In 33 Days You’ll Die – Lifeline (Ep 1)
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In 33 Days You’ll Die – Lifeline (Ep 1)

– Lori Wescott? – Yes. – Your password is
humming bird. – You’re from
LifeLine? – Mmhmm. – Is everything okay? – No, it’s not. In thirty-three days you’re
gonna die. [theme music] – No, no, no, no,
no, no, no. I am so sorry to bother
you, Mr. Chlewicki. I am such a klutz. – Hey, you got to be
more careful. – Are you sure this
is safe? – Oh yeah, we’re fine. – I will die of embarrassment
if I lose Todd’s ring before we’re even
married. – Is this what you’re
looking for? – Help! Somebody
help, please! Help! Somebody pl- [alarm] – 2471 just went red. Give me Agent
Connor Hooks. [ringing] – It has to be for you. You jumped last. – Yes? Sure, no problem. See you next month. – Thirty-one year
old female, I’m betting an accident
of some kind. – We’ll know soon
enough. Fix position. Jump. – Help! Somebody help,
please! Help! Somebody please,
anybody help! – Get me the hell
out of h- – Hummingbird, the
passwords hummingbird. Do you understand? – You’re from LifeLine? But you didn’t even try
to save him. – That’s not my client. – Now let me be very clear,
LifeLine saved my life. I have to say it’s surreal to
even say that out loud. ‘Cause look, you know,
there’s a lot of things that you could spend
money on. There’s a lot of things that
we all spend money on. I have definitely bought
some awesomely, unnecessary stuff. But LifeLine is something
you absolutely need. The truth is, I like to keep
my personal life private and LifeLine always
respects that. It was painless, didn’t
feel a thing. But I’ll share this with you,
every night before I sleep, I think of how close I came
to actually dying. Does it really matter
how it all works? What matters is this,
something unspeakable was supposed to
go down, but LifeLine made sure
that it didn’t. And you can’t put a
price on that. – Miranda, nice to
see you again. I hear you’ve been having
second thoughts. – I can’t get a straight
answer from your people about how this
gizmo works. – It’s not scary; our LifeLine
device simply scans your vitals and is in constant communication
with our surveillance systems. The result is unprecedented
personal protection. – You can find me that
fast, wherever I am? – It’s a lot less
complicated than it sounds. Have you ever lost
your cell phone? – I lost it all the time until
my son put some sort of find your phone
app on it. – Yes! That’s exactly
what this is, a find Miranda app. If our GPS computers tell
us something is wrong, we respond immediately
to fix it. – So this thing that
you’re implanting always knows where
I am? – I assure you, your information
is kept very private. I consider myself
overprotective, but I looked away for
just one moment, and that’s all it took for
him to run into the street. A car sped around the corner,
didn’t even see him. But my baby had
one of these. A LifeLine agent swooped
in from nowhere and saved his life. It was incredible,
Miranda. I can’t imagine how I would’ve
lived with myself if he- If I hadn’t done everything
possible to protect him. – Okay. – You won’t feel a thing. Welcome to LifeLine,
Miranda. You are now one of the
most secure people in the world. Your password is
sparrow. Hopefully you will never
need it, but if a LifeLine agent is needed, that
is the password they will use to
identify themselves, – Sparrow. – That’s right,
Miranda. – Right this way. Can I have my
son back? And next time you use my
family to close a sale, I get half the
commission. – This is Jasmine. Yes sir, right away. – Nervous? – Should I be? – If you’re smart. – Then yes, I’m very
nervous. – You’re very good at what
you do, Jasmine. And loyal. – Thank you, I really
like working for this company. – I’d like to offer you
a promotion: case director. – You picked the
right woman. – It’s a position that
comes with great rewards and also confidential
information. – Are you asking if I
can keep a secret? – I’m not asking. If you take this job, you
will keep them, understood? – Okay. – Great. Let’s get you started. Now the device we install
into our clients is not quite what
we say it is. But you suspected that,
didn’t you? Yeah, it is much, much
more than that. It’s constantly receiving
transmissions of your vital signs
from itself, thirty-three days in
the future. – What do you mean
in the future? – If the device receives
a warning of an upcoming death
in the future, we can take action today,
in the present. – What kind of action? – How’s it going, Jay? – Setting jump coordinates,
