How YouTube Search Works
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How YouTube Search Works

Welcome to this series of videos about
how YouTube Search and Discovery works. In this one,
we’re taking a look at Search itself. Like Google Search Engine YouTube Search aims to surface
the most relevant videos and channels according to what
people type in the Search box. The results aren’t just
based on the most-viewed videos. Videos are ranked on things like how well the title, descriptions
and video itself match each query. Beyond that, we look at which
videos have driven the most watch-time and engagement for a search phrase. So, what can you do to
help your videos get found in search results? Consider the following: Use relevant search terms
in your titles and descriptions. Try looking at Google Trends
to see which words people are searching for. What’s key here is being relevant. Don’t try to trick viewers,
or they may abandon your video early and that could hurt
its performance in the long run. Write full descriptions:
up to one to two paragraphs. Some creators only put their
social media links in the description potentially missing out
on a lot of extra views. Pay attention to trending and seasonal topics and consider making videos around those,
especially within your own content category. OK, so that’s YouTube Search
but what about Suggested Videos? Next, let’s talk about how they work and what you can do to help
your videos get discovered there. Click here to watch the next video or go back and learn about how
the algorithm follows the audience.


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