Imaginary Warzone – S1: EP 2 – The Legend of Mason Alexander
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Imaginary Warzone – S1: EP 2 – The Legend of Mason Alexander

you ready ready let’s do this why so I’m tired we’ve only been here for hasn’t even been an hour yet eat come on I’m hungry it’s still the morning time all right yeah all right Lunchables snack pick chocolate all right squeeze it well what’s that uh so got Lunchables I with the Subway sandwich kind and snack pack that’s chocolate and I got squeeze it red what hmm do you have do you maybe have she’s made out for rope I’m not I’m not today all right okay no that’s fine that’s cool all right all right you runnin oh no no yeah I’m fine I find it just like I just I’m out of parole for a long time you know and so and it’s kind of like I just get that way like but it’s all right my mom packed me these snacks I’m yo she’s a health nut so she’s all about like making me grub and B being strong healthy and and all that but you know it’s totally cool like I’m guy I got this stuff I don’t need that I’m fine anyway I don’t I don’t have fruit roll-ups but this one comes with Oreo cookies are you thinkin seriously look look I’ll give you all the carrots all the carrots no nothing so you go ahead and keep keeping both oh thanks so much I just I don’t even know what to say like I don’t want to be a burden on anybody or anything I just like I just really don’t ever get this kind of stuff ever and I just I love cooking I love sugar I love infernal ups and everything so oh my oh my gosh thank you so much you know what that means me wait wait you can’t you hit it sounds like a bunch of kids yeah come on let’s go check it sixth graders I recognized one of their school for follow the river you know lead us around them we can meet back up with the trail here that’ll take us through the Lost Woods I think it’s our only chance let’s go there’s a boo roll-up who cares let’s just I can just grab it real quick no Skylar there will be a million yeah but who knows how long that’ll be don’t do this you have the map if they capture me you can find your way safe no Skylar it’s not worth it okay going in okay guys teams sleep why are you trying to steal our stuff yeah man silver stuff huh Steve what not right now look at him everyone look he wants to cry okay really how old are you kid many of beeswax are you stupid okay really what are you doing out here alone we’re playing Harry Potter Harry Potter sucks those movies are for kids what are you playing what fling we’re we’re LARPing Skyrim only little kids play games stupid I played I came like a million times you have you even played Skyrim you’re not old enough money are you it’s rated M for Mature shut up is this your friend yeah let him go no he stole from us Schuyler give it back Oh Schuyler give it back so we can go fine all right he gave it back now will you let us go maybe if you can prove to me that you’ve actually played Skyrim how do you expect me to do that answer questions about Skyrim I don’t know if you played it fine I’ll do it all right what’s the what’s the name of the yarol of Whiterun yarl progress okay okay okay okay guys all right you gonna know this one what’s the final reward for completing the house of horrors sidequest the mace of Molag Bal will that I told you I played again a million times no no no no no he’s not gonna know this last one giving him the hardest question what’s the first word in dragon shall march for death he doesn’t know it he doesn’t know what I told him I hope I don’t eat that he has a plate this guy no I do I know it yes I do just give me Mom guys let’s see says knew something about Skyrim you’ve been marked for death your defense is just increased by 75% I could kill you with one hit get him up get him on his feet right now come on Schuyler let’s go what is it master this is the map leading to the legendary stash of Mason Alexander hey where’d you get that get that give it back as mine give it back no I kept my part of the word I’m letting two of you go but I’m keeping this she would go after the master no these are the lost woods nobody comes out of the Lost Woods alive oh- lost them I don’t think they’re following us why did you come back for me I told you you could go wasn’t gonna leave you we’re friends anyways the rivers right there you if you just stick to the river we’ll be able to find a way there you don’t get it man these are the Lost Woods people get lost here forever yeah but the river I mean that’s good it’s gonna lead somewhere which I know that’s not how it works I’m gonna have to find a trail all right I’m gonna find the truth are you okay hey no don’t get lost come back wait Skylar wait where’d you go where’s over there Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler where are you I will shoot if that’s what it’s gonna do do it do it do it Kyle do it you coward do it do it


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