north 34 mark 1005894. West 118 mark
3274093. Jump window’s closing fast,
no time to waste. I’m aware of the irony. – You’re sending him
into the future? – The jump box is a one
way ticket thirty-three days into the future, and
that is a fact that will never leave
this building. How we looking, Jay? – Everything looks
nominal. Locking in jump
coordinates. – Once and agent arrives
in the future, they stay there. – Why jump an agent forward
to save a client’s life? You know they’re gonna die
in thirty-three days. So why not just lock that
client in a bunker with guards and doctors until their
expiration date passes? – Yeah we tried that
in the beginning and we learned the
hard way. Look, your fate
is certain. Okay? It can’t
be undone. Your every action
taken is already part of a pre-determined
timeline and that is why I built the jump box. It doesn’t just jump an
agent forward in time, it jumps them to a
brand new timeline. Where new outcomes
are possible. Look, our company is
growing quickly and we’re getting new
clients everyday. Now I need someone to
manage the jumps, schedule the saves. [dishes clinking] ♪Tell me where you
want to go♪ ♪Row baby row♪ ♪Tonight we’re gonna-♪ – Nora? – In here, Dad. Dinner’s almost ready. ♪ I feel it down deep
in my soul ♪ ♪Just tell me where you
want to go♪ – How was your day? – It was good, real good. I got something for you. Now I know it’s
not a dog. But I saw this little guy and I
thought you might like him. – Dad, what’s going on? – Nothing’s going on. I promise. I’m clean, I’m
just happy. I got a job. – You did?! – Mmhmm, at the parking
garage on Harris. I can walk over there,
save bus fare. – Dad, that’s great! – Bad news is, it’s
at night. Overnight, five
nights a week. You’ll be home
alone a lot. – Stop self-sabotaging,
I can deal. – You stop watching
Dr. Drew. He’s perfect! Now I’ll have someone
to keep me company all these nights you’ll
be abandoning me. – Jesus, come on. – Dad, I’m joking. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. Hey there little guy,
bet you don’t even remember the trip here, huh? You think you’ve always
been here. – Here it is. It’s hot, right? – Stephanie. Stephanie. Blackbird. – Who is that?
Your mom? She’s kind of hot. – I don’t know her. – Blackbird. Do you understand? – Holy shit. – Come on, get her
out of the car. – What the hell? Where are you going? – You’re gonna be
okay, okay? – Bitch. – You’re in no shape
to drive. – Get off me, bitch! – I just saved your
life, prick. – Hey! – Hey. Mail. – I didn’t know you were
gonna be back so soon. – I went in after you. Now we have three days
off together. It looks worse than it is. – Sit down, let me get
you some ice. So what happened? – Oh my God, the client’s
companion was wasted so I stopped her from getting
into the car, and then tried to stop
him from driving. And he just didn’t like it. I wasn’t about to let anyone
drive in that condition. I had it under control. – Clearly. – Why does her life matter
and his doesn’t? – Because she’s a client
and he is not. And because sticking
your nose into that situation almost got it
knocked off. I mean look at you. – That’s an awful
way to think. – No, awful would be
losing you. And kissing that side
of your mouth. I’ll get you a plate. Morning. You, uh, new? – Uh, yeah. Hi, Jasmine. Been here a month. – Connor. Uh, what are you doing in
our filing system? – I’m blowing it up and
I’m starting over. – It’s not that bad. – Agents are assigned
at random, client interviews feel like they’ve been
filed like orangutans. Did you want
something? – I was just trying to
save someone’s life. But you knows, that can
probably wait. – Oh yeah, um. Connor Hooks, if that’s
not your client, you know what floor
I’m on. Literally, these files
are on the floor. – I get it. – So stupid. – Fixed position all set. You’re jumping in three,
two, one. – All right, we got three
days to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas,
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. – Well, then, let’s
get started. [ringing] Yep? Okay. See you in a month. – Look who’s finally
home. – Detective Grundy, what
a surprise. You just missed Connor. – I know, I uh- I waited till he
left to knock. – So congratulations,
I heard you made sergeant. – I did. Two years ago. – Two years, wow. Hey you should really come
around more often. – I do. You guys are never
here. – Okay, so we travel a lot,
and you didn’t just drop by. – I want you to come
back to the force. Jenkins is retiring
next month. I got approval to hire you
without opening it up. -Two grade promotion.
