How to Write SEO Optimized Content for Your Blog
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How to Write SEO Optimized Content for Your Blog

Content Creators, have you ever spent hours
and hours writing an article and it falls flat with your audience and doesn’t even
appear in search rankings? That can be pretty frustrating right? Well today’s tool is like a built-in content
editor that helps you boost your content’s SEO and targeting so that every single piece
of content that you produce hits the mark. Stay tuned to find out more. What’s good peeps, it’s me Chrystie with
AppSumo & today we are talking about WebTextTool which is the content creation platform extraordinaire
that allows you to create content, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence,
that helps you create the articles & posts that your target audience wants to read! WebTextTool will help you during the content
creation process and help you monitor it’s success. Let me show you how it works. In order to get started, you can either import
content from an existing web page or blog or you can start an entirely new page. For the sake of this demo, I’d like to import
one of my blog posts to see how I can optimize it. So I will copy and paste the link to the blog
post in this field. WebTextTool will then import my content and
analyze it and give me both SEO & content recommendations. Looks like my blog post scored a 75 on the
SEO scale. Below the score, you’ll see that WebTextTool
has provided me with suggestions to increase the optimization of my post. And those include, adding a Header to my page,
adding my targeted keyword to my header & updating the number of words in my headers. Now I’ll go in and make those changes..and
as you can see my SEO score instantly goes up! Amazing! Now it’s time for me to look at the quality score of my post. This will measure readability, credibility
and see if my tone of voice matches my target market. In order to do this, I will click on Analyze
Content, then WebTextTool will go through my content and give me a score. Once the analysis is done, it will provide
me with valuable insights. WebTextTool will tell me if my readability
is at an elementary, high school or university level and highlights which words I might want
to considering changing. It will also tell me what kind of tone my
content it more female, male or neutral? Maybe this matters to you, maybe it doesn’t? If it doesn’t you can always turn that suggestion
off. Then, WebTextTool will tell you which words
in your content have a negative or positive tone and depending on what your intentions
are, you can use their recommendations to make changes. Now if I were writing this article from scratch,
I could use the keyword tab within WebTextTool to help me generate some targeted and related
keywords to add to my copy as I’m writing it. You can input your targeted keyword and WebTextTool
will give you keyword suggestions for you to use within your blog post, which will increase
your SEO visibility. Once you’ve published your post, WebTextTool
will allow you to track how your page is doing for your keywords by entering
the URL of the post in the tracking tab. This will monitor your search rankings over
time for your blog post or article. You’ll be happy to know that WebTextTool
works with WordPress, Joomla & Drupal and even integrates with Word, in the event that
you create your content in the Microsoft suite. So if you are ready to have a built-in editor
for all of your content, then you’ll definitely want to check out WebTextTool


  • 99signals - Actionable Marketing Tips

    WebTextTool was included in my AppSumo Briefcase when I first subscribed to it last year. Love this tool. Incredibly useful. Will do a video review and walkthrough soon. So glad you're bringing this deal back. One of the most underrated SEO tools on the market!

  • Patrick McCoy

    I’ve used this tool for awhile and while the keyword and other stuff is amazing. I’ve wrote blog posts using their strat and most did not rank what so ever. Stop trying to cheat google and simply write good content. Gaming google will never work

  • La Mangue Douce

    omg that french at the end !! aujouwdhui je mappelle christieee <3 that's such a great pronunciation, waiting for the real french vid 🙂

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