Image Optimization – How To SEO Images Tips
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Image Optimization – How To SEO Images Tips

Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video, I will teach you some image optimization tips And also how you can optimize your images for SEO and I’ll give some image optimization tips for 2020 so let’s just get right into the information so First and foremost the most important thing and something that I’ve learned over time is when optimizing your images You might want to add some text To your image now. I want to go ahead and show you a cloud Api that Google has been using if you hop on over to the cloud vision and I want to go ahead and show you something because this when I open up the Test image that I’ve made if you go ahead and take a look as it’s loading You will take notice that you cannot see the image on the page so you could go about this image optimization For your SEO in the future two ways You can either hide text or you can add text to make the image more Relevant and what I’m showcasing here is that image is not our Google is not only reading the image But they’re also reading the text and what’s contained within the image So what I want to point out is if you take a look at the image, you cannot see any writing However, I have hidden Chris SEO right here for your future image optimization you may want to think about Adding some text to your images because it will help Classify in the eyes of Google what your image is all about and you can go ahead and put keywords within your image Like I did and hide them and Google actually picked this up so moving on from this topic what I have found over the course of time is Unique images do not rank better than other images Okay, when you first put together a web page You may want to use a stock image because Google already knows what the image is all about So you will tend to find that your page and your image will rank a lot Faster now once it’s indexed and ranked you may want to add a unique image but now with that being said when you’re using unique images what’s really great about this that you may not have thought about is if you can use a Unique image you can add the text layer and you can rank the image right and we’ll get into keywords and alt tags next but if you rank that image and it’s a unique image a Wonderful way to build backlinks is if it’s a high ranking image You’ll tend to notice that a lot of websites will use your image on their sites without Asking and a simple reach out Could actually net you a lot of high quality backlinks Back giving you credit to your image now as a side note as a gray hat technique you may not have thought of this I want to go ahead and give you this as another image optimization Tip if you wanted to if you were a gray hat you could just reach out to people Looking for images and say hey, this is my image and ask for a backlink A lot of people will say no, but some people will actually just give you the link now Let’s just go ahead and move on to talking about alt tags now Alt tags or alt attributes are the anchor text with him in an image Now a lot of people will actually go ahead and I’ll just type it in here. I don’t know SEO photo Jpg – right instead of actually saying man SEO Expert right you want to be able to put either a partial match or a main keyword in your alt attribute and images not only a photo but it’s also Could be a place that you can gain links and it’s also another URL now Let’s talk about one last piece of image optimization now as we know there’s generally two types of images that people use you have your JPEGs and you have your PNG s now if you have ran your website Through page insights or perhaps you have used GT metrics. You will see a common error that comes up generally within page insights that will say use next-gen formats now next-gen image formats are JPEG 2000 or JPEG XR are and there’s actually converters online and a lot of photo Software’s will actually do this conversion for you. It is actually recommended because it gets the Pixels very very small. all the optimization tips that I’ve given you today and the main one is add Text to your images Overlay, or you can hide it the second tip is for your alt attributes please Put your partial match or main keywords inside of the alt attributes Photos can gain links and you can also do outreach if anybody uses a unique image Now I’m pretty much covered everything These are just a couple tips. I wanted to put something out for you I wanted to show you how Google is reading images if you have any questions in the future about image SEO if you have any questions about SEO national SEO affiliate SEO Facebook, Facebook Ads, marketing, Instagram marketing anything! Digital marketing related. Please. Leave it in the comments below I am always happy to help and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO digital marketing video have a wonderful day. Image optimization video



    Do you have questions about digital marketing or image SEO or next gen formats or anything internet marketing related let me know. Thanks for watching I hope these tips help someone .

  • Commercial Forest

    Another great video Chris. You really deliver on the content. Many seo videos are just re-hashes of very basic tips. However I learn a lot of new things on your channel. Here is a question for you. I was interviewed for a UPI news article that was syndicated nationally. The article is on Breitbart today. It has my name and my company name but no hyperlink. What kind of things can I do to maximize SEO juice from this exposure?

  • J YH

    Lol.. the comment about jpg.. “it makes the pixels very, very..” [edit] .. compressed?
    I wouldn’t think of JPG as a nextgen format. Do you not recommend a PNG?

  • nazim hussain

    Hi Thanks For Sharing This Much Information,I would Like to Know If You Have Any Paid Courses.Where Can i find them and pricing structre etc.

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