Flattered. – You were a good cop. You’re one of the best I
ever worked with. – I loved being a cop,
Grundy. It’s one of the things in
my life I’m the most proud of. And I loved working
for you. – But. – I’ve committed
to something… different. It’s something new and
exciting and Connor and I are really happy. – Working for an insurance
company? – Well, it’s a little
more than that. – Enlighten me. There’s not a lot about
it online. A lot of theories, no
real information. – The company doesn’t
seek any attention. But we’re helping
a lot of people. That’s really all I
can say about it. – Okay. Well you look good. I mean, without the. God, you haven’t
aged a day. Take care of yourself.
Okay? – Mmhmm. – I’ll see myself out. – Don’t let it go off. – Why do we even bother
setting it, huh? You’re always awake
before it goes off anyway. – Because I don’t want
to miss one minute of morning time with
my wife. [ringing] – Hey. – Hey. So who’s the
client? – Porter Booth – Again? – Guy’s got the highest price
premium on the board. – Well whatever he’s paying is a
bargain in his line of work. – You got everything you
need for the job? – Yeah. – We are locked in;
signal’s strong. – Just get me close. Lock position and jump. [alarm] – Spencer. Is that supposed
to happen? – Whoa, whoa come
here. [honking] – Get off me, asshole. – Flamingo, asshole. You’re welcome. [ringing] – Connor Hooks. – Who is this? – Do you believe in free
will or fate? – Neither. – I have a task for you. I want you to beat
the board. – Nobody can beat
the board. – You really don’t
believe that, do you? – What are you talking
about? – I’m talking about Haley. – If you’ve done
anything to her, I swear to God I will
kill you. – I want you to prove
them all wrong, prove to them you’ll never
miss a save no matter what. Haley went red
thirty-three days ago. Another agent was
sent and failed. She dies in twenty minutes
and I need you to get to her before they
get to you. – Where the hell is she?! – Paris and Wilk. – We should really start doing
these exchanges in nicer places. – Nice places come
with extra eyes. Extra eyes are
expensive. – Dad? – What happened? – I cut it on the fish bowl,
I didn’t want you to have to leave work but
it won’t stop bleeding. – It’s okay, we’ll fix it. I think there’s a first aid
kit up in the break room. – Where’s the
merchandise? – How long you been
stealing from me? – I’m protected in ways
you can’t imagine. – Drop it! Drop it now! – Shoot her, Skinny! – She looks like a cop. – I ain’t shooting no cop. – Put your weapon
down, now! – Connor, what are
you doing here? – Haley, just get out of
here, go now. – I’m not letting this
man die! – Go! [gunshots] – Haley! No! – Get us out, Skinny! [gunshots] – Dad? Dad! Dad! – Hey, don’t look at that. – Get a clean up team
here now! Wipe that girl’s memory,
triple dose! – Hey, don’t look at that,
don’t look at that. Look at me. No get off! You’re okay. – Please help! – It’s okay, it’s all right,
please be okay. – No! Let go! [exhales] – Next on LifeLine. The End – We’re not in the
revenge business, Connor, we save lives. – You shoot now,
it’s murder. – I heard there ain’t no
pain on earth worse than a
gunshot. – Connor I could lose
my job. – You know a man driven by
revenge is a liability. – Follow his rules and there
won’t be any trouble. – It was only five minutes I ran as fast as I could. – Nathan’s not gonna know, we’re gonna do it off the
books, unregistered.


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