How to Use SEO in Your Listings to Sell More on Poshmark Mercari & eBay
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How to Use SEO in Your Listings to Sell More on Poshmark Mercari & eBay

the SEO if you don’t know is search
engine optimization and this is something that a lot of people sleep on
and don’t take full advantage of and it’s it might take you an extra you know
minute maybe 30 seconds to do and do to the best of your ability and it’s gonna
bring more organic traffic to your listing which obviously increases the
likelihood that you’re gonna sell your product sell more of your products and
make more money over the long haul right so I’m gonna
give you an example of SEO on each different marketplace and how it works
and how you can utilize it to your advantage so this is an item that I
literally just bought off a rebate site this morning it’s a posture corrector
what I’m gonna basically do is obviously this isn’t at my door yet but if it were
at my door I would list this on all these different websites I would listen
on eBay if I weren’t suspended and obviously you aren’t either you’re not
gonna be you’re not gonna be suspended from eBay I would list us on Poshmark
because it’s a clothing oriented item I would list this on Macari because it’s
just like eBay and I can list anything on Macari so I might as well right and
chances are this probably will sell on Macari now I could also list this on
offer up but I’m not going to because it’s not something big
I generally speaking list a lot of my stuff on eBay I’m sorry on on Poshmark
Macari and on Amazon I would listen on eBay if it weren’t suspended but I only
looks like big stuff on on offer up and let go now I would show you how to do
this on offer up but you actually have to have to list from the app so what I
like to do if I’m listing something on offer up and let go is I’ll list it on
let go first and then I’ll literally copy and paste everything from the let
go app to the offer up app it’s really really easy it takes me about like you
know a minute or two to list it on here on but on let go calm from right from
the listing and then obviously I would just go to the offer up app and then
copy everything from the let go app to the offer up app and list it there and
it might take me another minute or two to do that so if I were gonna list this
on a let go let’s let you let me show you exactly what I do so I’m not gonna
do all this for you I’m not gonna waste your time and list every single one but
I’m gonna give you some caveats on each Marketplace so what I’m gonna do save
this image here and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna save it this is an SEO tip
guys because SEO is literally everything it’s your title it’s your description
it’s your picture metadata it’s everything on the platform it’s gonna be
your specs on eBay and we’re gonna talk about that here in a second so if you
don’t know what that means stick with me it will all make sense to
you in the future and this how you get the most bang for your buck
listing wise so I’m not gonna just save this as you know picture one I’m not
gonna just save this as slouching hunching posture one or whatever I’m
gonna save this as the most SEO doubt potential picture saving possible so
that I get the most metadata possible so it’s just giving another potential piece
of information to the website wherever that website is that this is what the
list thing is so I’m gonna say this as posture corrector if I can tell you
posture corrector let’s see what else we can add in here keyword wise posture
corrector back brace solution rip back let’s go back brace solution back
support neck support upper back strain their upper back straight in there right
and then I’m gonna copy that and then I’m gonna save it as one right boom now
save this as to save this as three and I’m getting all these pictures high
quality images because remember I’m gonna list this exact thing that I
ordered on all the other sites four five six now we have all the pictures right
so now I want to list them on Macari let go
Poshmark eBay and Amazon so how are we gonna do that well for let go basically
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna basically just post the picture in so I’m only
gonna post one of them in there we’ve got the we’ve got number one right here
so we’ll just post that in because I’m not gonna post them all to show you but
obviously you’d post them all right so the price is on on right here it’s about
13 bucks so I’m gonna sell it at at market value or a little bit less
usually speaking so I’m gonna listen at 13 bucks and then we’re gonna move on
now you’ll start to notice that if we add more details here you can SEO your
listing out right so you can add all the other pictures giving it more you know
metadata in each picture that’s clearly gonna send a signal that this is a
posture corrector and so if somebody types in anything like that posture
correct their back straightener back brace posture support anything like that
in to let go or anything similar to it let goes got a lot of information to
suggest this product to those people right then for the description what I
would do is you get 1500 characters here on let go right and I think you get 1500
or 1200 on the offer up so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take a good
majority of the description and one of the best things about buying on Amazon
is there’s a lot of good descriptions for private label products there we go
finally and then we’re basically just gonna paste that into the description
now that’s exactly 15 on our characters it looks like the last part was cut off
so let’s just take that last sentence off boom now the title so what I want to
do is I wanna say like posture corrector back brace back brace and oh my god back
brace and neck support for men and women something like that some with more
keywords in there a bunch of keywords and a good written out description in
the the description and then we’re gonna mace it basically try to categorize
categorize it as best as we can so it’s in other probably free stuff
electronics other it’s probably an other right here you’d probably put it in
sports and leisure as well and then save the changes and you’re gonna list that
so that’s just SE owning it out now a lot of people make that mistake it
sounds simple let go right but a lot of people don’t
fill out their descriptions and they they put like just posture corrector as
