
a particular blog post so that that one is definitely a depends okay number 11 delete
underperforming pages having excess pages on the site is bad for SEO and I added this
myself zombie pages and that’s actually a phrase I got from one of his earlier videos
that you should definitely check out also link to that in the video met him to be given
this guy all these video links that’s all right because I think it’s going to be good
for you okay so this is even Prevacid is a little controversy controversial and that
is deleting content that no one really goes to anyway so this means you should know who
kind of some analytics on how your different pages on your website are performing so that
you can know which ones that you know there’s no value really being added there and there’s
some info that he cited from some studies that and also some info from Google to support
why you’re gonna want to delete underperforming pages so the what you want to do yet real
careful when you delete stuff in WordPress because Google already will probably know
about that page you deleted and now Google’s can look at your website and say what happened
to this page so you need to have something called a redirect and that is whenever you
delete a piece of content you can redirect anyone that visits that link someplace else
on your websites you got have your redirects dial then I use the paid version of Yoast
because it automatically does that so if I go ahead and delete content it will redirected
or propose a redirection for me and then there’s a whole bit that it manages stiffly not crucial
there are plenty of redirect plug-ins in the WordPress repository good Lotta great redirect
product plug-ins that you can use or you can manually go in and create that redirect actually
I should be showing you how to do that in this video but I didn’t even think about that
in advance you definitely want to have those redirects in place maybe I will have a separate
video after this about just a general video about redirects and how to put those together
it’s super easy what I want to talk about was something called zombie pages so in a
prior video he made earlier this year he talked about how one of his customers or followers
had their website and Google was indexing 60,000 pages from their website and they redo
set down by things like 10,000 pages and all of their rankings just went through the roof
so that was basically accomplished through deleting what he referred to as a zombie pages
and I remember when I saw that video on Michael my gosh I need to figure out how to get rid
of these ugly pages because I’m probably suffering from the same thing so these are pages that
with WordPress are kind of automatically generated and they provide little to no value and you
can very easily get rid of these zombie pages let me show you so if you’re using Yoast I
can show you for all in one SEO because I don’t use it but it’s probably just as easy
and I’m sure you can figure it out so if you going to Yoast go right here to search appearance
you have these tabs here one of them is taxonomies and so when you click on taxonomies these
are basically if you have a category on your website WordPress generates a page for that
if you have tags for every single tag WordPress generates a page for it and not only is it
one page if you have lots of content on that tag or that category there is that pagination
sows page 1 page 2 page 3 if you have a lot of text a lot of categories this can easily
equal thousands of pieces of content that Google’s indexing that very low value so what
I did is I came into Yoast and I clicked on taxonomies and I still wanted my category
pages I wasn’t ready to get rid of that but for tags I was ready to get rid of that and
so essentially what you do is you can come in here this is set to yes if you set it to
know England on this check and check is? To find out exactly what this is doing essentially
telling Google to not index these tag pages these tag category pages so that’s all that
that’s doing so I went ahead and turn that off and I think I also did the same thing
for the archives here because they didn’t want that pagination so let’s take a look
at the archives right here so you can turn off author archives definitely get rid of
that date archives I got rid of that news I’m just on you what I did I’m not saying
you have to do this and there is some debate whether there is value in having these tag
pages I do know some scenarios where there is value in having them however if you’re
like a full legit websites and you want overall good rankings and maybe there might be a little
bit of competitiveness there you definitely don’t want to have those pages we don’t need
those pages but it’s up to you know what you’re doing if you disable those but doesn’t remove
them it just puts instructions when Google comes your website next to just not index
those pages okay so that was number 11 in zombie pages I just threw that in number 12
video SEO number 13 use Reddit for keyword research I got a get into that myself number
14 link out to authority websites I’ve actually tested this and it’s been really good so say
you I had a website about voice over IP phones and so what I did on some of the posts is
I would link out to the manufacturers of products or of certain bits of technology in those
pages did a lot better so you should probably already know how to create an outbound link
in your content so if I go to posts all posts and uncle jump into that same post that I
was Justin right here it’s super easy to create a link so you can go ahead and put some text
in so I just put this bid in says grand stream phones you can highlighted click right here
on the insert link and then you can go ahead and put your link in there and then you also
get some options here if you want to open link in new tab I usually have it open in
a new tab myself because I don’t want people going off of my website but that’s how you
would add a link in your content in WordPress probably were you know this the last one was
hacked Wikipedia look at the table of context contents and that’s pretty interesting to
I can see how I might be able to benefit from that so anyways I just wanted to make this
quick down and dirty video to go over this I thought Brian’s video was fantastic all
of his videos are fantastic and I think if he releases another video about SEO you can
expect the video about on this channel about how to implement that in WordPress so hey
if you have found any value in this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you have
any questions specific to the content in this video just ask ask a devil in the comments
section and I’ll be very happy to answer it for you take thank you for watching this video
and I’ll see you in the next one


  • Salim Al-Rashdi

    Thank you very much Adam.. I was looking for this.. Will watch the full video and add comments later again 🙂

  • Ana Fernandez

    Hey Adam…great video (as always) but you kinda lost me with the TOC thing. Could you take another stab at for this old gal? I’m guessing that it’s for keywords and that maybe I would look up my main topic and see what Wikipedia and Amazon results are. Am I close?

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    Building a foundation of "best practices" is so important. If you are managing only 1 website for yourself, it's feasible to spend the amount of time needed to dedicate to ALL thing things you can do to improve SEO… but when you are managing 10, 20, 100 websites for clients and trying to help them rank organically, there just isn't enough time in the day to implement everything that could boost their rankings. It's very overwhelming. I think that's why a list like this, and some things that are more basic that were not included, are so important to have a solid understanding of. When you can start with a solid foundation you are setting yourself up for more success. These are very time-consuming and in some cases difficult things to do retroactively.

    I would love to see a cheat sheet or short checklist that could be used when building a page or post. Something like: "Is the title enticing and contain keywords?", "Is the meta description sufficient length?", "Is the URL short?", "Is the content of the page long enough?".

    Something like this would be super helpful for hitting the basics of things that need to be done. I admit, I struggle with the balance of being as thorough as possible to serve my clients, and finding a point where I say "this is enough". You can never "finish" optimizing a site. There is NO finish line. You can continually toy and tinker and improve and modify your practices to get better results, but you can never "finish the job". I think building the foundation is the most crucial part.

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    Wow though on the number of words, Yoast DOES specify minimum of 300 though this is WAY more than that, tough as you said, that was the finding as the sweet spot. Obviously will have to add more. Interstingthe advice on using Amazon for keyword research and not Adwords. Great having this list. Thank you

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