How To Write SEO Articles And Blog Post
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How To Write SEO Articles And Blog Post

>>MIKE: Hi I am Mike doing business as JR.
Today I’m going to show you a visual of writing articles and blog post for online marketing.
Though online marketing, if you don’t know, is a great way to advertise your product and
services for ever it may be. For example if you have artwork, a book, or a work at home
program. Online marketing is the thing you want to do in order to gain traffic to your
website or products. Personally I like to blog. I like to blog every day although I
have done some articles. So I just want to show you because the process is very similar
for both. I am just going to run through each one. So I’m going to show you my blog post
first. Here is my blog post. Now the first thing you want to do, and if you see my other
video I tell you how to actually go through this process, you want to choose the right
keyword or key phrase. So this is the key phrase that I have chosen. Way to make money
online. Now you are going to see that this is in my H1 tag, right here my H1 tag which
is also my title. Also known as your heading one. Then it is placed in here. This is called
your H2 tag your second headline. You can see here is my key phrase. Then you are going
to want it in your third tag it right here. Your H3 tag. So here is your third title right
here. There is my key phrase. Now you’re going to see that I placed it in the first line
of my first paragraph. Right there. Then I will place it in my second paragraph so I
have it here. I will then place it in my third paragraph and you can see that it is here.
Then I believe it is, here it is again. Now what I will do is I will randomly start placing
this. This particular article has over 1000 words so I want to have this in there at least
8 to 10 times. So I will place this key phrase in various locations throughout the article
all the way until I get to the and. Now this here, this is also important, is always good
to add an image. You see this image here? Try to add an image to all of your blog post
and then put your key phrase in the image. So when you go to the image you edit the image
details. You want to make sure that this is your title and your alternative title. You
want to make sure that that’s in there. The next thing to do is this. This is a very important
section here. You can see this here is my signature and my call to action. If I do not
include this here then my article is useless. I am not going to get the traffic. This is
very important in order to get the traffic. I do how to stuff and I want to get this out
there so I want people to like and post it. Then you have, if you’re doing a blog post,
your image. You always want to add your image. Your name. You then want to do a little call
to action. Perhaps write down work with me personally or join my team, join my site,
or whatever it may be and then have them click there. Here is where your actual call to action
goes. This here is what, it’s a little statements or PS, and this little statement is where
you want to pull people into your site. For example I am doing an online marketing system
so I say the $100-$1200 a month. Learn how and that will bring them to my website. Now
you may say something like if you’re interested in learning more about arts that go to this
website. If you’re interested in buying some fantastic photos or stop photos come to this
site. Whatever it may be. Finally, and this is in all of your blog posts, you want to
have a last line. Now this is where you are going to have to get a little creative. What
you want is this here, your key phrase, to be in your very last line. Very important.
What you have just done is you have told Google and search engines that this key phrase is
very important to your article so when people search for it your article is going to come
up. Now when you are done you are going to want to Google plus it, twitter, Facebook,
Pinterest, and you are going to want to do any social media that you can and if you can
ping it as well and go to pinging sites, go to Digg, etc. Get this out there so people
will find it. That is more instant traffic. Over time when people search for this for
example or whatever I bound to how many people search for this every month now they are going
to find it. Now let’s go to article marketing. Here is an article I have up at Ezine. Ezine
as I have told you in previous videos is very difficult to post on. You can watch those
videos to learn about that but I’m just talking about this I am not here to tell you about
that process in this particular video. I just want to show you what it looks like and how
to format. Now this is some of the same concept except in here I failed to put H1, H2, H3.
It seems to me that that is okay because when I did a search for this for my key phrase
my article came up in the top of the search. For the search results. I think it is better
to have the different headlines and for any other article I have been writing and adding
that but I don’t even know, I believe job opportunities might be my key phrase. My keyword.
I am not exactly sure but either way for whatever I chose this is an older article so I don’t
remember how I did this one exactly. You are going to want to do the same thing you did
in the blog post and write it the same way. Have your keyword and within the article,
the body of the article. This is very important when you are going to place your keyword you
have to do it in a certain way. You can only place it about once every 100 words. No less.
What are your article won’t go through. You want to make sure you do that and also want
to make sure that it is 500 or more no less. They will set it at 400 but they will take
stuff out. They will say we don’t like this so this is out. Now your article is too short.
So you want to have that buffer zone of having at least another hundred words or so just
to protect yourself in case they do decide that this is out. Now here is your call to
action which is very different than a blog post. You can see that I don’t have an image,
I can’t put an image in there. My image doesn’t show up here. But not here. So this is your
call to action. This is a self serving statement. A lot of people find that writing in the third
person actually is better so for here “JR Burke is an online entrepreneur who earns
all of his income online by doing various online job opportunities.” There is my key
phrase right there on my job opportunities in my call to action. “His most lucrative
is his affiliate marketing business. If you looking for a way for pay look at this free
video and then you actually can have two links. So someone may rather go watch the video which
is actually going to be the same as my website. So it is the same. Another tip is to make
sure you have a domain name. Do not have your affiliate link in there. It is not going to
work. They may not approve it. A lot of time people like to change their webpage or capture
page. You’re going to want this to always be the same so when people go there. If you
change your capture page you’re not going to have to worry about going to all of these
articles and editing them. That is how that works. You can probably promote this the same
way you would a blog post. Get that out there. You are going to find that because you use
Ezine Articles you may have a better chance of promoting compared to, for example and
Empower Network, where some websites are starting to ban them. Which I don’t understand why.
This is not spam. It’s an article I wrote about how to make money online and it’s all
of these tips that I’ve learned. So I hope that helped you. If you follow those steps
and that process you are going to have a better chance with getting your articles up. Blog
post you can do every day but the whole point is getting traffic. Thanks for watching. I
will see you next time.

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