i graduated, babey! // seo vlogs
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i graduated, babey! // seo vlogs

so, i said i was going to vlog today, but guess what i didn’t do? that’s right, i forgot to vlog! [my friend is eating pesto and salmon from a class potluck that neither of us were involved in[ a friend: “how is it?” seo: “nooooooooo, this is a travesty against god” sophie: “it’s a crime” seo, repeating sophie: “it’s a crime” [this is a restaurant called “little conejo” that i love very very much] [we ordered chilaquiles, a carnitas taco, an oyster mushroom taco, a suadero taco, huevos rancheros, and 3 jarritos] seo: “hello! how was boards?”
[from senior boards day] sophie: “adequate” kaitlin: “it was good” kaitlin: “i killed it” sophie: “yeah, you killed it”
seo: “you really did” kaitlin: wooo sophie: wooo seo: “hi”
kaitlin and sophie: “woooooooo” kaitlin: “woooo — how goes it, yeh seo?”
sophie: “wooooo” seo: “i got a good score!”
sophie: “yeehaw!”
[i got 130/130 yeehaw cowboys] i am a fool and i forgot to make graduation cards, which is silly considering i’m graduating in like three days and actually, is it two? anyways regardless i’m graduating soon, you know so i should have done this a lot sooner but today in school during lunch and fourth period, i slapped together graduation cards using photoshop and after school, i went to costco, printed everything out and yeah! i love doing things last minute! oh my god seo: “no, it won’t let me zoom, i don’t know why it won’t let me zoom!!” sophie: “does the selfie cam zoom?” seo: “i don’t knooooow” seo: “it’s ass of 2019” seo: “i remember picking a fight with him on the playground.” “oh boy” and “oh wow” and “wait, quinn?” in the background seo: “yeah” quinn: “and also, the reading groups, we were in the same reading group for the, what was it called? walking and reading?” seo: “he didn’t believe that i could read fast” seo: “so that’s another reason why i picked a fight with quinn.” quinn: “yeah, because i thought she was a liar” seo: “wh- i?! i was NOT a liar!” quinn: “man, this girl is… hmm.. better than me.”
[disappointed expression] seo: “i read the hobbit in a day.” quinn: “yeah i was PISSED that you read the hobbit in a day”
[seo cackling] seo: “this is simultaneously the best and the worst thing we’ve ever done in our entire high school career: sophie: “go out with a bang, you know”
seo: “yeah” so i didn’t film a reaction but ya girl got a scholarship!!
[same scholarship as the one i interviewed for] what fun!! i’m not very good at makeup slap on the colors that i like and then pray another really great thing about me and makeup is that if something goes wrong, i wear glasses anyways, no one can see what’s going on behind my glasses and i’m asian! anyways, no one’s gonna see my eyelid i realize that this is kind of a useless “get ready with me” because i can’t see what i’m doing and you can’t see what i’m doing, but i’m here to have fun, not to be great at what i do. it’s (the makeup) just gonna be here because i like it that’s what makeup is all about you do what you like, don’t do what you don’t like makeup has no rules except like, don’t eat your makeup and only use eye-safe glitter around your eyes, like don’t put craft glitter near your eyes, use like, cosmetic grade glitter because if that craft glitter gets in your eyes, oh then you’re in a world of hurt alright, so here’s my dress! i chose it because it was stretchy and really comfortable and also, i feel like it might be a little bit too chilly for tonight, so i might have to snatch a jacket but there is that! also i’m using my friend’s graduation present to me so if you’re watching this, quinn, thank you for making me smell great because I love the smell of this perfume it’s glossier you perfume and man, i love it! thank you, quinn! i’ll see you at graduation seo: “you know, i had one job!”
quinn: “what?” seo: “making a graduation vlog! and i forgot!” seo: “and i forgot to do it!!” sophie: “oh wait wait wait, turn around and get a shot of your, uh, your hat” [screaming] sophie: “oh no it keeps not focusing properly” seo: “oh wait!! i’ll do it for you too!!! turn around! turn around!” [more screaming] [light screaming] [light screaming but with clapping now] [full on cheering]


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