How to use the App Store on your Apple Watch — Apple Support
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How to use the App Store on your Apple Watch — Apple Support

Discover and download
new Apple Watch apps right on your wrist
from the App Store starting in watchOS 6. Here’s how. First open the App Store
on your Apple Watch. Here you’ll see featured apps
and collections for you to browse. Scroll down
to continue exploring. These collections
are updated weekly. To search for an app, tap the search bar
at the top of the page. Then select
Dictation or Scribble and say or write an app name
or category. We’ll use Dictation. “Nike Run Club.” Now tap Done
to start your search. Tap an app
to learn more about it and scroll down
to see a description, screenshots, ratings, and more. Once you find
what you’re looking for, tap Get or the price
to download the app, and confirm by double-clicking
the side button. Then follow the prompts
to finish installing the app. And that’s how it’s done. For more Apple Watch tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click another video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪


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