I have the NEW Etsy Ads EARLY. (Etsy Only & Offsite Ads)
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I have the NEW Etsy Ads EARLY. (Etsy Only & Offsite Ads)

The new Etsy ads have arrived! Well at
least for me in this video I want to talk about who they’ve rolled out for as
well as my future predictions for the new ad platform so I actually did not
even realize that I had the new Etsy ads until last week or so because in the
announcement here they mentioned how it will be rolling out in April right here
coming in April so I was thinking you know mid April or something to that
effect but I noticed in my ad dashboard a few different screenshots I noticed
first this one in my normal let see ads dashboard when you run an Etsy ads
campaign your budget will now go toward advertising your items only on Etsy
reach shoppers on Google and other high traffic sites with Etsy’s off site ads
so I didn’t even you know recognize this until I logged in and it popped up this
didn’t pop up for me until like last week which was mid-march so they’re
rolling it out for specific people I did a poll on my YouTube channel and some of
you guys have said that no you have not gotten it and that you know it’s it’s
not you don’t have it so I find that pretty interesting so that’s really cool
I haven’t noticed any huge change in performance for the new Etsy ads but
then again I haven’t given it enough time and made any you know adjustments
knowing that it is only on Etsy so knowing that is it is only on Etsy I
will now be increasing my budget and paying attention much more closely than
I even was in the past to how everything is doing just so I can
get a feel for it definitely expect some Etsy add content for how to become
successful with it etc another thing that I noticed which was really
interesting was this screenshot so after watching the you know the video that
they put on their Facebook of those two women explaining where to
the the statistics for Etsy ads etc in your stats I noticed this date of sale
March 5th so I had a site ads as early as March 5th literally a few days after
they announced the Etsy ad change and then something that was really really
weird I noticed this ad fee 8:45 waived I guess I don’t know why they waived it
maybe it’s because they were they rolled it out to my shop and they waived it
because they’re testing it out for me I don’t know but it says waived underneath
and I don’t think that we’ll continue to see that in April but it says waive so I
was like okay that’s great I do get the 12% instead of the 15% so that’s that
but it was waived so that’s really interesting one thing I want to you know
predict and also theorize on is that in the past maybe that I believe that they
this was a planned move so I believe that with all of SE add ads pushing tons
of different Etsy products into google shopping the same thing kind of happened
with the Etsy automated emails for us there were so many emails getting pushed
out into the world that email service providers started to recognize Etsy’s
marketing emails as spam as things that don’t want to be in the man main inbox
so as he had to kind of calm down and prioritize who was getting their emails
sent out so in the previous video in in lesson number three of the Etsy free
course I mentioned this that they probably send emails out more for shops
that convert that that shops for shops that have a higher conversion rate right
so I think the same thing was planned for Etsy’s off site ads the more you
convert the higher your conversion rate as he knows that your products will sell
well therefore Etsy will push your ads and
pay for more ads to be in Google Shopping verses products that don’t
convert as well because they don’t want to clog up
Google probably doesn’t want them to clog up the space with all the bids for
all of everybody’s products Etsy sellers don’t want all of their products on
Google and Etsy doesn’t want to push low converting products onto Google so
there’s three reasons why I blessed three reasons why I believe as he
planned to do Etsy off site ads from the very beginning but again you know in my
previous Etsy ads video I talked about why it could have went both ways so
that’s pretty you know interesting to see everything that’s happening in my
shop with the ad fee being waived and seeing this show up last week so yeah if
you guys have the new Etsy ads please comment below and let me know if you
have it they they said it would be coming out in April so I’m really
surprised to see it in my shop and then also if you guys have not downloaded the
free course that I am releasing as we speak you can get the free course
download with the link in the description this is the e-book for it
and then as of today I have three videos of five out on my youtube channel so
they’ll be the rest of them will be out by probably Sunday so if you enjoy this
video please comment below tell me if you have the new Etsy ads and I’ll see


  • AddToCart

    Thanks for watching everyone! Nothing about the new ads is different for me. Just that little message, and the option to view the offsite ads data. I hope the allow for custom cpc bidding again, and fix the dashboard to allow us to turn listings off easier. What are you hoping for?

  • W Shray

    Thanks for the video, Dave! I hadn't looked at my stats until you mentioned this and I too have gotten sales from the offsite ads. The stats are $450 in sales via $54 in ad fee (which was waived). I'm glad to have the sales and hope that I won't have to raise prices when they stop waiving the fee.

  • Kapp Studio

    Dave – we do have the ETSY ads also you demonstrate in your video. I should have asked you about it when I saw it last week! You are the KING of communication and success all things ETSY. We're having the same experience as you are having with sales, etc. One thought… as I listened to you about the waived fee. Remember the CEO announcing they were putting $5M toward ETSY advertising? I do think thats WOW! And now suddenly I think that might also be a spin on their strategy for off site ads anyway. Either way, "ETSY- bring on the traffic and the sales!"

  • Kapp Studio

    Thanks for the free e-book! Downloaded it and looking forward to it! #stayingpositive during #covid19 #mindset matters


    click stats scroll down to "See traffic and sales driven by Offsite Ads" and you can see your offsite ads too. it has already driven $1300 in sales for me!

  • Gail H

    Thanks Dave! I have had the new ETSY ads for quite awhile, and every time I'd ramp up my ad spend again it hasn't done quite as well as before though. 0 orders from "offsite ads" though… oh dear!

  • Julia Australia

    Hi Dave,
    These Off Site ads are helping me out considerably so I'm happy with it so far. If it continues like this, during a world crisis, then it is a winner if you want more sales.
    For March, 47 sales have been made and 12 of those 47 sales were from Off Site ads.
    The first Off Site sale was on March 2. The most recent yesterday.
    Etsy have not just picked my best sellers to advertise, they've chosen my brand new listings too which was great to see.
    So look forward to your videos – thanks so much.

    The fees are waived till May 1st.

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