How will Google treat new TLDs?
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How will Google treat new TLDs?

Today’s question comes all the
way from Munich, where RobertvH wants to know, how will
Google treat the new TLDs where any top level domain is
possible, for example for corporations,
portfolio.mycompanyname, regarding influence on ranking
and page rank? Well we’ve had hundreds
of different TLDs. And we do a pretty good
job of ranking those. We want to return
the best result. And if the best result is on one
particular TLD, then it’s reasonable to expect that we’ll
do the work in terms of writing the code and finding
out how to crawl different domains, where we are able to
return what we think is the best result according
to our system. So if you are making
Transformers 9, and you want to buy the domain or something like that, it’s
reasonable to expect that Google will try to find those
results, try to be able to crawl them well, and then try
to return them to users. Now there’s going to be
a lot of migration. And so different search
engines will have different answers. And I’m sure there will be a
transition period where we have to learn or find out
different ways of what the valid top level domains are,
and then if there’s any way where we can find out what the
domains on that top level domain are. So we’ll have to explore that
space a little bit. But it’s definitely the case
that we’ve always wanted to return the best result
we can to users. And so we try to figure that
out, whether it’s on a .com, or a .de, or a dot whatever. And we’ll try to return
that to users.


  • john cook

    With the release of so many new TLDs, is it not just going to kill the way domain registering works? Matt fails to explain anything in this video, just states that Google will handle it.
    It is already a nightmare for brands to be tied directly to a company with the smaller range of TLD's available, when this grows companies will start to give up and black hat SEO will take over.

  • john cook

    Google's algorithms can handle spam, but when it becomes blatant copy writing things will need to change and domains will stop being a necessity, instead a central trusted profile will be created, which is controlled by each respective company instead of the traditional website. This move is already happening and new search engines will evolve to accommodate the changes. I work for a UK company bsearcher who have already started the revolution with a new business search engine

  • Smartin Jose

    About 5-10 years from now how a new business could get a .com domain of their choice. How the registry guys are overseeing this issue?

  • True Horizon Inc.

    Hi there,

    I have recently been trying to rank a .online domain and have not noticed any movement. Also, I have been told by other SEO's that the TLD's do not rank as well. It seems from your video that this is not the case? Is it easier to rank a .com. I am wondering if I should even spend any more time on the .online

    Also, it seems that all the .com's are taken……. What are we going to do now?

    Looking forward to your response.


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