the title you’re missing out on a lot of potential organic traffic and a lot of
bang for your potential buck by doing so now let’s listen on Macari and I’ll show
you an example of that on Macari so same thing on Macari we want to add them all
right so posture corrector posture corrector and I’d add every single
picture and remember the metadata is saved with a bunch of keywords as well
same thing with the description we’d post the description in there now I’m
Recaros you want to kind of make it streamline so you’re gonna take a bunch
of this out but you also want to read well with a bunch of carrot with a bunch
of keywords stuffed in your description same thing with the title as you did on
let go then on my car you want to add three tags as well categorize it as well
and then basically set your price so moving on a Poshmark same overall thing
you’re gonna add your pictures add your title add full description so everything
that you can possibly fit in there now you’ll notice on Poshmark
you don’t have as much opportunity in the description so it limits you in the
description that said still want to use it to the best of your ability put as
many keywords in there as possible while still allowing it to read pretty
streamlined right I might add some more keywords there with 50 more characters
but I’m not gonna waste your time then categorize it you know set it up set
your price so on and so forth now on eBay
it’s a little bit different and on Amazon it’s a little bit different so on
eBay what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna search for something very very
similar what I’d like to do on eBay usually is I’ll literally search this
title to see if this actual this actual thing is on eBay already and that’s a
good indicator if you search the title so let me just grab this if I can so
posture corrector and we’re gonna paste it into the search bar of eBay to see if
it’s actually on eBay right so it doesn’t look like that actual one is on
eBay I don’t see those same exact pictures so it would lead me to believe
that that’s not actually on eBay that said there’s a lot of very very similar
posture corrector selling on eBay but the key here is with eBay what you want
to do is you want to figure out what’s actually sold already keep this in mind
what has actually sold already so you’re not just gonna search it and then match
something what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna search it and then you’re going to
hit sold items and it’s gonna reorganize it based on what’s already been sold on
the more place so that you can see exactly what
that market for it actually is right not what people are listing stuff for but
what has actually sold and for what price now before we get into this
actually listing other stuff and getting all the the SEO for your eBay listings
keep in mind too that if you search this and nothing pops up then go a little bit
more broad right then I might come back and just search like posture corrector
but obviously we didn’t have to do that so just keep that in mind if you need to
do that so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna look here at all the posture
correctors that have sold on eBay and see okay what are they generally selling
for so I know the market value so this looks like it sold for eight bucks 1350
and this sold on March second may this sold recently for eight bucks this sold
recently for nine bucks this sold recently for eight bucks this sold
recently that’s a little bit different that’s like orthopedics so that doesn’t
really count posture crack for like 9 bucks posture
correct for like 8 bucks posture corrector for 23 bucks so I would
probably say that with a good ranked account like mine I can probably get
away with selling this for like $9.99 on eBay that’s probably like the market you
could list it a little bit higher but you might not necessarily sell it right
away it all depends on how quickly you want
to get rid of it so what I would do then right what I would do is I would go to
one that’s sold recently and I would copy the specs so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna go to one recently and I’m not gonna go to my eBay and sell it like
like most people do instead I’m gonna search it like we just did I’m gonna hit
the sold items cuz then we know what’s sold so obviously this is found
visibility on the platform and it’s sold then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hit
sell one like this and it’s gonna copy all the specs for that actual listing
right and this is something that most people don’t actually add when they’re
creating an eBay listing right because we copied all the specs that that one
just had because it had already sold so we’re getting all those positive specs
then you want to add potentially a subtitle if you want to pay for it you
don’t have to you want to make sure you have a good title
same thing add your photos that are all metadata it out add a good valuable
description here but what you’re getting here when you actually do that is you’re
getting all these features and these benefits and these specs that most
people don’t add when they actually go about doing this and that’s where the
value lies that’s why you want to go search for it and then sell one
like this now obviously I can’t list this because I am sold like we are I am
suspended from eBay like we talked about but eBay is a great tool and I highly
recommend that you use it to sell to your advantage


  • Mrs Brew

    This is awesome, thank you! Just a question, for poshmark can you use the pictures from Amazon? If so, in your experience it's better to take your own pictures or it doesn't matter.

  • Drew Peters

    Bryan I’m running into another problem with the vipon to amazon flips. Someone is claiming that a vipon item I sent in is counterfeit (it obviously isn’t it came from the same guy claiming it’s counterfeit). Amazon is asking for me to provide proof that it is not counterfeit, so I’m looking for a receipt on vipon, where can I find that receipt?

  • sublime90

    i didnt know that what you save your pictures to your computer as mattered in search. mine are all saved as the random number that my camera uses. i never titled my pictures.

  • The Spider-Brony AKA Joe Leach

    Bryan, great videos and great info. How long does it take Amazon to review a review before they ok it. Thanks

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